How To Combine IMS And SDP


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How To Combine IMS And SDP

  1. 1. How to Combine IMS and SDP to Effectively Deploy New Products & Services Alan Quayle Business and Service Development 1 © 2008 Alan Quayle
  2. 2. IMS and SDP on the Hype Cycle Web2.0 SCIM Quad Play SOA/SDP IPTV LTE MobileTV WiMax LBS Triple Play MVNO(RoW) SOA(BOSS) IMS FMC PTT MVNO(NAR) 2 © 2008 Alan Quayle
  3. 3. What’s Chan Who’s Really ged? Doing What? SDP & IMS Action Plan Landscape 3 © 2008 Alan Quayle
  4. 4. What’s Changed? 4 © 2008 Alan Quayle
  5. 5. An Operators Product Development Process Find Budget Opportunity Market Identified Research 18-30 month 12-18 month s s New product Re-Launch Launch development process 5 © 2008 Alan Quayle
  6. 6. What’s Changed? Expectations 6 © 2008 Alan Quayle
  7. 7. What customers expect 18-30 month 6-12 months s 4 months We e k ly 7 © 2008 Alan Quayle
  8. 8. 8 © 2008 Alan Quayle
  9. 9. High Street Subsidized Network Phones Control S to r e s Customer Relationship Ecosystem Billing Control Relationship Brand 9 © 2008 Alan Quayle
  10. 10. Who’s Really Doing What? 10 © 2008 Alan Quayle
  11. 11. 11 © 2008 Alan Quayle
  12. 12. 12 © 2008 Alan Quayle
  13. 13. 13 © 2008 Alan Quayle
  14. 14. 14 © 2008 Alan Quayle
  15. 15. 15 © 2008 Alan Quayle
  16. 16. 16 © 2008 Alan Quayle
  17. 17. 17 © 2008 Alan Quayle
  18. 18. 18 © 2008 Alan Quayle
  19. 19. 19 © 2008 Alan Quayle
  20. 20. SDP Landscape & IMS 20 © 2008 Alan Quayle
  21. 21. Mapping the Platforms Content Delivery Managed Mobile Content Mobile Content IPTV Messaging SIP app server Business SDP Real-time charging 3rd party comms/ messaging Service Creation / Management Unified SDP Service Delivery 21 © 2008 Alan Quayle
  22. 22. Content Delivery Service Delivery Service Managed 3rd party Creation / Mobile Mobile SIP app Business Real-time comms/ Manageme Unified Content Content IPTV Messaging server SDP charging messaging nt SDP 724 Solutions X X Messaging centric SDP Accenture X X X X X Broad set of SDP Solutions: customers Turkcell, SFR, 3 Italia and Orange Switzerland Acision X X LogicaCMG telecom products, messaging products and managed portal (T-Zones) AePONA X OSA/Parlay gateway, through acquisition of Appium solution from webservices to SS7 Airwide X X Mobile content delivery (bought FirstHop) and messaging Alcatel-Lucent X X X X X X X SDP Solution: customers AT&T (IPTV), BT (VoIP), and Orange, bought Mobilitec Amdocs/Qpass X X X X X Hosted SDP (content-centric), strong in BOSS Broadsoft X VoIP application platform Comverse X X X Value added services platforms evolving into a converged SDP Convergin X Converged SDP with a focus upon the SCIM CoreMedia X DRM software provider used by Vodafone End2End/Mach X Hosted SDP: customers Vodafone, Orange, Optimus, Swisscom, Telia, and Proximus Ericsson (Drutt) X X X X X X X X SDP Solution: customers extensive list, Drutt is used in Vodafone Live! Espial (Kasenna) X IPTV platform HP X X Mobile Service Delivery platform: customers SKT and Telefonica are key accounts IBM X X X X X X X X X Service Provider Delivery Environment: AT&T, Swisscom, Mobilkom, Bharti TV IMImobile X Hosted content, voice and video SDP: Terra in LATAM, Jamba global, Aircel, jNETx X Telecoms application server using JAIN SLEE Metaswitch X Metasphere is an SDP for its softswitch Microsoft X X X Connected Services Framework Minerva X IPTV platform Motorola X X X X SDP Solution: Customers, AT&T, Wateen Motricity X Hosted SDP (content-centric) mPortal X X Content delivery platform NEC X SDP Solution: NTT DoCoMo Nellymoser X Content delivery platform NetCentrex X VoIP application server NMS X X Mobile music solution - streaming, download, CRBT NSN X X X X X X X X NSN SDP Solution: customers Teliasonera, KPN, Orange, Airtel. Resale of AePONA OnMobile X Hosted CDP OpenCloud X Telecoms application server using JAIN SLEE OpenWave X X Mobile content management Oracle/BEA X X X X X X X OMA OSE SOA based SDP, SIP app server and strong BOSS integration Pactolous X RapidFlex SDP, strength in VoIP applications Personeta X Converged service creation Qualcomm/Elata X Mobile content management Red Hat X Acquired Mobicents open source JAIN SLEE server Redknee X X X OSA/Parlay gateway, presence server, location server Telcordia X X X Maestro product provides a service creation / execution, call control and real-time billing Telenity X X X Content management and an open SCE across Oracle and BEA Thales X SmartVision platform (IBM resells) Sigma Systems X Service Management for cable and converged operators Sun X Telco Services Delivery Solutions Sybase X Bought Mobile365, hosted SDP (messaging centric) Sylantro X Voice 2.0 application platform Ubiquity/Avaya X SIP based telecoms application server Verisign X X X Bought mQube, mobile application platform and hosted SDP (content-centric) Volantis X Mobile content management 22 © 2008 Alan Quayle
