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The Hub - University Trento

  1. 1. Where change goes to work! Trento, 15.03.2012
  2. 2. The HUB is about the power ofinnovation through collaboration. We believe there is no shortage of good ideas to solve the issues of our time. But there is an acute lack of collaboration and support structures to help make them happen. The HUB was founded to address this need. We set out to create spaces that combine the best of a trusted community, innovation lab, business incubator and the comforts of home. Spaces with all the tools and trimmings needed to grow and develop innovative ventures for the world. But above all, spaces for meaningful encounters, exchange and inspiration, full of diverse people doing amazing things. The idea has been spreading like wildfire and resulted in the emergence of a global movement. To date, there are 25+ open HUBs and many more in the making, from London to San Francisco, Johannesburg, Melbourne and Sao Paulo.
  3. 3. People want to do the right-thing
  4. 4. The HUB is Innovation Ecology•  A global network of spaces and people that support social innovation•  Inspirational habitat•  A global, real and virtual community of people•  +6.000 members working to change the world with their ideas.
  5. 5. Our ambition To become a global network of connected communities that enable collaborative ventures for a better world. At the HUB, people from every profession, background and culture are being united by one thing: the imagination and drive to pursue enterprising ideas for the world. These are the people who see and do things differently and have entrepreneurial passion to create sustainable impact. The HUB is becoming the place they call home.
  6. 6. Collaborative action for a better worldVISION PURPOSE VALUESPeople taking collaborative action for a We create spaces that inspire, connect and Trustbetter world. enable people to realize enterprising ideas Trust forms the basis of working together. for sustainable impact. We value authentic connections and seeWe see a world where people collaborate the development of trusted communities atacross nations, organizations and cultures We are curators of physical, virtual and the core of our create a more sustainable future. We social spaces for change. Our spaces offerbelieve we can make this shift by working access to a unique ecosystem of inspiration, Couragetogether, locally and globally, to create the people and resources to realize good ideas It takes courage to pioneer new solutionsbest world we can collectively imagine. for the world for the world. We challenge ourselves to go beyond established ways of thinking and hold each other accountable to deliver on our ambitions. Collaboration Collaboration is at the heart of solving the issues of our time. We welcome diversity and partner with like-minded organizations to make a meaningful difference.
  7. 7. The HUB is a distributed global network of independent local spaces that share the same brand and core identity.
  8. 8. Hub ExperienceThe HUB is designed to encourage collaborative ventures for asustainable world.Whether you are already working on a concrete project, havethe first sparks of an innovative idea or just want to contributeyour time, energy and talent to make a positive difference, theHUB provides a carefully curated experience to help take yourinitiative to the next level.The magic of the HUB happens when these three elementsconnect. HUBs are run by dedicated “Hosts” whose role it isto make the otherwise unlikely connections happen, a form of“engineered serendipity”.
  9. 9. Our basics
  10. 10. Get connected Twitter @hubrovereto
  11. 11. Membership
  12. 12. One more thing… “...Il pericolo maggiore che oggi corre il nostro paese non risiede tanto nel debito pubblico, nella contrazione del prodotto interno lordo, nell’insicurezza delle periferie urbane o nella mancata integrazione degli immigrati. Risiede piuttosto nella diffusa sensazione di crisi che ci snerva e ci disorienta, impedendoci diprogettare il nostro futuro e quando una intera nazione smette di immaginare il proprio domani, qualche altro lo fa contro di lei “