2009 Guest Speakers


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2009 Guest Speakers

  1. 1. JHS Career Day<br />January 27, 2009<br />One day, 35 guest speakers, 1751 students<br />Who do you want to become?<br />
  2. 2. Mark Eaton<br />He will be our keynote speaker on January 25th, so everyone will get to hear him speak!<br /><ul><li>Mark Eaton has shared his story of what it takes to be an invaluable member of a team with thousands of people and organizations.
  3. 3. He is an NBA ALL-STAR and two-time Defensive Player of the Year starring with the Utah Jazz for 12 years.
  4. 4. His life will be featured in an up-coming film. He is also writing a book on the power of Mentors.
  5. 5. He is a partner in two award-winning restaurants in Salt Lake City, Tuscany and Franck's.</li></li></ul><li>Instructions: Rank the top four speaker choices for January 27th.You will receive two tickets on January 26th (We will try to give you at least one of your top choices.)You may attend any presentation that interests you regardless of your major.<br />
  6. 6. Mark Walter<br /><ul><li>Technical Services Team Lead,</li></ul> Beneficial Financial Group<br /><ul><li>We provide all computer support for Beneficial Financial Group as well as Deseret Management Corp. We have roughly 60 Microsoft Servers and over 150 workstations.
  7. 7. Applicable Majors: Computer Technology, Information Technology, Business Management.</li></li></ul><li>Curt Fortie<br /><ul><li>Leisure Travel/Outdoor Recreation Manager, </li></ul> US Army<br /><ul><li>Program and conduct recreational activities and leisure travel for a military base community. Partner with local organizations to provide a wide variety of program possibilities.
  8. 8. Manage staffing for a fitness center, leisure travel office and outdoor equipment rental center. Conduct local and extended trips, book cruises, etc. Solicit commercial sponsorship for events and activities and provide marketing and advertising for all programs.
  9. 9. Applicable Majors: Exercise Science, Marketing and Entrepreneurship.</li></li></ul><li>Richard von Schalkwyk<br /><ul><li>Owner,</li></ul> Blue Planet Scooters<br /><ul><li>Blue Planet Scooters sells and services scooters. My job is to make sure people buy our scooters, and then provide them with great service after the sale to make them want to keep coming back and refer their friends to us.
  10. 10. Before doing the above I owned a t-shirt printing business and an indoor beach volleyball center in South Africa.
  11. 11. Applicable Majors: Business Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship.</li></li></ul><li>Brent Anderson<br /><ul><li>Recruiting Manager</li></ul> Intercontinental Hotel Group<br /><ul><li>I am the Recruiting Manager for Global Reservations with IHG. IHG is the world's most global hotel company, we have over 4,200 hotels in nearly 100 countries. We own seven hotel brands, our most well-known brand is Holiday Inn. I oversee and assist all global reservations centers recruiting and staffing functions.
  12. 12. Applicable Majors: Hospitality and Tourism</li></li></ul><li>Debbie Bilbao<br /><ul><li>College Recruiter, Student Athlete Mentor, Business Owner, Athletic Quest.
  13. 13. I am a JHS Alumni. I am currently, the only female student-athlete to have her jersey retired at Jordan. I mentor prospective student-athletes about the college recruiting process. I have many athlete's from all over the country.
  14. 14. I also own and operate my own fast pitch educational business. We focus on athlete, parent and coaching education.
  15. 15. Applicable Majors: Exercise Science and Wellness, Business Management.</li></li></ul><li>Holly Cox<br /><ul><li>Brand Consultant, M2 Results
  16. 16. My official role in the company is Research & Marketing Technology Director. A typical week includes research for new clients and potential clients, wire framing/building/programming websites, and writing proposals. It's pretty much a nice mix of marketing, PR, copywriting, graphic design and programming.
  17. 17. Applicable Majors: Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Graphic Communications.</li></li></ul><li>Brian Merrill<br /><ul><li>CEO, Western River Expeditions, Inc.
  18. 18. I am the leader of a group of companies that serves the adventure travel industry. Western River Expeditions and it's subsidiary Canyon Country River Adventures provide expeditions on the Colorado River in Utah and in Grand Canyon. We also lead trips on the Green River in Utah. The Moab Adventure Center offers other expeditions as well such as Hummer tours, hiking tours, climbing and canyoneering, mountain biking, horseback riding, and scenic air tours.