  23. 23. SDP Landscape: Origin Mapping IT Vendors HP, IBM, Sun, Oracle (BEA), Microsoft Managed SDPs NEPs Amdocs, End2End, Alcatel-Lucent, Huawei, IMImobile, Motricity, Ericsson, Moto, NEC, NSN, Verisign Nortel SIs Operators Accenture, Acision, CGEY Vodafone ISVs Other Airwide, Broadsoft, AePONA, Comverse, Genband, Metaswitch, Convergin, jNETx, Kabira, Netcentrex, Pactolus, OpenCloud, Personetta, Qualcomm, Telcordia, Redknee, Telenity, Sybase, Ubiquity Volantis 23 © 2008 Alan Quayle
  24. 24. SDP & IMS – Basic Concepts IMS provides IP session control across • SDP is driven by business needs and multiple access networks: separating leverages capabilities that exist; media, session management, and – SDPs support business mgmt of application plane. services and services portfolio – Separation from application optimization. It complements provides flexibility in developing session based applications with session control capabilities by reusable features based on product adding much needed functionality need. into the service delivery chain Legacy networks won’t go away. IMS • Legacy networks won’t go away. SDP supports co-existence with voice supports co-existence with legacy infrastructure. data infrastructure. Orchestration (SCIM) is being defined: • SDPs can orchestrate services, – SCIM can be used to control regardless of whether they are IMS, interaction across sessions legacy, SIP or services completely – Further work ongoing in standards independent of an operator’s network. SDP’s core strength is that it maps more directly to network operator business concerns, while IMS supports IP based communications. 24 © 2008 Alan Quayle
  25. 25. IMS & SDP: Fit with Web 2.0 Third Party Third Party Applications Applications Web 2.0 Tools Web 2.0 Tools Ajax RSS Wikis Blogs And Applications And Applications Flash AS Java Script Mashups Social Networking Receive CallStart Service Oriented Service Oriented BPM Update Presence via API WS Mashup presence on map Architecture Architecture Call User Presentation / Portal PlayAnnounce Web services, Web services, Registry Repository policy, management Service Bus Policy policy, management CallStart CallStart PlayAnnounce WS PlayAnnounce PlayAnnounce WS CallStart Mobile 2.0 services Mobile 2.0 services Rich Calls VXML components, Telecom-XML components, Telecom-XML MSCML Group Mgmt. Content Sharing Media Gateways Media Server Signaling Gateways Network Network PSTN IMS Wireless Capabilities Capabilities Access Network Network 25 © 2008 Alan Quayle
  26. 26. IMS & SDP: NSN View of Fit with Web 2.0 3rd Party Applications & Content Receive CallStart Update Presence via API Content presence on map Mashup Content 3rd Party Applications Web 2.0 Applications Call User Providers Providers PlayAnnounce Service Exposure WS CallStart PlayAnnounce Service Enablers Service Delivery Framework Messaging Service Bus Service Provider Orchestration Hosted Apps Address Book SOA Registry Presence Server SOA Governance Location Platform WS WS PlayAnnounce CallStart Devices Network PC TV Mobile IMS TV IN/SSF Others Media Gateways Media Server Signaling Gateways 26 © 2008 Alan Quayle - NSN
  27. 27. Web 2.0, IMS & SDP • Web 2.0, IMS and SDP are complimentary – Although IMS initially projected as competing concept to SDP • Web 2.0 provides a platform and set of tools enabling end users to collaborate and create user generated content • IMS provides a set of service enablers that can be utilized to create a range of next generation voice and multimedia applications • SDP compliments IMS with a set of other key service enablers, such as location, SMS, etc. that are not within the scope of IMS • SDP also provides service management, orchestration, 3rd party exposure and SOA-based integration capabilities for network operators 27 © 2008 Alan Quayle
  28. 28. Action Plan 28 © 2008 Alan Quayle
  29. 29. Clear Vision New revenue and increase customer valu e through Open Innovatio n Open the network to 3rd parties and share in value stimulated Agreed Strategy Realistic Plan Short-term OPEX savings, long term revenue growth 29 © 2008 Alan Quayle
  30. 30. Things to do List Organizationa l It’s NOT th Commitment e Technology It’s your PL AN! Promote the Copying is Win n e r s OK 30 © 2008 Alan Quayle
  31. 31. Suggested Reading Microtrends, Mark Penn Here Comes Everybody, Clay Shirky The Gridlock Economy, Michael Heller 31 © 2008 Alan Quayle