TEDx Bilbao_6 questions to be co answered


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TEDx Bilbao_6 questions to be co answered

  1. 1. English! version! 6 questions ! to be co-answered!
  2. 2. We´ll share our project following the Customer experience model from “poetpainter” Stephen P. Anderson:! http://www.poetpainter.com/thoughts/category/Experience-Design-Strategy/!
  3. 3. TEDxBilbao is a local, independently organized event that strives to re-create the unique experience found at TED.! The diverse group present will be able to learn from one another, and will feel driven to creatively improve our collective future. ! Antxon Benito Jorge Garcia del Arco Oscar Paz Ivan Miñanmbres Naiara Perez de Villarreal M´Angel Manovell The team that has taken up the challenge of launching this first TEDx is:!
  4. 4. “TEDsters feel part of curious, engaged, enlightened and tech-savy tribe.” (Fast Co.)! Licensing Co-creating Sponsors
  5. 5. "We're exploring TED as a global classroom" (Chris Anderson)! Great Ideas Human Connections At its core, the fundamental goal of TED and TEDxBilbao is to foster and spread great ideas. We aim to provide a platform where “invisible leaders” (“unkown” smart thinkers, great visionaries, and fascinating people) will be inspired and will have the opportunity to inspire others.! Our conferences main axis is: IMAGINE.!
  6. 6. This first edition will be held at the Campos Theater in Bilbao on Saturday, November 27th, 2010 from 9:00 a.m. to 14:00 p.m. ! However, actually we believe reflection should not be limited to a single day. Rather, it should be a conversation that has different spaces. The real “venues” where we can meet are:!
  7. 7. "That's part of what fascinates me about working at TED: We're catalysts. What happens when you create a platform that can be used by people in a way you never predicted?" (Lara Stein)! "Chris believes in the fact that when you put smart people together into a room, they tend to engage, and he wants to use that to make a contribution toward a better world." (Bruno Giussani)! “Today´s context and consequently operating rules are different. First step is to understand that the new challenges can´t be solved simply by drawing on lessons of the past and on traditional ways of thinking about the present.” (Charles Laundry)! We believe there´s space for an open initiative which is a “glocal” vehicle of learning in order to creatively spark the improvement of our collective future. !
  8. 8. We aspire not to create an event, but an experience that all who participate feel part of. ! “Thinking city as a living organism represents a paradigm shift in how cities are viewed. It opens a richer range of possibilities and a wider resource base of ideas with wich to work” (Charles Laundry)!
  9. 9. imagine!