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Jose de Castro Tropo presentation at TADS 21-22 Nov 2013 in Bangkok, 'Building and Running Telecom Applications on Telecom APIs'

Jose de Castro Tropo presentation at TADS 21-22 Nov 2013 in Bangkok, 'Building and Running Telecom Applications on Telecom APIs'

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  • 1. Live Coding @ TADS Building apps with Tropo
  • 2. Who is Tropo? ‣ Based in Menlo Park, California
 ‣ Creators of Tropo.com, one of the most popular cloud communications services on the planet with over 200k developers!
 ‣ Editors of WebRTC Specification
 ‣ We also work with carriers to accelerate their own service development while building bridges between the telco and web worlds.
  • 3. Tropo API ‣ Voice ‣ Speech Recognition ‣ SMS ‣ Text-to-Speech ‣ HD Conferencing ‣ SIP [in/out] ‣ Call Recording ‣ Real-Time Provisioning
  • 4. Tropo Scripting ask “Thanks for calling. For sales press 1. For support press 2.”, { :choices => “1,2”, :onChoice => { say “A sales person is not available right now” if result.value == 1 say “Support is currently assisting other customers” if result.value == 2 } }
  • 5. Tropo Scripting Polyglot - JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Python Low Latency - Much lower latency compared to REST-based APIs Auto Scaling - Tropo hosts your code and automatically scale resources QoS - Services providers can control end-to-end quality of service
  • 6. Let’s write some code…
  • 7. Developer APIs Provider
  • 8. Developer APIs Telco
  • 9. Developer APIs Telco App Users
  • 10. This is hard! Developer APIs Telco App Users
  • 11. The opportunity for telcos? Network Users Billing
  • 12. The Opportunity? This is valuable! Network Users Billing
  • 13. Apps in you Calls Developer Alice Network Apps Bob
  • 14. Apps in you Calls PaaS Technology - Built on Cloud Foundry. Optimized for real-time Beyond APIs - A complete platform for app development, deploy and scale User-Centric - Modeled after real user behavior
  • 15. More Code! Salesforce.com Call Logging One Number (WebRTC) Desktop Notifier
  • 16. Making Cash Today!
  • 17. Small Business IVR
  • 18. Mobile CRM
  • 19. Sales Analytics “Sure Tom, I’ll submit that order for 100 whiteboards. While I have you, have you tried our new Kangaroo standing desks”
  • 20. Financial Compliance Record. Analyze. Index.
  • 21. NFC Call Sharing In collaboration with
  • 22. Social Weaving You had a 25min call with Susan McDonald - 16hrs ago
  • 23. Personal Conferencing “Hey. Let’s meet at my number”
  • 24. Geo-Fencing “Looks like he’s in the car. Let’s just bridge him in” “Where’s Bob? Should we start without him?”
  • 25. More Info http://corp.tropo.com/products/ameche/ @loopingrage jose@tropo.com