SAFe: An Introduction to the Scaled Agile Framework


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A lightweight introduction to the Scaled Agile Framework

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SAFe: An Introduction to the Scaled Agile Framework

  1. 1. SAFe A Blueprint for Enterprise Agility by Jared Richardson Principal Consultant Agile Artisans, Inc. Who Am I? 2 Jared Richardson CoAuthored Ship It! and Career 2.0 Screencast editor for Started AgileRTP in 2007 2nd public signatory of the Agile Manifesto Agile coach 4 Scaled Agile Framework®
  2. 2. What is it? Template for enterprise Agile adoptions 6 Best Face Ready made program Pour your organization Accelerator Worst Face Feels Agile No thinking! Rename everything Agile in a can!
  3. 3. Big Picture Terms Roles Flows 9 Workflow 10 Team execution Business vision Themes Portfolio Backlog Stories Epics FeaturesProgram Backlog Team Backlog(s) Workflow Key Concepts Themes => Budget allocation Portfolio backlog (kanban) PSI (Potentially Shippable Increments) PSI => 10 weeks => 5 sprints Release Train Engineer 12
  4. 4. Story Terms Epics span PSIs Features fit in a PSI Stories fit in a sprint Planning Meeting Sprint Iteration (ship event or usable product) Vision/ Initiatives/ Customers Retrospective Demo Product Owner Daily Meetings Daily Meetings 15 Iteration (ship event or usable product) Workflow Slow Feedback 16 Ship event (beta? alpha?) 6 to 24 month project
  5. 5. PSI 10 weeks 17 18 19 20
  6. 6. 21 In Other Words... Scrum of scrums 22 1 2 3 4 5 Scrum teams Scrum of scrums Scrum of scrums of scrums Scrum of Scrums (of scrums!) 24       ...there is nothing new under the sun... Ecclesiastes
  7. 7. That's okay Different point of view Pros Jump start Understanding -ish Sales tool 26 27 No matter how it looks at first, it's always a people problem Gerald Weinberg Valuable Tool Engage upper management Capture imagination Start the process
  8. 8. Cons We're Agile! Cons One size doesn't fit all 31 Cons Silver bullet syndrome
  9. 9. Agile's Hard Discipline Hard work Experience 36
  10. 10. Two Choices Lead Follow Own the Message 39 SAFe Process Smells 40
  11. 11. Big Work Focus on PSI delivery Sprints lose meaning Small increments of work? Wrong Focus Metrics Velocity Team organization Working software? 42 Technical Practices AWOL Lots of organization No tests No continuous integration Regular delivery of crap? 43 Relabeling Change the labels Change the org chart Wallpapered waterfall Changed mindsets? 44
  12. 12. 45 Travel through, not to... An Exercise for the Reader... Grab a pad paper Write 3 reasons SAFe could help you Write 3 impediments to SAFe use Move to someone you don't work with Brainstorm on each other's impediments 46