IMS World Forum 2012 Highlights


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Some of the highlights from the IMS Forum 2012 presentations

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IMS World Forum 2012 Highlights

  1. 1. IMS World Forum 2012 Highlights23rd-26th April 2012 at the NH Eurobuilding, Madrid My comments are included in this box on the slides5/1/2012 © 2012 Alan Quayle Business and Service Development 1
  2. 2. Larry’s presentation was the highlight of the conference – frank explanation of their deployment experiences
  3. 3. Its nice to see a telco service launch exceeding expectations!
  4. 4. Though not new, it’s the first step on a broader roadmap of keeping Rogers relevant to its customers as their preferred CSP.
  5. 5. The next slides will explain Rogers’ learning
  6. 6. Service parity remains a challenge, hard decisions must be made to simplify the core voice service. Surprisingly MMTel could not support GSM 5-way calling.
  7. 7. Focusing on education to the target group can makes the process easier. Simplicity is key, avoid client downloads and their updating (use HTML5/WebRTC).
  8. 8. For the target group, such multi-channel onboarding could be considered excessive. Key is single-click registration via the phone.
  9. 9. Rogers took the PM lead for the project – this is proving a critical role for operators to ensure project success.
  10. 10. RCSe has gained broad support from handset suppliers – note iOS and Android clients are available.
  11. 11. It is disappointing that after all this time HD voice isn’t in the initial offer
  12. 12. I’d rephrase to why Joyn could succeed – its in the call path and works across alloperators (but we need to get the roaming tested). I disagree with the need to have a consumer brand, its simply a network capability like making a call, sending a SMS.
  13. 13. This is a key issue. I am seeing some operators implement lightweight (think fat application server) implementations which will interop with other operators.
  14. 14. OTT is a pervasive threat in most open markets
  15. 15. Critical to the OTT’s success is ease of use, rate of innovation, and being perceived as free.
  16. 16. Given the lack of functionality in RCSe, for a competitor to be built by 6 developers in 6 months shows we need to change now to innovate.
  17. 17. SK Telecom’s revenue is essentially flat – OTT is hurting their business.
  18. 18. This is a key message, need to move faster, interoperate on core use cases, use APIs to support new business models. But its not clear RCS is enough….