  19. 19. Applicable Majors: Business Management, Hospitality and Tourism.</li></li></ul><li>Chef Bob Bryant<br /><ul><li>Culinary Education Chef, </li></ul>Harmons Grocery Stores.<br /><ul><li>Chef is the leader of a commercial kitchen a chef is required to maintain food quality standards, lead and direct the staff, create recipes, and achieve profitability for anyone that they work for.
  20. 20. Applicable Majors: Culinary Arts, FACS Academic Studies.</li></li></ul><li>Shauna Dansie<br /><ul><li>Fiction and Non-Fiction Writer
  21. 21. I am a multi-award winning fiction author who has used that platform to launch an additional career as a successful non-fiction writer, researcher and public speaker.  My creative background allows me to bring the concept of metaphors and strong visual images into corporate marketing campaigns and script writing. This paradigm also allows me to create social media, resume and value propositions that brand people and companies in memorable ways.
  22. 22. Applicable Majors: English Academic Studies, Social Studies and Humanities Academic Studies.</li></li></ul><li>Barbara Jones<br /><ul><li>Sales and Marketing Director, Chik-Fil-A
  23. 23. Generate business opportunities for catered events, seminars and parties and explore creative marketing opportunities.
  24. 24. My greatest accomplishment in the 3 years I’ve been associated with Chick-Fil-A was to cater at the governor’s mansion in the ballroom and main dining room. Anyone can make a job and big and/or exciting as they choose. It’s all in personal attitude and that’s what I would like to instill in students.
  25. 25. Applicable Majors: Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Tourism.</li></li></ul><li>Anthony Romrell<br /><ul><li>Animation, Media Arts Instructor</li></ul> Utah Valley University<br />Owner, Artisan Dream<br />Freelance Artist<br />Metropolis Integrated Media<br /><ul><li>I have become one of the top Character Technical Directors at Sensory Sweep Studios, rigging on nearly every game the company developed during my tenure.
  26. 26. I have also worked in the field of advertising, and pushed my skills developing Motion Graphics for Commercials, Interactive CDs, DVDs, and websites.
  27. 27. Applicable Majors: Graphic Communications, Visual Arts.</li></li></ul><li>Gerry Graves<br /><ul><li>Actor, Graphic Designer</li></ul> Multi-Media Educators<br /><ul><li>Gerry is  a video producer for Multi-Media Educators. Most of the time he does setting up, taping and editing for instructors of computer certification courses. He also does videos for crime scene investigations, events, commercials, exercise videos etc. 
  28. 28. Gerry is also an actor. He has done a lot of local theater and voice work for commercials.  His acting experience helps him work with actors in his videotaping profession.
  29. 29. Applicable Majors: Visual Art, Graphic Communications, Theater Arts.</li></li></ul><li>Jason Draney<br /><ul><li>Human Resources Director</li></ul> CCI Mechanical<br /><ul><li>As the Director of Human Resources for CCI Mechanical, Jason coordinates employee relations for the company. He directs new hires, oversees payroll, and performs other administrative duties for the large industrial company.
  30. 30. Applicable Majors: Business Management, Trade and Technology</li></li></ul><li>Glenae Turley<br /><ul><li>Paramedic, Firefighter</li></ul> Murray Fire Department<br /><ul><li>Responds to emergency calls suppressing fires and providing basic and advanced life support emergency medical services.
  31. 31. Responds to emergency medical calls, drives equipment and administers first aid.
  32. 32. Applicable Majors: Health Occupations, Science/Health.</li></li></ul><li>Ryan Broomé<br /><ul><li>Structural Engineer</li></ul> REB Engineering<br /><ul><li>A Structural Engineer in Utah and Registered Civil Engineer in California. After graduation worked for 13 years with several firms in Utah before moving to California for 4 years and then returned to Utah. Design experience has been in Custom and Residential Homes, Multifamily Housing and Small Commercial developments. Currently the Structural Engineer of Record with Sandy City for the Belmont Station project East of Jordan High.
