Disney Hell


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View this PowerPoint for a different take on hell derivative of that found in Dante's _Inferno_.

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Disney Hell

  1. 1. Disney Inferno<br />Created by:<br />Kelly Scott<br />5th Hour<br />Honors English 12<br />
  2. 2. Satan<br /> In the Disney Inferno, Maleficent is Satan and the ruler because she is the cruelest villain, attacking Princess Aurora, also known as Sleeping Beauty, during infancy. Maleficent shows no signs of remorse, humanity, or humor, which is why she is the perfect ruler of Hell.<br />
  3. 3. Minos<br /> Sebastian is the Minos, or judge of the sinners, in the inferno because he possesses a moral superiority and enjoys guiding others, especially Ariel. His knowledge and training as a servant and advisor to King Triton make Sebastian an excellent Minos.<br />
  4. 4. Circle One: Curiosity<br /> This circle of Hell is designed for those who possess dangerous curiosities. Their thirst for knowledge or explanations lead them to ignore good judgment and to act recklessly to fulfill their own interests. For example, sinners may leave their home and family under the sea to discover what life is like as a human.<br />Curious sinners are punished by being eternally trapped under a glass dome without being able to see anything outside of the walls of their containment. Sinners also have the feeling of being watched, but can never see who or what is spying on them.<br />Sinners here include Belle, Ariel, and Prince Charming for their quests to find answers.<br />
  5. 5. Circle Two: Disobedience<br /> Those sinners who cannot obey others are trapped in the second circle of the Disney inferno. They are placed here because they disregarded the wishes of others and did not follow instructions during life. For instance, sinners may have gone to the elephant graveyard despite being told not to.<br />The punishment in circle two is being forced to follow an infinite number of rules and when the sinner breaks a rule they are struck by lightning.<br />Recognizable victims include Simba and Alice.<br />
  6. 6. Circle Three: Ingratitude<br /> Circle three holds those who committed the sin of ingratitude, or not being grateful for the blessings on receives. Many of the Disney characters commit this sin because they want a different life than their own. This transgression is characterized by trying to change a situation that one doesn’t appreciate, but should.<br />Ungrateful sinners are punished by having to crawl through a pit of garbage while suffocating and straining under the weight of the furs and jewels they are wearing.<br />Jasmine is guilty of ingratitude and consequently, would be in this part of the Disney inferno.<br />
  7. 7. Circle Four: Laziness<br /> The sin of laziness is defined as acting less than one should to change themselves or their situation. Sloth demonstrates the sinner’s selfishness in not participating or cooperating with others and occasionally their gullibility, such as agreeing to touch the prick of a cursed spinning needle.<br />Lazy sinners in the fourth circle are punished by eternally laying on a bed of metal spikes while being crushed by rocks laid on top of them of increasing weight.<br />Princess Aurora, also known as Sleeping Beauty, would be one sinner within this circle.<br />
  8. 8. Circle Five: Sorcery<br />Sorcery is the sin of possessing and using unnatural powers without the intention of helping God or for selfish reasons. To illustrate, sinners in circle five of the Disney inferno may mix potions or use magic to grant wishes and earn their freedom or to pointlessly turn pumpkins into carriages.<br />Sorcerers are punished by being boiled in a cauldron containing a potion made of blood, vomit, feces, rotten food, and flesh that burns the skin and eyes.<br />Sinners within this circle include Genie and the Fairy Godmother.<br />
  9. 9. Circle Six: Jealousy<br /> Sinners who are jealous desire the possessions, beauty, personality, and relationships of other people. Although they are ungrateful for their own situation, they are worse than the damned in circle three because they are envious of others and will act to take what they want. This sin can be that divided between those who use their envy to improve their own lives and those who channel their emotion to worsen the lives of others.<br />Those in the malabolgia for using jealousy to improve themselves are punished by being suspended with vines above a pit of lava, hearing laughter, and being pinched and screamed at by demons. A sinner within this subdivision would be Aladdin.<br />Sinners in the malabolgia for using jealousy to lessen others’ blessings and lives are punished the same way, except their flesh is being eaten away by flying wolves with razor sharp teeth. Victims include the Queen, Ursula, and Scar.<br />
  10. 10. Circle Seven: Promiscuity<br /> Circle seven contains those who committed the sin of promiscuity, or being emotionally and or sexually unfaithful to a person. This sin is dangerous because it confuses the emotions of the sinner, disrespects their body, and is unfair to the sinner’s love.<br />Those who commit the sin of promiscuity are punished by being trapped within a block of stone with frozen blood, while erotic and seductive shadows pass by them.<br />In the Disney inferno, Snow White would be punished in this circle because she lives with the seven dwarves and sleeps in each of their beds.<br />
  11. 11. Circle Eight: Deception<br /> Deception as a sin includes purposely or unintentionally misleading others with false information, actions, and emotions. This lack of truth is punished regardless of the motives for lying. An example of deception would be a sinner pretending to be a man so they can represent their family in the war.<br />Liars are punished by repeatedly writing the truth about the deceptions they committed with their own blood on a stone wall. Sinners feel increasingly weak and when they faint from blood loss they are forced to gnaw on the bodies of their fellow transgressors until they recover.<br />Some characters found in the eighth circle of the Disney inferno are Mulan, Pinocchio, and the Ugly Stepsisters.<br />
  12. 12. Circle Nine: Enslavement<br /> Enslavement is the worst sin one can commit in Hell because it takes away the choices of others through forcing actions and emotions unnatural to the innocent victim. Instances of enslavement can include forcing others to act or feel a certain way through coercion, along with agreeing to be enslaved by others.<br />The first malabolgia is for those who willing enslave themselves, such as agreeing to following the orders of an evil sorcerer. These sinners are punished by seeing the images of their loved ones and being forced to bludgeon, stab, and impale the images with metal and wooden spikes. If the sinners cease the abuse of others, they are attacked by demons. A Disney character within this subdivision is Iago.<br /> The second malabolgia contains sinners who enslaved others without compassion or regret, such as forcing innocent creatures to create a ball gown. People who commit this transgression are chained together, whipped by demons, and forced to carry boulders of immense weight back and forth between a thousand piles, while being pelted with fiery rain. Sinners found here include Cinderella and Jafar.<br />