Working Smarter: HR Exec Council
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Working Smarter: HR Exec Council



Final version of presentation to Conference Board of Canada's HR Executive Council, Montreal, 17 Feb 2011

Final version of presentation to Conference Board of Canada's HR Executive Council, Montreal, 17 Feb 2011



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  • The feedback in Montreal was quite positive and there was consensus that the interconnected web (social media in their current form) is something that all decision-makers must understand.
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  • Hi Harold,

    Having seen the earlier incarnations of this slidedeck I was pleased to see your most current edition as I knew you were tweaking it on the fly. Gosh, I'm really taken with your added slides and how you are framing the social learning and working smarter ideas and concepts to viewers (Conference Board biggies).

    I'm starting a round of presentations to the non profit sector in my region. Much of my approach is developed from the Internet Time Alliance and particularly your writings and also Marcia Conner, Tony Bingham - The New Social Learning. The sense I'm getting is that these ideas are palatable and easy on the digestion. It's encouraging from a business standpoint and it's a good feeling to have feedback from new people to this area that these ideas resonate and are relevant.

    Thanks Harold,

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  • While this presentation is similar to the previous one I posted, it includes 6 additional slides, some minor modifications and was uploaded to share with conference participants. This is the final version of my presentation to the Conference Board of Canada’s HR Executive Council, given in Montreal on 17 Feb 2011.
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