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Reputation info

  1. 1. services for executives 877-720-6488 Copyright © 2011, Inc.
  2. 2. Online Reputation Risks Facing Executives & Business Professionals +67% 76% 69% Over 67% of C-level executives believe we now work in a reputation-based economy (Reputation Institute, 2011) 76% of executives expect to be Googled, yet 22% have never Googled themselves. (Executive Essentials, 2010) On the 2011 Board of Directors Survey, 69% of directors identified reputation risk as the most important business risk. (EisnerAmper, 2011) 877-894-9737 877-720-6488 Copyright © 2011, Inc.
  3. 3. The World Leader in Reputation Our mission is to help individuals and businesses control their reputations and privacy online. Pioneers in the field, is the leading online reputation management firm in the world with customers in over 100 countries. has developed solutions for virtually all aspects of digital privacy control and online reputation management across a broad spectrum of consumer segments. We offer products for families, students, businesspeople, doctors, dentists, lawyers, politicians, executives, and celebrities, among others. also serves businesses ranging from mom-and-pop shops to multinational corporations and Fortune 500 companies. has been featured in news outlets as diverse as CNN, Forbes (cover story), TIME Magazine (cover story), the New York Times Magazine (cover story), 60 Minutes, Good Morning America, Fox News, The Dr. Phil Show, Glamour, Das Spiegel (German), the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and WIRED, among others. Thanks to years of R&D diligence, our enthusiastic and satisfied customers, and a solid track record of success, remains the undisputed world leader in online reputation management. “Those who think that their online reputations have been unfairly tarnished . . . now have a practical option: consulting a firm like” New York Times Magazine, 2011 “The oldest and perhaps best-known online reputation management firm.” The Globe and Mail, 2011 “, one of the leading companies in the field, employs more than 100 online experts, many with Ph.D.s, who use their intimate knowledge of search-engine optimization rankings and something called prevalence algorithms to drive positive search results to the top.” TIME Magazine, 2011 877-894-9737 877-720-6488 Copyright © 2011, Inc.
  4. 4. About • • • Founded in 2006, privately held Over 1 million users in 100+ countries Venture backed, over $67 million raised • August Capital • Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers • Bessemer Venture Partners • Jafco Ventures Located in Silicon Valley (Redwood City, California) 200+ employees Coined the term Online Reputation Management Holds patented Internet technology Proprietary solutions supported by an accomplished R&D team • • • • • Some of our Channel Partners The following organizations have partnered with us to offer our products and services to their members or customers: • • • • • • • • American Medical Association American Bar Association American Association for Justice California Association of Realtors Wells Fargo BBVA Compass AOL Direct Marketing Association Recent Awards 2011 WEF Technology Pioneer Award • Awarded annually to the 30 most innovative technology companies in the world • Recognizes businesses working to fundamentally improve society through new technologies • Chosen from among hundreds of nominations 877-894-9737 877-720-6488 Copyright © 2011, Inc. 2011 Gartner Cool Vendor in Risk Management and Privacy Award • Offered by the leading technology analyst firm • Recognizes companies using innovative technologies to meet consumer needs • was 1 of 5 companies recognized this year
  5. 5. Management team highlights Michael Fertik CEO and Founder Michael Fertik founded in 2006 with the belief that people have the right to control and protect their online reputation and privacy. In addition to his work with, Michael holds a position on the advisory board of The Internet Keepsafe Coalition (iKeepSafe), a nonprofit that works to protect the health and safety of youth online. Michael is regarded as one of the earliest pioneers of online reputation management and a leading expert on issues of online privacy. He co-authored the book Wild West 2.0 and lectures internationally, appearing before professional and academic audiences. Michael also advises school administrators and parent groups. Prior to founding, Michael clerked for Chief Judge Danny J. Boggs of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals of the United States. He is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School, speaks several languages, and enjoys sailing, reading, and running. Michael Fertik, CEO and Founder of, Inc. Owen Tripp Brent Franson Chief Operating Officer Senior Director, Advanced Client Solutions Fluent in Internet search technologies, data mining, and analytical marketing, Owen Tripp co-founded in 2006 and now serves as its COO. Responsible for the breadth of the company’s revenue platform, his duties span sales, business development and partnerships, corporate development, and company operations. Prior to joining, Owen created the user intelligence team at eBay, breaking new ground in systems for identity management, next-generation product finding, and keyword search optimization. An alumnus of Accenture, Owen architected large-scale operations centers in the U.S. and the Philippines during his time with the consultancy. Owen holds a B.A. with Honors in Spanish Literature from Trinity College and an M.B.A. from Stanford Graduate School of Business. Outside of the office, he enjoys the culinary arts, wine collecting, and reading. Brent Franson manages all of’s sales activities and works directly with high-profile clients. A recognized expert in search engine technology, Franson has also been involved in the creation of many of the company’s key products and technologies. Before joining, Franson founded and built a successful, full-service search engine marketing firm, with offices in Mountain View, Denver, Philadelphia, and Bangalore. He also conducted regular seminars and workshops on issues related to search engine technology. Franson is the President of the Online Reputation Management Association, an industry group that advocates standards for the industry. 877-894-9737 877-720-6488 Copyright © 2011, Inc.
  6. 6. online reputation management What do the search results say about you or your business? ReputationDefender lets you take control. Push up the good, push down the bad. Statistics on Online Reputation 80% 46% 92% Believe online identity is now as important as “offline” personal or professional reputation. (Intelius, 2010) Of Internet users search online to find information about people from their past. (Pew Statistics, 2010) Of Internet users read product reviews and 89% of people say that reviews influence their purchasing decisions. (e-tailing group, 2011) 70% Of employers have rejected an applicant due to information they found online. (Microsoft, 2010) 877-894-9737 877-720-6488 Copyright © 2011, Inc. 80% + Of reputation damage risk comes from a mismatch between the buzz and the reality. (Digimind, 2010) 53% Of users do not go past the first two results for any given search. (AOL, 2010)
  7. 7. Negative search results can hurt your personal and professional life, damage your business, and give people a one-sided and inaccurate portrait of who you are and what you do. ReputationDefender is designed to control the results that appear in a search for your name or your business name so that accurate, truthful information rises above gossip and misinformation. We use our proprietary in-house technologies and approaches to increase the visibility of positive or neutral content, which in turn causes a consequent decrease in visibility of unwanted or negative content. Our techniques and expertise are unique in the industry, and our reputation management methods are based on years of development by our veteran R&D team. We know exactly what works and what doesn’t, and we can put this expertise into action for you. The results are powerful: more control over your image when people search for your name, better and more positive exposure when people search for your business, and comprehensive brand control online. THE REPUTATIONDEFENDER PROCESS Collect Data: We compile information about you and your goals for use in the creation of new content. You can upload information into our online dashboard—it’s easy and only takes minutes. Alternatively, we can use publicly available sources such as your personal or business website. Assess the online landscape: We identify existing positive and neutral content about you to push toward the top of your search results, based on your input. Create new content: Our elite team of experienced writers and editors create professional, truthful Internet content that is consistent with your brand and image. Review and approve: Before publication, we give you a chance to review the content we have created. You can make edits or send us suggestions for revisions. 877-894-9737 877-720-6488 Copyright © 2011, Inc. Strategic publication: Once you have given your approval, we promote this new content and any preexisting positive content to the top of search results through proprietary online reputation management techniques. Site customization: We painstakingly adjust the settings for all of the websites we publish to on a case-by-case basis, in order to maximize their ability to rank in the search results. Staggered release: We carefully implement our content promotion strategies over a period of weeks to make sure that you receive optimal results in search engines. You may see initial improvement in your search results in as soon as two weeks after you approve new content, but the full extent of our work will take several months to become apparent.
