Ardito general writing samples


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Here's a broad sample of my samples. If you desire more in a specific industry or category, please contact me.

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Ardito general writing samples

  1. 1. Jim Ardito—the Short Version• 22 years as one of Chicago’s most successful independent writers and President of Ardito Creative Enterprises (ACE), a writing and full-service creative resource for national and international clients• 3 years as a writer for Foote Cone & Belding Advertising Agency, Chicago. Noted leader in writing community. Helped start Independent Writers of Chicago (IWOC) and served as Charter President• 5 years as senior pharmaceutical/corporate writer for Purohit Navigation, Chicago (formerly Donahoe Purohit Miller)• Diverse skills that combine pharmaceutical writing expertise with vast writing experience in these arenas: consumer, B2B, medical, electronic (Websites & e-mail blasts), financial, promotion, journalism, humor, audio visual, industrial and training• Specialty in clever, inventive, engaging writing that adds impact and involvement to typically straightforward materials• Written for world’s largest businesses, facilities, institutions, and associations from Abbott Labs and Baxter to Walgreen’s and Zenith
  2. 2. Career Highlights13 Minute Claims to Fame• Nationally syndicated columnist (Fightin’ Mad) in 3 newspapers 1980 – 1983• Columnist for What’s Happening Newspapers (Food for Thought) 2010-11• Wrote and produced 28-pg story & coloring book for FedEx on their efforts to help save Loggerhead Turtle hatchlings from Gulf oil spill. Sept. 2010• Helped form and was Charter President of Independent Writers of Chicago• Featured on TV 3 times (World’s First Tupperware Party for Men, Fightin’ Mad Presidential Candidate, Chicago’s Business Newsmakers)• Wrote Happy Meal boxes for McDonald’s, Kid’s Meal boxes for Burger King and 5 interactive Kid’s Club comic books for BK in Europe• Wrote, produced, and directed national Firestone radio spot featuring Michael Andretti Jr.• Sold “Future Ads” concept to Analog Science Fiction Magazine• Speech writer for singer/environmentalist, John Denver, many CEOs• Developed concepts for AT&T corporate headquarters then led a brainstorming session of their top thinkers to analyze concepts• Survived on hard work, wit and word-smything for 30 years
  3. 3. What’s On the Menu?Count on diversity that’s rare and writing that’s alwayswell done. You can expect consistency too with copy thatis strategically on target, creative, engaging and easy todigest. Dig in and enjoy samples from the following areas:• Concepts• Websites• Advertising• Naming• Taglines• Healthcare• Promotion• Training• JournalismSince presentation is everything, let this one begin…
  4. 4. Inventive Concepts You can see right through this effort to bring a “back- of-the comic-book style” to a rep training booklet on Nasonex. It came complete with x-ray glasses, but they didn’t really work. The idea did though. Reps read it cover to cover.
  5. 5. Super Websites to ExploreLike this one that launched Promius Pharma Inc. The challenge here was to launch a company and a product using branding and a creative platform that captured Promius Pharma’s dedication to innovation and its unlimited potential. For the answer we turned to a Tangram, a Chinese puzzle with pieces that can be rearranged to form an infinite variety of geometric shapes. The company, like the puzzle, offers unlimited possibilities (Check it out)
  6. 6. To see how this campaigntook off on the WebsiteI wrote—check
  7. 7. Other ACE Sites that Offer a Site More–Like SEOhttp://www. (Art gallery meeting place)http://www.fdis-noble.com (Container storage) (Private equity firm) (Insurance Company)
  8. 8. Hard-driving Advertising Here’s a consumer ad with a headline I love. So did my plastic surgeon client who turned the ad into a billboard. The headline made the transition from stopping newspaper readers in their tracks to just plain stopping traffic.
  9. 9. Here’s a B2B ad with aheadline right out of thegame show, Jeopardy.What’s the question? Namethe three types ofpersonalities you need torun a successful adagency?
  10. 10. Big Time Taglines
  11. 11. In Tune with NamingClient Project NameAunt Jemima Syrup Lighter syrup Simply RightBaxter Healthcare Name for info program Facts for ActionCity of Elgin, Illinois Name for playground Common GroundKraft Foods Name for instant breakfast Head Start A La CartS. Rosen’s Name for artisan round bread Round-UpsSchering PloughPharmaceuticals Name for sales force IT newsletter Plugged-InTums (Glaxo Smith Kline) Name for super strength Tums Tums Total Comfort
  12. 12. A Healthy Helping of Healthcare No buts about it, when it comes to healthcare, I’ve done heaps of it, like this direct mail campaign for Analpram, a product prescribed by OB-GYNs and other docs for the relief of hemorrhoids. This peachy concept won national awards.
  13. 13. Swell sell sheet forBaxter 4/28/2010
  14. 14. Complete Devotion to Promotion Here’s something delightfully loony for Sara Lee. For years, I’ve had the privilege of working with Haugaard Creative, one of the top promotional/marketing firms in Chicago.
  15. 15. And let’s not forget severalHappy Meal boxes Iwrote for Mickey D’s. Iwas lovin’ it.
  16. 16. Burger King got sojealous, I ended up writing25 of these boxes(5 separate series) for them
  17. 17. Truly One-of-a-Kind Training ToolsLike product training delivered via a murder mystery How do you get sales reps to read 90 pages of boring facts about a potassium supplement? Package all the training in a murder mystery as compelling as a John Grisham novel. Whodunnit? Yours truly, working with graphic designer Fred Knapp, in New Jersey who gave it a 50s’ murder-mystery feel.
  18. 18. The Right Writer for JournalismSpirited stories, articles, columns, newsletters, blog Fab FedEx Gulf Story In 2010, I got a chance to write and help produce my second favorite assignment of all time: this 28-page story, coloring and activity book on FedEx efforts to help save Loggerhead Turtle hatchlings from the horrible Gulf oil spill. Over 70,000 hatchlings were saved and I got to tell the wonderful and hope-bearing story to kids and others around the world.
  19. 19. Handling Article-Writing Artfully If you actually read this article I wrote for the CEO of Purohit Navigation, you’ll see what I mean by spirited wordsmithing. It’s an honor to ghost- write for top execs and other corporate thought-leaders. I craft But really by Jim Ardito each piece to reflect their personal style, syntax and diction. The more brilliant they seem, the more I beam cause I’ve done my job.
  20. 20. Food columnbegun May2010. Stillrolling andbuilding quitea fan base
  21. 21. We threw away the script when itcame to this breakthroughnewsletter for EisaiPharmaceuticals.
  22. 22. Call (847) 902-6562 now. Operator is standing by! It’s been one heck of a journey so far with many awards along the way, but the greatest reward of all is a relationship with a client/partner that grows and lasts for years. It would be an honor to begin a rewarding journey with you!