Quobis WebRTC Portfolio


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Slides given at the WebRTC Workshop given at the IMS World Forum

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Quobis WebRTC Portfolio

  1. 1. An approach to WebRTC
  2. 2. About QuobisQUOBIS is a leading european company in the delivery ofcarrier-class unified communications solutions with a specialfocus on security and interconnection.We are focus on Service Providers and Enterprises, workingwith technological and sales partners.Six years working on SIP projects.Two+ years developing own products.
  3. 3. About QuobisPRODUCTSSERVICESVOIP SECURITYENCRYPTION ANDAUTHENTICATIONSIP INTERCONNECTIONWEBRTC INTEGRATIONVOICE APPLICATIONSERVERSSOFTSWITCHESSECURITYINTERCONNECTIONVOICESERVERS● Advisory services● ad-hoc developments● SBC integration● SBC and GW integration● webRTC ad-hocdevelopments● Architecture design● IPcentrex and voice appad-hoc developments
  4. 4. Our communityIN ADDITION, QUOBIS COLLABORATES WITH SOME OF THE LEADING OPEN-SOURCEVOICE SOLUTIONS.Our efforts are focused on the development of new products using unified communicationstechnologies, based on the utilisation of open standards (SIP, IMS, etc.) and the publicationof results, following the premises of the open innovation.QUOBIS LAB IS THE AREA WHERE WE DEVELOPOUR INTERNAL AND PERSONAL PROJECTS.QUOBIS LABMEET THE TEAMGet more info here:One of our results ¡s , an opensourceJavaScript SIP stack for WebRTC that is being used bythe industry to create new webphones.
  5. 5. Market analysis about WebRTC"By improving browser capabilities, WebRTC lowers the barriers for people to rely on their browser forvoice and video real-time communications."Matthew Kaufman, principal architect at Skype."WebRTC will become a platform that is more than just a vehicle for delivering multiple communicationsplatforms to mobile devices and consumers"Geoff Johson, research VP at GartnerWebRTC is one of the most interesting and disruptive innovations I’ve seen in the last 10 years,”Dean Bubley, founder of analyst firm Disruptive Analysis."By the end of this year well see Chrome and Firefox running WebRTC--thats over 50% of the desktopmarket. The other half of the market (mainly IE) will take a little longer, likely to the end of 2013. In the latterpart of 2013, we may see WebRTC on the browsers of some tablets and possibly smartphones"Alan Quayle, editor at nojitter.com“With Acme Packet solutions paving the way, WebRTC capabilities could extend IMS service delivery fromcarriers, revolutionize call center efficiency through web page click-to-call, and broaden enterprise unifiedcommunications service delivery."Pat MeLampy, CTO at Acme Packet
  6. 6. Quobis proposal for WebRTCCOMPLETE IMPLEMENTATION OF SIP PROTOCOLSTACK USING JAVASCRIPTOpensource. Makes possible to create ad-hocwebphones.CLICK TO CALL SOLUTION FOR ANY KIND OF APP(ADAPTED TO BROWSERS WITH WEBRTC)Easiest web to add interaction to webpages.WEBRTC FULLY-INTEROPERABLE CORPORATEENDPOINTSupporting audio, video, messaging, file transfer,contact list, presence andSIP BASED CALL AUTHENTICATION SOLUTIONADAPTED TO WEBRTC.
  7. 7. Stack to create webphones. QOFFEESIPCOMPLETE IMPLEMENTATION OF SIPPROTOCOL STACK USING JAVASCRIPTIt runs directly in the browserFocused on developers, written usingCoffeeScript, makes easier to createNEW WEBPHONESEasy to extendLight application (5 KB)Available as OPENSOURCE
  8. 8. Click to call solution. VOICEINSTANTClick-to-call application server with fullyintegrable API and WebRTC ready.VoiceInstant (click2call) allow the integration with any type of application (ERP, CRM,POS, etc) through the API. In addition, its possible to integrate a click2call buttons onwebsites and intranet (including WebRTC based browsers) for:● Customer care (new incoming call channel)● Interactive internal directory
  9. 9. SIPPO Web CollaboratorFeatures like:- Audio/video- Interactive chat- Presence- Contact list- Call recording- File transfer- Screen sharingCorporate endpoint fully-interoperable with SIP networks
  10. 10. Identity management. IDENTITYCALL
  11. 11. Identity management. IDENTITYCALL
  12. 12. Agents can be sureof the identity ofthe person who iscalling.Identity management. IDENTITYCALL
  13. 13. TRY WEBRTChttp://WebRTC.quobis.comJoin a demo of WebRTC at
  14. 14. MORE INFO !Pol. A Granxa P.26036400 O Porrinho (Spain)Tel: + 34 986 911 644info@quobis.comTwitter: @quobis