The complete guide to telematics in China


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The complete guide to telematics in China

  1. 1. SBD Telematics and ITS research The complete guide to telematics in China The ultimate resource for OE telematics in China... As the Chinese car industry grows, vehicle manufactures are beginning to appreciate the value of introducing telematics services to meet growing customer expectations for a connected in-car experience. For the first time, SBD has created an interactive, technical guide that focuses on which telematics services are offered in the Chinese market, how they are implemented, what the end user experience is and how the pricing structure varies. This unique format allows users to switch rapidly between top-level market overviews and detailed architecture diagrams of specific services by simply clicking on the relevant hyperlinks. The key features of SBD’s 116 page guide to telematics services include: All available and planned services by vehicle manufacturer in China Clear explanations and definitions of telematics services Overview of system architectures including supplier value chain, user interface and simplified electrical schematics Summary of business model and pricing Communication and infrastructure flow diagrams for each manufacturer’s services For additional information please email or telephone Juanita on +44 (0) 1908 305101 and she will be happy to deal with your enquiry.
  2. 2. All the information you need in one place...After many years of slow growth within the telematics industry, vehicle manufacturers are beginning to accelerate thelaunch of new services in order to meet consumer expectations for a connected in-car experience. In China, over 60services are now offered by six brands and a further six manufacturers plan to launch their own offerings.One of the main challenges for vehicle manufacturers is that there are still very few similarities in how all of these servicesare implemented. They use different suppliers, service providers and service architectures. Even services that may appearsimple to the end-user often have a complex and extensive service value chain running in the background.Without a comprehensive and easy-to-use benchmark of these different approaches, key stakeholders within the telematicsindustry will be unable to learn many of the key lessons and consequently face higher risks when deciding their ownstrategic direction. SBD’s interactive guide overcomes this challenge by providing a comprehensive analysis of how vehiclemanufacturers have implemented their services. This guide ensures that users will never have to look elsewhere for thefacts and details relating to OE telematics services in China.SBD’s Complete Guide to Telematics in China has an intuitive user interface which allows a considerable amount ofmarket and technical information to be included within a single document, whilst ensuring that the data is still easy toaccess, search and extract.The unique format allows users to rapidly switch between top-level market overviews and the detailed structure of individualservices by simply clicking on the relevant manufacturer name or the specific service of interest.The look and feel of the document, and the level of information presented, is illustrated in the following figures. 12 BRANDS Audi GM Shanghai GM BMW Hawtai Toyota/Lexus Chang’an Automotive Hyundai Ford Nissan Geely Roewe 25 SERVICES eCall / bCall Remote Fleet Send-to-car SVT diagnostics management Concierge Remote control Insurance Off-board navi News services Remote services Traffic reports In-car email monitoring EV services Car park spaces Internet access Eco-drive Weather POI search App Store SBD Tel: +44 (0)1908 305101 E-mail:
  3. 3. ...know what tomorrow brings 50 system and service providers TCU suppliers Telematics service providers Mobile network operators Phone module suppliers Call centre operators System architecture diagrams Typical component locations CAN/MOST links HMI screenshots Redundancy features, including Overview of HMI flow back-up battery, antenna and Communication method speaker TCU architecture Pricing plans & business models Initial cost Initial free period Ongoing subscription cost Pay-per-use cost Differences in price plans Emerging Services Service name, descriptions and summary of the planned launch timing Service infrastructure diagrams Voice and data flows for each service Service triggers Servers and databases Links with 3rd parties (e.g. PSAPs & content providers) Split between in-house solutions and out-sourcing
  4. 4. The SBD Mission...… to provide our customers with the knowledge, insight and understanding they need to develop class leading Telematicsand Vehicle Security products and improved Cost Of Ownership performanceAbout the report author... Adam OShaughnessy– ITS and Telematics Analyst Adam O’Shaughnessy joined SBD as an ITS Analyst and supports telematics market research and consultancy projects. Recent studies have included telematics system architectures, market trends, growth forecasts and telematics benchmarking in Europe. Adam has also supported projects on telematics in Asia, navigation HMI benchmarking and he is a member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers.Pricing: For a quotation or further information please contact Juanita Appleby on:Report Electronic pdf copy2870 - The complete guide to £1600/ €2000/ $3200 Email: in China Phone: +44 (0)1908 305 101 Fax: +44 (0)1908 305 106 Related Reports Complete guide to telematics services in Europe and the USA This over 270 page report in an interactive, presentation format. This allows a considerable amount of market and technical information to be found in one source. This unique format includes all available services by vehicle manufacturer including definitions of services, overview of system architectures and interfaces, summary of business models and communication infrastructures. Reference SBD/TEL/2900 Smartphones, apps and the response of OEMs in China The threats and opportunities posed by smartphones are a hot topic for the automotive and navigation industries globally. The recent dramatic growth in application stores from smartphone vendors, OS software companies, network operators and third parties has led to a new “app‟ industry emerging. With China as the world’s largest market for both mobile phones and new cars, it’s no wonder that vehicle manufacturers active in this market need to develop strategies in response to this trend. In this report, SBD provides market and strategy-focussed analysis of the app store market in China and its impact on both domestic and foreign vehicle manufacturers’ telematics services. Reference SBD/TEL/2860 China survey of consumer attitudes towards phone and in-car apps The smartphone market is growing rapidly in China, and there is a great level of interest within the automotive industry to understand whether this will translate into a similar growth in demand for in-car apps-based infotainment. The opportunities for selling new features and improving the overall user experience and the threat posed by aftermarket navigation suppliers are leading vehicle manufacturers to strongly consider app-based infotainment solutions in China. However, before the automotive industry moves forward in this direction, it is vital to understand the consumer attitudes in China. With this in mind, SBD has conducted an end-user survey to analyse and help vehicle manufacturers understand how smartphone owners are using apps and what their level of interest is for using those apps in the car. Reference SBD/TEL/3020