  8. 8. Average Timeline Generate Customer Biographies Publish Biographies to Web SEARCH RESULTS Generate Additional Biographies WEEK 1: FIRST RESULTS Customer Testimonials The takeaway from my experience being slandered online: Just because you’re a good person, doesn’t mean the Web thinks so. The company I was working for was the target of a malicious online attack. I quickly came to realize that my good name was at stake too. A disgruntled customer at my former employer, a national rental car company, created a website with the purpose of trashing the employer and creating a message board for employees and customers alike to air their frustrations. Many of the statements made were false and perverse. The comments were primarily consisting of employees dissing fellow employees and identifying names, including myself. I hadn’t really considered all the negative effects of this slander, until I began a new job hunt. How would prospective employers view me? With my unique name, this content was absolutely findable! My attempts to remove this content myself were futile and frustrating. When I began work with they really listened and designed a program that fit my budget. Within two weeks, the misleading links were buried in my Google Search. I am very thankful for for helping me regain control over my online reputation in advance of my job search. – Karen F. (California) 877-894-9737 877-720-6488 Copyright © 2011, Inc. As a small business owner, I feel that ReputationDefender is the most important weapon in my marketing and advertising arsenal. It has promoted the positive content about me and increased my online presence. My insurance business is based on trust and integrity. I couldn’t have launched my new agency without your help. – Richard W. (Small Business Owner, Louisiana) I even checked to the tenth page of my Internet search and the negative link was nowhere to be found. You don’t know what a huge sigh of relief it was to not see that link anymore. As an executive for a global company, it’s critical to have a clean online reputation to match my distinguished career. Any slip on my part could mean the loss of millions of dollars. Now whenever someone searches for me on the Internet, I now have greater control over what they will see. Reputation. com has not only protected my online reputation but it has also increased my online footprint. – Frank S. (Ontario, Canada)
  9. 9. Screenshots Analysis and Assessment Account Overview Approve/Revise Content 877-894-9737 877-720-6488 Copyright © 2011, Inc.
  10. 10. ? Frequently Asked Questions What content will you create? How long does it take to see results? creates content that is as broad and diverse as the Internet itself, tailored to the needs of our clients. However, for most content creation initiatives, we begin by crafting professional, biographical material that reflects favorably on our clients’ backgrounds, careers, and achievements. Our elite team of experienced writers, editors, and Internet publication experts can customize the tone, format, length, and specificity of this material to suit your needs. In addition, some ReputationDefender packages also include nonbiographical content, added later on to bolster earlier work. This writing can take any format and touch on any theme you desire. Clients have complete control over all content created, with the option to review, edit, and revise prior to publication. We usually start to see results within weeks of getting approval from you to publish your first round of content. Solid gains are usually seen a month or two later. The exact timing will depend on the nature of your situation and the package you have selected. Where will this content be posted? We select sites based on their ranking power (domain authority) and their appropriateness to your niche. Virtually any online venue appropriate to your needs can be used. However, we never publish to sites that don't fit the reality of who you are, and we don't publish to sites that pose an additional risk, such as review-based sites or forums. Complementing these properties, we also create specialized microsites, landing pages, blogs, and other types of properties as required. In addition, we constantly update our extensive database of publication sites, or properties, to provide your content with the greatest visibility possible. 877-894-9737 877-720-6488 Copyright © 2011, Inc. Is it possible to speed up the process? Larger packages with more content tend to produce faster results. The more content we create and publish, the faster you will see changes in your search results. There are inherent limits to how fast we can speed up the process of publishing content to the Web, however, because search engine algorithms tend to reject rushed infusions of content. Through experience and careful analysis, we have learned the fastest possible way to improve your image. If you are interested in getting your content to the top of search results as quickly and securely as possible, please inquire about expedites, available at an additional fee. Can I start small and upgrade to a larger package later? Of course. We believe that the best way to learn about our services is to try them for yourself. If you like what you see and want to expand your gains, you can always upgrade to a larger package later.
