Hear what you won't SEE,


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  • Radio can show us stories we will not see on the news in the theater of our mind. What we do with the information is up to us. Knowledge is of no value if not acted upon.

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  • If you have never gotten up in the middle of the night to answer nature’s call and turned on the radio to listen to Coast to Coast you have missed out on some education and entertainment. After listening to the show you will have to decide which is which. Art Bell hosted it years ago and some say is the best interviewer of all time. GeogeNoory does a great job as well as the other hosts that fill in.
  • Talk Radio helps get the word out when we would otherwise be left in the dark. It provides a foundation from where you can begin to do your own homework on an issue and think for yourself. It does play a fearful role in politics for politicians who would rather have you just trust them. Congressman Chris Cannon is no longer a congressman in part due to talk radio. Stories unreported in the newspapers were discussed in depth on some of the air waves. Some of those people got involved, fought the Cannon political machine and threw him out.
  • Hear what you won't SEE,

    1. 1. James Clerk Maxwell Once upon a decade a hundred years ago a physicist, James Clerk Maxwelltheorized the existence of electromagnetic waves. A contemporary German scientist named Heinrich Hertz later proved Maxwell’s theory factual. Maybe his Mom called him “Gug”, but Guglielmo Marconi discovered a method of transmitting wireless sound and David Sarnoff could have suggested with many others that “radios” be mass produced and sold to households for music, news, and informative purposes.
    2. 2. Radio Transmitter 1912 Radio proved to be as valuable as the lifeboats on the sinking Titanic. Her distresssignals were received and rescue messages were sent to other ships in the region to come to her aid. The value of radio was manifested to the world. It would change lives all over the world. It would be used in war. It would be used in peace. Communication just advanced at the speed of light.
    3. 3. FrequencyRegulation The air waves needed regulation like the roads did when the automobile took off. Radio licenses were being sold for the radio frequencies and broadcasts were dubbing over eachother making neither party’s product worth listening to. People taking part in the National Radio Conferences appealed to the Secretary of Commerce for help before the medium self destructed. President Coolage urged Congress to deal with the problem. The Radio Act of 1927 was instituted. Like traffic laws, the radio waves had licenses and rules governing operating hours and power regulation.
    4. 4. Freedom of Speech FCC Commissioner Wants to Test the ‘Public Dictated FCC Value’ of Every Broadcast Station Wants “Public Value Test” of All Media | “Meani ngful” The FCC took the view, in 1949, that station licensees were "public trustees," and as such had News an obligation to afford reasonable opportunity for discussion of contrasting points of view on will controversial issues of public importance. The FCC policy of the Fairness Doctrine would emerge in 1949 which pressed the talk stations to afford equal time for opposing points of Expedi view. Journalists did not like this regulation of the media. It was the journalist’s job to discern te the newsworthy stories of the day and it was the audience’s responsibility to discern the trustworthy journalists.
    5. 5. Reagan Loved Radio With President Reagan’s deregulation efforts of the media the Fairness Doctrine escaped becoming law by both Houses of Congress and commentators were free toentertain, inform, and commentate as they saw fit. Freedom of speech was on the air. Talk show hosts could now report political news and their analysis of it.
    6. 6. Talk Radio is market driven. If listeners don’t like what is said they will quit tuning in, commercial time won’t sell, and the show will disappear. It still remains the responsibility of the audience to discern truth from error. Every show and every personon planet earth is biased. A wise citizen would gather information on current events fromas many sources as possible to form their own conclusions. Talk Radio frequently covers stories main stream news covers up. Talk Radioaffects contemporary politics and some talk show hosts are a huge thorn in the side of the Washington D.C. establishment.
    7. 7. Non-The Un-reality FictionTV ……Mo re votes Ultimately it is the Cast responsibility to be informed of the politics citizen’s here affecting the freedom in his or her country. Years of apathy and willful ignorance have brought our nation to this point. Just because you don’t have an interest in politics, that doesn’t mean politics doesn’t have an interest in you. You will still be governed. We are not nearly as free or prosperous as we could be as citizens of this nation.
