TraX at Zero Waste Youth Convergence


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TraX is an award-winning and innovative social media solution to combat single-use disposables in retail.
Zero Youth Waste is a group committed to reducing waste on the planet.
TraX founder, Jared Brick, spoke at the ZYW annual event on March 17th, 2014.

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  • Consumers own them now and are familiar with them, but
    trax harnesses / the power of the trend towards reusables, the goals of stores/brands and ease of usage for consumers.
  • Helping non-traditionally CSR or sustainable brand retailers.
  • As an advertising partner with TraX, your company will gain access to see where else your consumers shop, how often and even what products they buy!
  • TraX at Zero Waste Youth Convergence

    1. 1. a mobile rewards platform prepared for:
    2. 2. IG Problem with SUD Sources: 500 BILLION 500 SUD BAGS 500 SUD CUPS 500 SUD STRAWS x 333,000,000 AMERICANS = SUD = Single Use Disposable Cups
    3. 3. Reusables...Everyone Can Use Them! TraX rewards people to shop with reusables Helping companies reach ZERO waste targets Content Source: Real TraX Action Heroes on Familiar Accessible Popular Consumers already own them... so why aren’t they being tracked?
    4. 4. ere’s How it Works... #traXactions Coffee’s on! Philz Coffee Photo + Tag Locate Store Sharing Sites
    5. 5. So who pays me? COMPANIES BRANDS PRODUCTS CITIES NON- PROFITS Parnters: Advertising Fees and Monthly Subscriptions + Your Rewards!
    6. 6. Shopping with TRAX √ A Smartphone Shopper/ App User traX Action Heroes √ Highly Socially Connected √ Eco-Conscious Consumer √ New Engagement Opportunity √ Prefers donation over cash rewards √ Quality Product Shopper √ Shops with competitors √ Highly connectioned online √ Shopped store 2X before the head + heart + wallet
    7. 7. Heroes Share with traX
    8. 8. √ Self-Tracking Reusable Actions √ Trend Leveraging + Hashtag Trackin Photos Generated √ Geo-Tagging Store Locations √ Facebook + Instagram Networks √ Continuous + Fresh Photo Feed √ Partner Thank-You’s per photo
    9. 9. A Cross Industry Alliance Full color brands are already being engaged, letters of intent and interest // Half color brands represent opportunities in the industry and reach GroceriesGroceries ConveniencesConveniences RetailersRetailersCafesCafes PharmaciesPharmacies Alameda County LA County SF County Brands + CitiesBrands + Cities
    10. 10. Take Action! Bring Reusables toBring Reusables to AnyAny US Store!US Store! Instagram or FacebookInstagram or Facebook a Photo of reusablea Photo of reusable TAG #traXactions andTAG #traXactions and Locate Store NameLocate Store Name Share to Facebook +Share to Facebook + Twitter @TraXactionsTwitter @TraXactions Get Email Rewards
    11. 11. JOIN US... Thank You