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I've not only written for hospitals and pharmaceutical companies like Merck and Pfizer, Abbott, and many more, I've also worked as a Senior Writer on brand for a downdown agency.

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Ardito medical writing

  1. 1. Jim Ardito—the Short Version• 5 years (most recently) as senior pharmaceutical/corporate writer for Purohit Navigation, Chicago (formerly Donahoe Purohit Miller)• 22 years as one of Chicago’s most successful independent writers and President of Ardito Creative Enterprises (ACE), a full-service creative resource for national and international clients• 3 years as a writer for Foote Cone & Belding Advertising Agency, Chicago. Noted leader in writing community. Helped start Independent Writers of Chicago (IWOC) and served as Charter President• Diverse skills that combine pharmaceutical and healthcare writing expertise with vast writing experience in these arenas: consumer, business-to-business, retail, electronic, interactive, financial, promotion, journalism, audio visual, industrial and training• Specialty in clever, inventive, engaging writing that adds impact and involvement to typically straightforward materials (like CVs)• Written for world’s largest businesses, facilities, institutions, and associations from Abbott Labs and Baxter to Walgreen’s and Zenith
  2. 2. Promius™ Pharma Takes Flight AND SO DOES THIS SLIDE PRESENTATION The challenge? Launch a company and a product usingbranding and a creative platform that capturesPromius Pharma’s dedication to innovation and its unlimited potential. The answer? Turn to a Tangram, a Chinese puzzlewith pieces that can be rearranged to form an infinite variety of geometric shapes. The company, like the puzzle, offers unlimited possibilities (Check it out)
  3. 3. To see how this campaign took off on theWeb site I wrote—with glorious flashanimation—google Promius Pharma andclick on the name
  4. 4. Mastasol & DetacholONE HEADLINE WORKS FOR TWO SEPARATE FERNDALE PRODUCTS In this dual-product detail aid, this cover for Mastasol presented one side of the separation anxiety story—the fear that an adhesive wouldnt stay on. Flip the brochure upside down and around and the same headline worked for product number 2.
  5. 5. Meet Detachol, product 2presented in the same brochure.Detachol also preventsseparation anxiety by makingsure adhesives come off easilyand painlessly.
  6. 6. Taking care in general healthcare I write far more than pharmaceutical. Here’s a consumer brochure I wrote for Grant Hospital (Medical Center) in Chicago. Check out my resume for other examples. And the next slide.
  7. 7. Here’s a direct to consumerpiece designed to growcaregiver knowledge aboutSevere Primary IGFD –ahormone deficiency thatcauses kids to be super-short. Fortunately, Increlexis on hand to cause thesekids to sprout—not onlyhope but actual inches!
  8. 8. When it comes to healthcarewriting, you could say I wrotethe book—or at least promotedit to physician audiences.
  9. 9. Meet Analpram HC®AND A PEACH OF A CAMPAIGN FOR ANORECTAL PAIN No buts about it, a simple and pointed direct mail rhyme became an effective way to pitch OB-GYNS
  10. 10. And Now a Tale of Brand EvolutionFor Locoid Lipocream—the #1 branded mid-potent corticosteroid cream—my concept of “The Double Agent” evolved to a campaign with a totally different, “lipid-rich” look and feel
  11. 11. Meet the Double Agent (on the casewith efficacy and elegance for LocoidLipocream corticosteroid). The DoubleAgent did one heck of a job for 3 yearsthen evolved brilliantly.
  12. 12. And here’s the evolutionnow. Same product, buttotally rebranded andrepositioned to fighteczema with HydrolipidTechnology. LocoidLipocream (and total Rxs)never looked so good.
  13. 13. Writing On the Corporate Side For any healthcare agency or company, I bring far more to the table than an ability to write for pharmaceutical brands. I offer a veritable buffet of writing experience, including consumer, business-to-business and retail. Purohit Navigation digested this information, appreciated my style and expertise and for 1 ½ years had me serve up: > PowerPoint presentations and thought-leader articles for the CEO that were published in major industry pubs> All internal corporate writing, including a blog and other interactive media, posters, special company events, promotions, and on and on> All corporate writing for clients, including Web sites and brochures Here’s a taste of what I produced:
  14. 14. But really written by Jim Ardito
  15. 15. 3 Corporate Web Sites to ExploreI wrote all of these Web sites:• Check out• See a client Web site take flight at Promius Pharma (click on the name after you google)• Bone up on fragility fractures@
  16. 16. The End… …of the beginningof a beautiful writing relationship… with you perhaps Call (847) 902-6562 (Operator is standing by)