    8. 8. Ramos and Compean Listening to talk radio is a great way to stay relatively informed if you don’t have time to surf the web in depth getting the scoop yourself. I am a biasedindividual. My bias is towards the United States Constitution and justice for all. Too many Americans have never read it and consequently have no idea when it’s being violated. There are many Republican cheerleader talk show hosts. There are a few Democrat cheerleader talk show host. There are a few talk show hosts that are despised by the D C Establishments in both parties.
    9. 9. Rush Limbaugh is considered the Father of Political Talk Radio. After the Reagandegulation of the airwaves he emerged as a huge market share taker first broadcasting out of Sacramento California. He grew in immense popularity during the ClintonAdministration with Monica, Whitewater, and some of the dead people. He is very much aRepublican and has cheer led and carried the party’s water for twenty years. Only in recent years as his listenership has grown more wary of the establishment repubs has he started to criticize the party at all.
    10. 10. Independen tJerry Doyle, heard locally on 860 AM, ran as a Republican candidate for Congress while acting inCalifornia. He’s very much a libertarian at heart and has no love for political parties if they don’t represent the people. He was kicked off of a Fox News interview for wearing an “Arrest Paulsen” T-shirt referring to Hank Paulsen, Secretary of the Treasury during the last Bush Administration. He made money on Wall Street before he went to Hollywood, filled in on radio once and hasn’t left. He’s heard on over 200 stations across the country and resides in Las Vegas.
    11. 11. The Glenn Beck Program (picture)Glenn Beck first cracked the mic in radio when he was thirteen years old. He was aDJ and program director for years. Drug and Alcohol abuse left him penniless until he got his act together in ’99 and is syndicated today by Premiere Radio Networks. He owns his radioshow and hosted a CNN show for a couple years before jumping over to Fox. When Fox didn’t like what he was saying he left, choosing not to be censored, and started his own network GBTV viewed online.
    12. 12. ALIENSWHO 55 foot snakeKILLED JFK? in China
    13. 13. (AM 630 KTKK ) K-Talk AM 630 in South Jordan has some amazing local amateurtalent but is also one of the weirdest run radio stations you’ll ever tune in to. Afterlistening to it you may very well wonder if the owner is trying to discouragelistenership. If you give the different hosts a chance you will find some you reallylike but the bumper music is bizarre, the intro and outro sound hasn’t changed inyears and that would be fine if it were any good.
    14. 14. Dr. Jack Stockwell discusses current events and hosts two health shows a week.Unpopular politics is usually his format exceptwhen he does a health show on Wed andSaturday. I consider his health shows a wealthof information. His politics are worthconsidering
    15. 15. Tim Alders is the man behind “Buy Back America Radio” Hisknowledge of the Constitution and Federal Reserve System is anenlightening experience.
    16. 16. CANADA’S RADIO ACT LABELS CONTROVERSIAL MORAL ISSUES AS HATE SPEECH AND THE DISCUSSION IS BANNED FROM THE AIR WAVES.Talk radio and the internet is what freedom of speech and the 1rstAmendment are all about. Freedom of speech was important tothe Founders because they saw the people’s voice silencedsubject to the will of the King. Political speech has to beprotected if we are to be a free people. Much of what you hear ontalk radio today would be labeled HATE speech in Ontario,Canada.
    18. 18. Senator Bob Bennett is no longer a senator. After three terms he showed nosigns of leaving. He did leave though in part due to talk radio. Storiesunreported in the newspapers were discussed in depth on some of the airwaves. Some of those people got involved, fought the Bennett politicalmachine and threw him out.
    19. 19. 89 % of his campaign money comes from outside Utah fec.gov Center for Responsive politics.Senator Orrin Hatch saw what happened to his buddy Bob at the convention and startedpreparing against his departure two years ago. He has all of the money he needs spending330 K a month campaigning mostly in the form of photo ops with special people and radioand television ads. He has a full paid staff but doesn’t possess the grass roots effort that hasfollowed his opponent Dan Liljenquist.
    20. 20. People who only listen to the radio commercials andTV ads would naturally think he is the man for thejob. If they take the time to look at his voting recordrecorded in the Library of Congress on line atThomas.gov they may learn a few hundredthings about the thirty six year Senator