Mexican drug cartels (1)


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Mexican drug cartels (1)

  1. 1. Mexican Drug Cartels
  2. 2. Introduction and Specific Purpose  We have a new breed of terrorism coming from our Southern Border.  Mexican Drug cartels spread violence and drugs into our nation  I have witnessed the violence and deceptiveness of the cartels, a member of my family married a member of the Narcojuniors, a feeder cell of the Tijuana cartel.  Someday a friend or family member may be affected by the acts of the cartels. Specific Purpose: After listening to my speech my audience will understand we need to strengthen the security of our Southern Border due to the violence of the Mexican Drug Cartels.
  3. 3. Main Points  Mexican Drug Cartel Violence spreading into United States.  I will speak about some specific cartels and their smuggling methods.  I will offer solutions we can use to stop this drug war in our nation
  4. 4. Audience Analysis  Knowledge of Drug Wars: Yes-67%, No-33%  Knowledge of infiltration by Mexican Cartels: Yes-68%, No-32%  Branches of cartels: 100-32%, 250-16%, 500-21%, 1000-33%  Cartel Imports: Drugs-95%, Weapons-5%  Border Patrol Agent Killings-100%  Cartels names: Zetas, Knights Templar, La Familia-74%  67th most powerful person by Forbes Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman-58%  Family affected by drugs-31%  Death from Drug Wars: 50,000+-90%, 20,000-10%  Failed Operation Fast and Furious-21%, Gatekeeper-68%, Peacemaker11%
  5. 5. How bad is the problem?  According to the Washington Post, our country has a new problem which is the Mexican Drug Wars, "90 percent of marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamine on U.S. streets come courtesy of the cartels and their distribution networks."  The Drug Wars stem from Various cartels battling for trade routes to the one thousand plus cities that have been infiltrated in our nation.  Innocent people and even police officers are killed in this war.  At least, two Border Patrol agents have died from protecting our country.  Cartel members are tactically trained and are very dangerous.
  6. 6. Drug Cartels Create By Killing  Cartel Members and innocent people are killed  More then 50,000 deaths in last 6 years.
  7. 7. Cartels Names  Los Zetas-Former Mexican Elite Military Forces  Sinaloa Cartel-now control center of Mexico including area once controlled by Tijuana Cartel led by Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman  Gulf Cartel-control Northeasten side of Mexico fighting with Los Zetas for the Gulf of Mexico and Texas Border routes.
  8. 8. Can Affect All of Us.  A member of my family married a member of the Narcojunior, a feeder cell of the Tijuana Cartel.  One could notice drug activity in his behavior, but not as deep as he was.  Two years ago he was arreseted by Mexican Federal Police.
  9. 9. How are Drugs Smuggled in?
  10. 10. Armed and Dangerous
  11. 11. Solutions Private Military Contractors-companies that work with CIA and Military. Advantages-experienced former military men, can be used anywhere. Disadvantages-expensive $700-$1000/person/day, not regulated like military. U.S. Military Advantages-Troops are rotated. Potect our Border and not out in Iraq. Disadvantages-Unlawful due to Posse Comatitus Act of 1878. National Guard and US Coast Guard May used by Governer of each State according to Posse Comatitus, therefore Governors of States bodering Mexico should meet and deploy National Guard
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