  11. 11. What constitutes success? Is the service confidential? Studies of search results show that the vast majority of searchers focus on items near the top, with the first three results receiving over two thirds of the clicks. Less than 10 percent of people go to the second page of search results for any given search. Yes. We will not publicize our relationship. To the public, it will simply appear that you have very relevant and positive search results. Therefore, downward movement in the unwanted items is considered success. Clearing the first three results is the first goal, then the top five, and then all of Page 1. This depends on a variety of factors influencing your search results. If you are working in a crowded field or have a large amount of existing negative content, you may need to start with a more aggressive approach. The activity in the search results and the domain strength of both positive and negative content also play a role. We will assess your situation and provide you with a solution tailored to your needs. You can track progress over time through our comprehensive online reporting dashboard, which shows you exactly how your search results and online reputation have changed since the start of the engagement. How much is enough? Do I get access to all the content? Yes, we have a 90-day, money-back guarantee on ReputationDefender engagements. Yes. You can access the usernames and passwords for all the sites where we publish information about you from your online dashboard. Do you provide maintenance service? Yes, as long as yourcompany your membership is active, we will Search continue to monitor your search results. Depending Neutral information online neither also create and publish on your package, we may helps nor hurts you new content for you in eacharticles and news mentions year that you renew. Neutral content includes routine news Our experience teaches us that a thorough refresh of Your homepage often appears near the top of search results content is required about once per year to maintain Negative coverage; if you go longer than a effective searchinformation in search results can poison your reputation year betweenmay control other positive youonline, suchthe risk of other refreshes, content run as a blog You content creeping into the top search positions. Advanced Search Web Show options... Results 1-10 of about 283,000,000 for your company. It can be useful as a buffer against harmful content, but you should take advantage of the opportunity to spread your positive message instead. PROFIT PROFIT Do you provide a guarantee? Often, a news story that mentions you in passing will rank highly for your name even though it contains very little information about you. It neither helps nor hurts your reputation. This is a good first step, but it is not enough. One homepage link takes up only 10% of the first search page, and it is not enough to control your reputation. Many consumers look only at the first few search results; what they see will dictate their opinion of you. You must control these search positions. A blog or other social media presence can be a first step toward control of the first page of results, but often Google does not automatically rank your efforts highly. Often, false and malicious information is spread by competitors False and salacious information often attracts attention, which can cause it to rise to the top of a search engine results page. How long does my membership last? We will create new positive cont nt you control We will create new positive content you control t v conten u o o We will craft professionally-written truthful content that reflects highly upon We will craft professionally-written truthful content that reflects highly upon at o l e u u n a l c g p you, and publish it to crucial websites around the Internet with your approval. you, and publish t to crucial websites around the Internet s r ca b s o n e n your approval. r po a Your subscription is initially or neutral content year. After a We can also highlight existing positive for one year, we have found that it is beneficial to build Positive content can include glowing news coverage and blogs new refresher content to maintain the strength False reputation. We offer special of your online negative information about you can create a self-sustaining cycle renewal packages to our loyal members. Often, there is good information about you on the second or third page of Google. In larger packages, we can bring this information to the forefront. Any site that provides a positive perspective on you can be a useful asset to controlling your reputation. We will leverage this existing content where possible. The higher negative information appears in search results, the more likely it is to be copied by bloggers, reporters, and the news media. Do you follow an ethical code of conduct? Yes. is a founding member of ORMA, the Online Reputation Management Association. We strictly adhere to the ORMA code of conduct. That means that we will not create false or misleading content, nor will we serve certain types of individuals or organizations. If you feel that you have a situation that may implicate the ORMA code of conduct, please let us know. 877-894-9737 877-720-6488 Copyright © 2011, Inc. EXPOSURE EXPOSURE Increasing your visibility online with ReputationDefender can boost the success of your business, professional life, and more. Take back control of your reputation and your success with ReputationDefender. Does it work in international search engines? Absolutely. By default, we target North American searchers who use English-language websites, but our proprietary systems often have a spillover effect into other markets and languages.