  33. 33. Applicable Majors: Technology/Engineering, Math Academic Studies, Trade and Technology.</li></li></ul><li>Christopher Daland<br /><ul><li>Artist, Entertainer, Production Engineer</li></ul> Fresh Studios<br /><ul><li>Music development, recording, production and engineering. Also an entertainer who has turned his unique talents and abilities into a viable career in the travel and tourism industry.
  34. 34. Planning and catering conventions and dinners where the servers are performance artists.
  35. 35. Applicable Majors: Theater Arts, Hospitality and Tourism</li></li></ul><li>Vicky Williams<br /><ul><li>Legal Assistant</li></ul> Ivory Law, PC<br /><ul><li>Answer incoming calls. Obtain initial, specific information from client/perspective client regarding their issues. Conduct investigative research regarding details of client's issues. Draft legal documents, correspondence and pleadings. Organize and inventory client documents for use as exhibits. Prepare documents and/or assist attorney at hearings/trials. Maintain a calendaring system that contains court related deadlines. Maintain Notary Public status. Maintain a very high level of confidentiality and professionalism.
  36. 36. Applicable Majors: Law and Legal Services.</li></li></ul><li>Nicky Breedlove<br /><ul><li>Creative Director</li></ul>Landis Aveda Salon<br /><ul><li>She is a cosmetologist, make-up artist, and stylist. She has taught classes at SLCC. She started at age 14 doing make-up, then worked at Nordstrom’s as an make-up artist. She enjoys teaching students about how this career can let you be self-sufficient, but control your own destiny.  She is in the business of making people both look and feel pretty.
  37. 37. Applicable Majors: Skilled and Technical Sciences (Cosmetology).</li></li></ul><li>Jen Rogerson<br /><ul><li>Recruiter</li></ul>Jet Blue Airlines<br /><ul><li>Manager of Recruitment for JetBlue Airways.  She manages the SLC Recruitment team which supports the SLC Reservations Center of 2,000 Reservations Crewmembers.  Jen has been with JetBlue Airways for 9 years in Recruitment and Finance and has worked in the Connecticut, New York and Salt Lake City Support Offices.  She has recruited for Customer Service, Reservations, Inflight, Pilot and many other corporate positions. 
  38. 38. Applicable Majors: Hospitality and Tourism, Marketing and Entrepreneurship.</li></li></ul><li>Ryan Farmer<br /><ul><li>Pharmacist</li></ul> Sam’s Club<br /><ul><li>I am the pharmacy manager over Sam's Club Pharmacy. I oversee the manager responsibilities as well as the day to day activities within the pharmacy. Some of the responsibilites include hiring, maintaining proper paperwork, checking for accuracy of prescriptions, drug drug interactions, drug disease interactions, counseling on medications, and all other tasks involved in pharmacy.
  39. 39. Applicable Majors: Biochemistry, Science Academic Studies, Health Occupations. </li></li></ul><li>Skip Huntress<br /><ul><li>Photographer</li></ul>Huntress Photography<br /><ul><li>I have 25 years of passionate photographic experience. Paying attention to details, using the techniques that the masters used, getting your image done correctly on time and on budget.
  40. 40. Applicable Majors: Visual Art, Graphic Communications.</li></li></ul><li>Mike Owens<br /><ul><li>Airline Pilot, Captain</li></ul> SkyWest Airlines<br /><ul><li>Oversee the safe and efficient operation of commercial airline flights from preflight to deplaning. Act as Pilot-in-Command of the aircraft and supervise flight and cabin crew and all other available resources to complete each flight safe and on-time.
  41. 41. For the past five years I have been flying as a Captain with Skywest on the Canadair Regional Jet 200/700 and 900 series aircraft.
  42. 42. Applicable Majors: Hospitality and Tourism, Skilled and Technical Sciences (Aviation).</li></li></ul><li>Beau Babka<br /><ul><li>Police Officer</li></ul>Cottonwood Heights City<br /><ul><li>Leader, Public Servant/Peace Officer, College Professor, 97.1 ZHT-Radio Guest...Serving/Protecting ALWAYS...
  43. 43. He has been involved in law enforcement since 1992 and has held numerous positions including Community Policing Officer, Detective, Sergeant, Division Commander, Captain and Assistant Chief.
  44. 44. Beau Babka is currently running for office as the Salt Lake County Sherriff.
