Personal Knowledge Mastery

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personal knowledge mastery = sense-making and knowledge-sharing in the connected workplace

personal knowledge mastery = sense-making and knowledge-sharing in the connected workplace

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  • 1. Harold Jarche Personal Knowledge Mastery
  • 2. When we work in networks, one of our main jobs is getting stuff out of our heads and sharing with others. The Network Era Rising Phoenix by Joachim Stroh
  • 3. PKM A set of processes, individually constructed, to help each of us make sense of our world and work more effectively.
  • 4. Personal – according to one’s abilities, interests 
 & motivation - not directed by external forces ! Knowledge – connecting information to experience - know what, know who, know how ! Mastery – getting things done in a disciplined manner - not being managed. PKM
  • 5. “Chance favours the connected mind.”
  • 6. performance improvement = errors & uncertainty insights standards controls documentation reviews rigor checklists procedures contradictions creative desperation connections coincidences curiosity + } PKM jarche.comSource: Gary Klein, SeeingWhat Others Don’t (2013)
  • 7. trigger activity change the story that anchors your thinking outcome changes in how we UNDERSTAND act - see - feel - desire Connections Coincidence and/or Curiosity: Spot an implication Add a new anchor PKM: the connection path: Source: Gary Klein, SeeingWhat Others Don’t (2013)
  • 8. trigger activity change the story that anchors your thinking outcome changes in how we UNDERSTAND act - see - feel - desire you come across several new perspectives on a subject you synthesize these perspectives into your own narrative and compare with previous experiences as others add to your narrative or reflect on it, you build new understanding
  • 9. Work & Job Communities of Practice Social Networks structured informal goal-oriented & collaborative opportunity-driven & cooperative share complex knowledge solve problems & test new ideas increase innovation through a diversity of connections Cooperation: sharing freely with no quid pro quo Collaboration: working together toward a common goal PKM connects networks, communities & work
  • 10. Sense work team Seek Share com m unity network PKM: Seek > Sense > Share filter through networks & communities - create individually & with teams
 - discern with whom & when to share filter create discern
  • 11. Seek Sense Share Seek playfully 
 to connect ! ! Make sense & 
 be empowered through learning ! ! Share to inspire through your work PKM
  • 12. PKM is not rocket science
  • 13. “Combinatory play seems to be the essential feature in productive thought.” Seek
  • 14. Seek Sense Share PKM Judgement-based: Naive Expert Network ! Mechanical: Heuristic Algorithmic - Tim Kastelle
  • 15. “Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.” Sense
  • 16. Seek Sense Share PKM Validation Synthesis Presentation Customization - Ross Dawson
  • 17. “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” Share
  • 18. Seek Sense Share PKM Find those who share your Passions: ! Publish Comment Participate
  • 19. Curation:! Comparing! Finding related Items! Illustrating - Visualizing! Evaluating! Crediting and Attributing! - Robin Good Adding Value:! Filtering! Validation! Synthesis! Presentation! Customization! - Ross Dawson Helping Seekers:! Answers! Meta Knowledge! Problem Reformulation! Validation! Legitimizing! - Rob Cross & Lee Sproull Sharing Knowledge:! Put in Order! Define! Teach! Write! Reason! - James Mangan Seek Sense Share PKM Seeking Knowledge:! Ask! Desire! Read! Listen! Observe! - James Mangan Acquiring Knowledge:! Practice! Get it from Yourself! Walk Around It! Experiment! - James Mangan Filters:! Naive! Expert! Network! Heuristic! Algorithmic! - Tim Kastelle
  • 20. High Sharing Low Sharing Low! Sense-making High! Sense-making PKM Activity Quadrants:! where are you? Seek > Sense > Share Seek > Sense Seek > Share Seek
  • 21. “I really believe our own curiosity is our greatest and most powerful tool for personal growth” - Maria Popova
  • 22. simple concept simple framework but … a disciplined practice that takes time PKM