  12. 12. We also have many clients who have an international presence and would like content specifically targeted at other languages and markets; we can easily accommodate those goals. However, we incur substantially higher costs for non-U.S. engagements. Consequently, our fees for international engagements are twice the listed price for the equivalent U.S. service. What's the difference between ORM and SEO? The expertise of SEO firms does not address the problems of online reputation management (ORM). While an SEO firm only needs to move sites that it controls up in the search results, has to move a large number of sites we don't control, both up and down. In order to achieve this goal, we've spent millions on R&D, developing and testing customized technologies and proprietary approaches. No other company in the world offers a competing product. It would be incredibly inefficient to utilize standard SEO techniques to target each spot in the first page of results in the way ORM can. The expense would be 10 times that of a regular SEO engagement, and each of the sites in question would compete with the others, reducing their impact collectively. ORM is a much more nuanced approach that spreads promotional factors between many sites in order to build the right impression in the most cost-effective manner possible. What is a Reputation Advisor? Your team of Reputation Advisors oversees the progress on your account and answers any questions you may have. You will receive the email address and direct phone number for your team's contact person, and you may call him or her at any time to discuss your questions or concerns. You may also call our dedicated ReputationDefender phone line at 877-720-6488 to reach the first available consultant. Our Reputation Advisors are trained in online reputation management and they are happy to share tips and tricks that you can use yourself to help maintain and improve your online image. And, because your team of Reputation Advisors will oversee your project from start to finish, you can be assured that they will be familiar with the details of your specific situation. If you have any questions about your progress, or how to unlock even more powerful online reputation tools, our team of Reputation Advisors will be here to help 877-894-9737 877-720-6488 Copyright © 2011, Inc. you. Many clients report that access to a Reputation Advisor alone is worth the price of membership. Why are subscriptions one year long? Online reputation management is more like a marathon than a sprint. Search engines use longevity of interest to determine the importance of a particular website. For instance, press releases typically shoot to the top of the search results and then fall back down just as fast, which makes sense given the short-term value of a press release. Wikipedia articles, on the other hand, almost always rank highly because the type of content they provide is, by its nature, of long-term interest. In designing an effective engagement, not only do we need to factor in the amount of time needed to produce the desired results, but also the amount of time needed to convince search engines that the desired results are relevant over the long term. This is why we typically aim for 12-month engagements. Search engines consider any online search trend lasting less than one year to be short term. After approximately 12 months, the process of reinforcement becomes less reliant on intensive content publication activities, due to the psychology of online search. People click items near the top of the search results page, increasing organic traffic to those websites. Unwanted sites that have been pushed down for months, contrastingly, see a corresponding drop in traffic that reinforces their new position on lower pages.
  13. 13. available packages Defender $5,000 Defender $7,500 Defender $10,000 25 40 Properties Highly visible third-party sites used for content publication, such as Twitter or LinkedIn. Selected for ranking strength and relevance to your niche. 40 40 50 One-page microsites or landing pages with a personalized URL like Often the strongest Web properties we maintain. 6 8 10 Powerful visibility optimization techniques, designed to promote networks of similar content such as the content and properties we create. Third-Party Promotion Visibility optimization of pre-existing content of your choice, such as your company website or a favorable news article. Profile Optimizer Customization of properties to maximize ranking effectiveness and enhance their relevance to your niche. Website Updates Refreshing and revitalizing your Web properties in order to maximize their promotional potential once they have been online for a few months. 20 20 30 Portal Access Direct access to Web reports, tools, all content we create, and usernames and passwords for your properties. Sentiment Analysis Access to current and historical Web rankings, showing which of your results have gone up or down since the start of our work. Reputation Advisor Team A Reputation Advisor team will monitor your account and the progress being made. You may contact a Reputation Advisor by phone or e-mail with your questions or for reputation advice. Progress Reports CREATE 15 Link Reinforcement PROMOTE Pieces of biographical or other relevant online copy, created by a team of professional writers and editors, approved by you, and published strategically online. Direct Sites UNDERSTAND Professional, Relevant Content Monthly progress reports showing the improvement in your reputation, starting after the beginning of new content publication. 10 10 10 These are the packages recommended for your unique situation. Need something different? Contact your Reputation Advisor and discuss whether a custom service level would be right for you. Expedited services are often available for an additional fee. We can be reached by phone at 1-877-720-6488. 877-894-9737 877-720-6488 Copyright © 2011, Inc.
  14. 14. The Global Do-Not-Call List MyPrivacy  finds   your  personally   identifiable   information   and  wipes  it   off  the  web One of the most comprehensive digital privacy solutions available anywhere, MyPrivacy lets you control where and how your personal information appears online. You also get greater control over which advertising networks track your online activity. Through an exclusive partnership with the DMA, MyPrivacy also enables you to eliminate up to 90% of the direct mail that you receive at home. MyPrivacy is one of the most thorough and easy-to-use privacy management solutions available anywhere. ©  2011 Powered by TCPDF (