  45. 45. Applicable Majors: Law and Legal Services.</li></li></ul><li>Stephanie Deer<br /><ul><li>Visual Artist, Painter
  46. 46. A self taught artist residing in Salt Lake City, she has spent most of her life in Utah and her work is often influenced by local culture and day to day experiences living here.  Prior to her passion for art, she was primarily an interior designer.  Currently, she maintains a residential and commercial design firm that often incorporates her art.  She is represented at Williams Fine Art in Salt Lake City. Vibrant color and humor is a mainstay in most of her pieces.  Painting is her means of communication and always her joy.
  47. 47. Applicable Majors: Visual Art, Interior Design.</li></li></ul><li>Aisza Wilde<br /><ul><li>Owner</li></ul> Polaris Media Group<br /><ul><li>Polaris Media Group is an international community of successful men and women who believe in social responsibility through entrepreneurism and developing highly motivated, self-sufficient and successful people.
  48. 48. Aisza also works with the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce where she serves on planning committees and directs media and advertising for the Chamber.
  49. 49. Applicable Majors: Business Management</li></li></ul><li>John Brinkerhoff<br /><ul><li>Managing Member-Principal,</li></ul> Brinkerhoff Financial Group, LLC.<br /><ul><li>Adjunct Instructor, The American College.
  50. 50. Divisional Vice-President</li></ul>AXA Advisors, LLC<br /><ul><li>Our focus is on property and casualty risk management as an independent risk management firm. I offer a comprehensive range of financial planning and investment advisory services. We cover all relevant and important parts of a client's financial planning process and seek to do so with integrity, individualization and special emphasis on outstanding service.
  51. 51. Applicable Majors: Business Management, Finance and Accounting.</li></li></ul><li>Steve Mikita<br /><ul><li>Assistant Attorney General</li></ul>State of Utah<br /><ul><li>I was the first wheelchair freshman in the history of Duke University. While in law school at Brigham Young University, I served as a law clerk for the United States Senate Judiciary Committee. Since 1982, I have served as Utah’s Assistant Attorney General.
  52. 52. My life was supposed to be nothing more than a tragic, short story, but it has been a beautiful, sweeping epic of meaning, love and triumph.
  53. 53. Applicable Majors: Law and Legal Services</li></li></ul><li>David Doty<br /><ul><li>Superintendent of Schools</li></ul> Canyons School District<br /><ul><li>Superintendent of a 33,000-student district. Dr. Doty was Assistant Commissioner & Director of Policy Studies for the Utah System of Higher Education, and the Director of Utah Scholars.
  54. 54. Also worked previously as an attorney in private practice with the Columbia, South Carolina law firm of Duff, Turner, White & Boykin, where he provided legal counsel to public school districts and colleges across South Carolina.
  55. 55. Applicable Majors: Education, Law and Legal Services.</li></li></ul><li>Nickelle Carlson<br /><ul><li>Real Estate</li></ul>Met Life Home Loans<br /><ul><li>Find potential clients, individuals or businesses, in need of loans, specializing in mortgage loans. Help clients apply for loans. Analyze and verify the application to determine the client's creditworthiness.
  56. 56. Applicable Majors: Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Finance and Accounting.</li></li></ul><li>Chad Collard<br /><ul><li>Doctor of Chiropractic</li></ul> Collard Chiropractic and Acupuncture<br /><ul><li>I specialize in the treatment of musculoskeletal problems using a couple of different holistic methods without the use of drugs or surgery. Treatment will consist of chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, massage therapy, and acupuncture. Many other symptoms and conditions not related to the musculoskeletal are treated using acupuncture and natural herbs and vitamins.
  57. 57. Applicable Majors: Science Academic Studies, Health Occupations.</li></li></ul><li>Suzanne Dalebout<br /><ul><li>Financial Planner</li></ul> Polaris Planning<br /><ul><li>Comprehensive Financial Planning. Developing a financial plan for retirement/divorce/widowhood/estate planning etc. Implementing strategies and managing and monitoring progress. Implementation involves completing insurance applications, placing investment trades, purchasing products, assisting with estate planning. Management involves maintaining all client retirement and investment accounts, and meeting with clients periodically to monitor accounts and life status.
  58. 58. Applicable Majors: Finance and Accounting, Business Management.</li>