The role of telematics in supporting the market adoption of electric vehicles


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  • Good afternoon, my name is Stephen Longden, I am a ITS and Telematics Specialist working for SBD in the UK.The purpose of my presentation today is to discuss the role of telematics in supporting the market adoption of Electric Vehicles. But before I do that, I’d like to briefly explain who SBD are for those of you who have not heard of us before.
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  • SBD provides specialist, technical consultancy services to help you bridge the gap between the automotive issues, such as:cost reductiontechnical barriersquality requirementsand the market requirements, such as: customer needs market acceptance technology maturity
  • We provide analysis, forecasts, recommendations and data in three core automotive areas. The first is Telematics & ITS, in which we help our clients understand key market trends within topics such as Navigation and infotainment. The second is Security, in which we help our clients understand theft trends, evaluate the performance of security systems and improve cost of ownership. And the third is Low Speed Impact, in which we help our clients by providing design concepts, setting performance targets and developing pricing strategies.Our capabilities extend to the automotive markets in: Europe, Japan, North America, South America, Russia, India and China, as well as other key automotive markets such as Australia and South Korea.
  • We work with the world’s most respected corporations across the entire automotive value chain, including: Vehicle manufacturers, Tier-one suppliers, Service providers and other related industries. We understand and respect different approaches to conducting business around the world.We help our customers by providing a range of services, including: Technical Research, End Customer SurveysMarket IntelligenceAnd Strategic business planning
  • Global activities: China, Europe, Japan, North America, Brazil, Russia, Middle East, ASEAN, South Africa.
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  • Graph is compilation of forecasts.I have read very strong predictions for China from BYD e.g. Hybrid standard in 2020.
  • Consumers report worries about range and where to recharge, will there be a charge-point available?
  • People may drive EVs differently to conventional vehicles (distance, length of time, speed, time of day). This knowledge on consumer behaviour is very useful and will have future impact on design and improvements.
  • Overview of presentation contents
  • Nissan Carwings remote checking of battery condition, remaining range, directions to charging station. Phone alert when charging complete.GM OnStar EV phone app gives user info on battery charge, remaining range. Also using OnStar for remote diagnostics. Renault partnership with Better Place for navi and telematics system for Fluence EV. Reserve a charging slot, battery swap stations. Peugeot includes eCall and bCall and also specific Electric Driving services such as battery charge and range info to smartphone or PC. Standard for life of vehicle.
  • Sorry if text too small, I borrowed this graphic from an EV telematics report we produced earlier this year.Interesting to note many different strategies. The VMs have not yet agreed on the best way to go. Still early stages in the EV telematics marketplace. All of these are over-the-air telematics.Those VMs already with OE telematics services are modifying them. Others are starting from fresh with dedicated EV telematics services.
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  • Many players in value chain = complexity. Generator, distributor, billing company, charging station operator.Pay for electricity through telematics service? Potential role. Add other services.
  • Need Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) that allows grid to be used for two-way communications.But deployment of AMI is out of control of VMs.
  • Need Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) that allows grid to be used for two-way communications.But deployment of AMI is out of control of VMs.
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  • I am aware of danger of telling a room of experts about a subject they know more about than me. However, it could be useful to discuss our view of China from the outside to highlight what we think is important and check if it tallies with your opinions.EVs are increasingly important in China with both political support and industrial support as potential competitive advantage.
  • Mandate does not demand the use of telematics, it is left up to the VM to choose. However, it is a logical choice.Piggyback services could be eCall, bCall, SVT, Navi, traffic info, entertainment etc. Perhaps generating revenue to offset cost of MIIT mandate.
  • Different levels of monitoring demanded.Potentially could do it in a low-tech way of visiting dealer workshops, but telematics is a much more efficient solution.
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  • I’d like to finish my presentation by thanking you for your time today.If anyone has any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.Thank you.End of presentation.
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