Solaiemes Telco API Workshop


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Presentation given by Solaiemes at the Independent Telecom API Workshop - SDP Global Summit

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Solaiemes Telco API Workshop

  1. 1. #TelcoAPI Workshop RCS API for B2C communications Rome 20th September 2013
  2. 2. What  is  RCS  /                      ?                
  3. 3. What  is                  ?   More in
  4. 4.                  features  (I)  
  5. 5.                  features  (II)  
  6. 6.                  RCS  deployment  map  
  7. 7. RCS  vs  OTT.  
  8. 8. OTT  Facts   q  OTTs succeed gaining traction among users, being multi-platform. q  OTTs have imposed a free or very cheap service that makes difficult for telcos to charge the person to person messaging anymore. q  OTTs still perceived as less secure by enterprise but it is changing. q  Different business models being tested: Telco partnership, internal games, annual fee,
  9. 9. From  person  to  person  to  plaAorm….   q  Whatsapp is stuck to personal communications for annual minimum fee and not opening to A2P cases. q  Line & WeChat already testing with enterprise to use messaging as channel for CRM, advertisement Couponing. Also sport brands
  10. 10. Time  is  Gold   q  Coca-Cola VP Marketing asked in the RCS Seminar (MWC 2013) to use joyn as channel. q  In the meantime Coca-Cola tested with Line. q  Nobody will be waiting for telcos anymore…brands prefer telcos, enterprises rely more in telco security…but it is not an stopper. If telcos do not offer what they need they will look somewhere out. Sirs, it is happening right now
  11. 11. Towards  texFng  as  preferred   communicaFon  experience  
  12. 12. From  voice  to  text   q  Due the easiness of the new messaging alternatives, and data connectivity almost “always” there, people is starting to consider intrusive to make a call if it could be solve by texting. q  Texting cheaper than voice q  Young people likes texting, they text as fast as they can talk, then it is preferred q  The texting “remains”, local history. It helps personal management. q  Geo-location push enables a wide range of hyperlocal opportunities
  13. 13. Tropo  &  Twilio  disrupted  Voice   &  SMS  as  REST  API  friendly  for  developers.     Solaiemes  pioneered  the  same  philosophy  to    the  new  telco  enabler  RCS  (rich  messaging)  
  14. 14. RCS  /                  API  Exposure,  how  it  works?                
  15. 15. internet   SIP   MSRP   RTP/   RTCP/ sRTP   REST  API   RCS-­‐e  API  Gateway  RCS-­‐e  Core                             IMS   Instant   Messaging   AS   SBC   RCS-­‐e  LiveServe   Friendly  Telco  Border   FTB     UNI   IMS Core, RCS servers, RCS-e clients DO NOT need any modification Chat   access   to   internet   tools   3rd   party   services   CRM   telco   RCS/joyn  3rd  API  Exposure           Ubiquity, API based joyn clients for Web, WebRTC, Firefox OS, Smart TV Openness, A2P, P2A, M2P, CRM cases created with the API Solaiemes Confidential Information
  16. 16. UNI  could  be  deployed  as  Cloud  based  architecture         The API exposure platform is in the cloud (public or private) as the platform only needs connectivity to P-CSCF or SBC, just as device clients Full cloud RCS-e core + REST API exposure, currently Solaiemes has interoperated with a RCS-e core in the cloud vendor this architecture
  17. 17. A2P – P2A, Communicating People with Services & Brands : CRM self-service, advertisement, etc OPENNESS:  API  to  create  interacFve  Services   M2P, communicating people and things Mash-Up Cases, Internet tools as joyn Combining content API & joyn API
  18. 18. Example: own telco self-service Textual  CRM  Self-­‐Service
  19. 19. Example: using joyn by airline to provide 2 hours befor flight the boarding card and likely a plan to arrive to the gate. It could be done. Push  B2C  comms.  
  20. 20. LBS self-service, bus real time information. Sending location to bus company, info of nearest stop & its line and waiting times delivered real time. GeolocaFon  based  chat  based  service
  21. 21. Smart TV UBIQUITY:  API  expand                across  all  screens   WebRTC unified communications Firefox OS
  22. 22.  Telco  own  CRM  based  on  RCS  
  23. 23. Solaiemes  RCS  contact  center  architecture       Enterprise Back-end CRM Database Operator IMS/RCS-e Core RCS Solution Gateway ITR AIMD Web Agent Server API RCS RCS Call center agents LiveServe Media Server IVR/contact center ITR & WebAgent Server are the existing providers and all their stuff is reused
  24. 24.  Bank  creaFng  a  PoC  of  Chat  based  banking  
  25. 25. RCS  for  Mobile  Banking   q  A very innovative bank in Spain offering banking using many channels eager to try “chat based” banking. Many before asked to use Whatsapp but Whatsapp is not allowing APIs to create B2C comms. q  RCS/joyn seen as alternative to start experimenting. q  Security: they required security even when RCS was used using open Wi- Fi. RCS matches the requirement, using SIP & MSRP over TLS. q  REST API was OK but SOAP WS preferred as it is their natural way to create new B2C channels. Solaiemes offering also SOAP flavour. q  STATUS: Being implemented with minimal support.
  26. 26. Leading  IVR/B2C  vendor  adding  RCS  as  a  channel          
  27. 27. Voxeo  predicted  the  raise  of  B2C  texFng  4  years  ago
  28. 28. Voxeo  CXP   Voxeo CXP is a Self-Service Application Lifecycle Management suite, and RCS/joyn as a new delivery channel was included using RCS network API to reach RCS users. Source:
  29. 29. Voxeo  CXP  Architecture  integraFon  with  RCS   CXP AnalyzerInfostore CXP Developer Back-End Systems Legacy | CRM | ERP Apps RCS Gateway Service Creation & Admin Environment Service Execution Environment Service Analysis Environment Connector Framework Messaging Adapter CXP Server Carrier  Cloud   = Voxeo = 3rd Party * using Solaiemes RCS REST API *
  30. 30.  Conclusions  
  31. 31. Key  takeaways   q  There is a 3rd way to access to the services: mobile web, apps and messaging as a platform q  Texting becoming preferred communication experience in many context, and rich messaging increases the potential for B2C rich interaction. q  Service-Contacts in the phonebook, the “new apps”…no install, no need to learn new thing, just share UX for thousands of cases. q  B2C intensive companies (banks, utilities, governments) and B2C tech providers interested in exploring new channels to reach their users. q  Telco still perceived as “the trusted one” when talking about privacy/security concerns” q  Telco REST APIs are they way to make the telco a real platform to W2P (Whatever to Person) communications.
  32. 32. Addtional info at: