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Paid QLA Members as of September, 2008 by Miled G. Ibias, QLA Treasurer
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Librarian’s Corner
By Mrs. Lally Garay-Zapata
   Librarian, Maryhill College

  Library Orientation: a key to an effective...
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Vol. 2, Issue 2 (September 2008)


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Published in: Education
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Vol. 2, Issue 2 (September 2008)

  1. 1. QLA NEWSLETTER The Official Publication of Quezon Librarians Association Volume 2, Issue 2 www.quezonlibrarians.blogspot.com September 2008 Quezon Librarians go on a library tour Forum on Library The Quezon Librarians Assoication sponsored a Automation Updates one (1) day Study Tour to Ateneo de Manila University Library, Quezon City Public Library and Filipinas Heri- In celebration of its second year anni- versary, the Quezon Librarians Association tage Library last April 25, 2008. (QLA) will hold a forum on “Library Automa- tion Updates” and General Assembly on De- The tour to different types of library such as cember 5, 2008 at Manuel S. Enverga Uni- public (Quezon City Public Library), academic (Rizal versity Foundation Library Complex. Library, Ateneo de Manila University), school (Ateneo The speaker on the said forum is Mr. Grade School Library) and special (Filipinas Heritage Gerry Laroza of Ateneo de Manila University, Library) in Metro Manila was joined by 78 participants the author of Infolib Library and Information System. Infolib is the most widely used library from libraries in Quezon Province. system in Quezon Province libraries. It is a free integrated library system designed to pro- The objectives of the tour are to benchmark the vide library and information management so- facilities, operations and services of the different types lutions for small libraries and non-profit enti- of libraries such as public, academic, school and special ties with ten thousand or less record. Free in- stallers will be given during the forum. library. This will encourage the participants especially librarians to be more creative and innovative in orga- In the afternoon there will be a general assembly and review of By-Laws by QLA nizing and managing their own libraries. The tour also Members. There will be an election of new set aimed to promote camaraderie among Quezon Librari- of officers for 2009. For more updates on reg- ans and other library personnel. istration fee and program of the said forum, visit www.quezonlibrarians.blogspot.com. Library Tour Photos—April 25, 2008
  2. 2. QLA Newsletter Forthcoming Conferences and Seminars for Librarians From the President’s Desk... By Mrs. Rosario A. Villamater PLAI-STRLC Regional Conference on “Empowering Librari- ans in the 21st Century”, This is the second issue of our QLA Newsletter for 2008. September 24-26, 2008 24- Thanks to the diligence and perseverance of the officers who continu- Queen Margaret Hotel, Domoit, Diversion Road, Lucena City ously share their time and contribute articles for this newsletter, espe- Seminar Fee: Php 3,000.00 (live-out, member) cially to Jena. Last April 25, our Library Tour to Ateneo de Manila Univer- Php 3,900.00 (live-out, non-member) sity, Quezon City Public Library and Filipinas Heritage Library was Php 3,300.00 (live-in, member) realized. Everyone enjoyed the trip and learned the special features of Php 4,200.00 (live-in, non-member) the different types of libraries we had visited. We had discovered some Php 500.00 (General Assembly only) strategies that can be beneficial and applicable to our libraries. The evaluation for the said project was outstanding. Hope to have a similar Seminar on “From Theories to Practice: Mastering Key Areas in project next year. Library and Information Services”, On September 24-26, Quezon will host the Regional Confer- 4- October 4-5, 2008 ence of PLAI-STRLC with the theme, “Empowering Librarians in the 21st Century” and this will held at Queen Margaret Hotel, Lucena City. Café Hasmin, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Everyone is enjoined to participate in this conference. General Assembly M. H. del Pilar Campus, R. Magsaysay Blvd., cor. Valencia St. will be held on its 3rd day. Sta. Mesa, Manila As early as this time, I wish to invite all librarians, friends of Seminar Fee: Php 1,000.00 the library and those who work in the library to join us on December 5 for the forum on the updates of Infolib. Mr. Gerry Laroza, the author of Seminar-Workshop on “Moving Targets: Understanding Our the program will be the guest lecturer. This forum will explore the prob- Changing Landscape” lems encountered by those who are using infolib and start to have library 21- October 21-22, 2008 system in the library for those who wish to automate their library. Gen- Quezon City Public Library Main Bldg. eral Assembly for the members of Quezon Librarians Association will follow. There will be an election and amendment of the By-Laws. Quezon City Hall Complex, Diliman, Quezon City For all the members of QLA, keep in touch! For those who are Seminar Fee: Php 2,500.00 not members yet, COME and join us… Be ONE of us. Share your exper- tise and experiences in the field of librarianship and/or learn the best Seminar on “Information Access: Techniques & Strategies” practices of other libraries to emulated. Till next ish!!!! - ROSE October 22-24, 2008 22- Java Hotel, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte Seminar Fee: Php 6,800.00 (live-in) Php 5,600.00 (live-out) Useful Websites/Blogspots for Librarians “Seminar on Managing Library Accreditations” 24- October 24-25, 2008 infolib.alaehweb.com— those who need a free integrated library system can download infolib in this website created by Mr. Gerry Laroza.It is the Highlander Hotel, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya official website of INFOLIB where free downloads of its latest version Seminar Fee: Php 3,000.00 (Live-in; Lodging only) and updates is available to patrons and users. It also has links to other use- Php 2,500.00 (Live-out) ful websites for librarians and information professionals. Seminar-Workshop on “Conservation of Documentary Heritage www.tagalog-dictionary.com—This site is designed primarily for learn- Collection” ers of Filipino/Tagalog language. It deals with general vocabulary of more 27- October 27-29, 2008 than 1,000 words & phrases for quick access to meanings. Sufficient Regency Inn, Villa Abrille St., Davao City enough to meet many of the reference needs of students, writers, and pro- Seminar Fee: Php 4,900.00 fessionals. It also has links to Filipino proverbs, idioms, legends, folk songs, festivals and native genres. National Conference on “The Multicultural Landscape of more websites next issue… Philippine Librarianship” 20- November 20-22, 2008 National Book Week Grand Men Seng Hotel, Davao City November 24-28, 2008 Theme: QLA’s Forum on “Library Automation Updates” and General “Ang Batang Palabasa Assembly December 5, 2008 Dalubhasa sa Kultura” Library Complex, Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation
  3. 3. Paid QLA Members as of September, 2008 by Miled G. Ibias, QLA Treasurer ABARICIA, Mary Ann N. Quezon Provincial Library ISLETA, Carmencita P. Dolores Central School ABELLANOSA, Gemma M. Luis Palad National High School, Tayabas City JAROMAHUM, Nida A. St. Anne College, Lucena City AGUILAR, Zenaida Quezon Provincial Library JESALVA, Jonalyn J. Tagkawayan Municipal High School AGUILO, Teresita I. Tulo-Tulo Elem. School, Sariaya KAIBIGAN, Ligaya A. Bukal Sur Nat’l High School, Candelaria LABARIÑO, Wenchita R. Baptist Voice Bible College ALAYAN, Eleanor B. Amontay National High School, Pitogo LAYUGAN, Nelda Z. Quezon Provincial Library ANDAY, Cynthia F. Alabat Municipal Library LAZONA, Marites R. Calayan Educational Foundation, Inc. APOLINAR, Angelo L. Padre Burgos District LIBRANDA, Baby Lyn P. Alabat Elementary School ATIENZA, Ivy Rose Y. Lucena City Library LLANES, Reynaldo B. Elias Salvador NHS, Agdangan, Quezon BALMES, Sarah Jane Doingawan National High School, Guinyangan MAAÑO, Eric Quezon Provincial Library BERROYA, Alicia Z. West Palale Nat’l High School, Tayabas City MABULAY, Ermilinda R. Sariaya East District BLASURCA, Elena M. Pitogo Central School MACAPIA, Myrna R. MSEUF, Lucena City BONBON, Maria Josefina F. Tagbakan Ila. Elem. School, Catanuan MACATIAG, Anabel D. Quezon Elementary School CABANA, Ismaelinda S. Quezon Provincial Library MAGSINO, Rosalinda Q. Quezon Pro CABATIAN, Jocelyn F. Con. Ibaba, Sariaya, Quezon MALAYA, Julieta A. Catanauan Central School CALIMLIM, Hazel Marie A. Mulanay Central School MANONGSONG, Mina D. Sariaya West District CALPATURA, Ma. Luisa M. LGU Catanuan, Quezon MARANCA, Rolando V. Leonard D. Vera Cruz NHS, Unisan CAPARROS, Veneracion C. LGU Gumaca, Quezon MARQUESES, Lea J. Sabang Elem. School, Calauag West Dist. CAPONPON, Editha A. San Isidro Nat’l High School, Gen. Luna MEDENILLA, Mildred U. San Narciso Municipal Library CAPOY, Maridee M. Sta. Lucia Nat’l High School, Guinayangan MENDIOLA, Lilia G. MSEMCAT, Mauban CASTILLO, Bernie M. MSEUF San Antonio MENDOZA, Rebecca A. MSEUF, Lucena City CASTILLO, Mamerta S. Sariaya West, Sariaya, Quezon MOISES, Maila A. Gen. Nakar District CAYABYAB, Janice A. Calayan Educational Foundation, Inc. MOJARES, Apolinario R. Quezon Library Hub, Pagbilao, Quezon CLEOPE, Vilma M. Guinayangan National High School MONTES, Carmen S. Atimonan Nat’l Comprehensive High Sch. COLEGIO, Lucila V. Canda Nat’l High School, Sariaya, Quezon MONTEVERDE, Laureano Jr. P. Quezon District CORTEZ, Ma. Soledad M. Gumaca National High School NADRES, Rollie Quezon Provincial Library CUYA, Mila D. Atimonan Central School NAVELA, Aurora A. Sacred Heart College, Lucena City DALUGDOG, Eufemia D. MSEUF, Lucena City NAYVE, Marietta C. Sacred Heart College, Lucena City DELA FUERTA, Buenafe Z. MSEUF, Lucena City NOBLE, Christian N. San Roque Ilaya NHS, Calauag, Quezon DE RAMA, Ma. Daisy E. Quezon Provincial Library NORIEL, Nora M. LGU Plaridel, Quezon DUMARAOS, Jun M. Mauban North PANAL, Marites Quezonian Educational College EDAD, Fhraned B. Lutucan National High School, Sariaya PANCHO, Jenalyn A. Quezon Provincial Library ENCINA, Artemio I. Pagbilao Central Elem. School PANGAN, Romeo S. Quezon Provincial Library ENVERGA, Marietta Z. MSEUF, Lucena City PEREYRA, Leopoldo Catanauan Municipal Library ESCUDERO, YSOBEL Quezon Provincial Library PIELAGO, Rhoderick Quezon Provincial Library ESQUIVEL, Susana F. Gumaca National High School RAIRATA, Isabel Noreen R. MSEUF, Candelaria, Quezon FELISMINO, Edita V. Sampaloc I Elementary School, Sariaya RAMIREZ, Jomelyn Quezon Provincial Library FUNTILAR, Melinda T. Mulanay Municipal Library ROSAS, Roberto Quezon Provincial Library GABRIEL, Jocelyn A. MSEUF, Candelaria, Quezon SANTE, Gonzalo Quezon Provincial Library GARATE, Necitas Malusak Elementary School, Atimonan SECO, Bernardo Quezon Provincial Library GARCIA, Aisa Calayan Educational Foundation, Inc. TABARINA, Wilfredo R. Sacred Heart College GARCIA, Nerissa C. Tinagonan Iba. National High School TALISIC, Panfilo C. Quezon Provincial Library GARIN, Edenia A. Kinagun-an Iba. High School Extension TIMBAL, Ria Marelle A. Quezon Provincial Library GONDA, Perlita C. Unisan National High School VELOZO, Amelia Quezon Provincial Library GRIMALDO, Gerry A. Gumaca West Central VERANGA, Manuelita R. Atimonan Municipal Library HERNANDEZ, Virginia Atimonan Central School VILLAMATER, Rosario MSEUF, Lucena City IBIAS, Miled G. Lucena City Library VIÑER, MARISEL P. Sacred Heart College, Lucena City ILAGAN, Sheryl M. Guis-Guis Talon, Sariaya ZAPATA, EULALIA G. Maryhill College, Lucena City IMPERIAL, Trinidad A. St. Anne College, Lucena City ISLES, Rommel Quezon Provincial Library
  4. 4. Librarian’s Corner By Mrs. Lally Garay-Zapata Librarian, Maryhill College Library Orientation: a key to an effective library services At the beginning of the school year, librarians are all eyes on what to do on the first day of school. There are a lot of things to think about, for an instance what will the library be like this school year? Is it more innovative, or just like what we had last year? Librarians as an information specialist must make sure that information about the library media program is a constant and positive blip on the users. Library orientation should be planned very well so that right atmosphere is to be expected both from the students, faculty and administrators. Communication is the key to ensuring that everyone—including the administration—knows about the library media program. Just as the librarian work to collaborate with teachers and share the services and resources available, it is also important to make sure this information is shared with administrators. One of the services of the library is the library orientation for faculty and students. Make sure that this program is always integrated in your action plan for the whole year. This is properly scheduled in the calendar of activities and inform the principal about the on-going activity of the library. Next is the collaboration between the English and Read- ing teachers who are the immediate connectors between the librar- ian and students. This teachers-in-charge should be informed to include the library program in their lesson plan or syllabi. Differ- ent topics are being prepared for each grade or year level. Library orientation should be done inside the library to see the actual things being discussed and they can easily understand the lesson because they see it on their own eyes. For example, the topic is about general references, the students will be able to see the differ- ent kinds of reference and their uses and features. The use of the card catalog can be applied at once, or the use of a particular li- brary program for automation will be introduced as they see it and practice. The librarians can also prepare a short quiz to be recorded by the English teacher. The success of this program is when the students can be able to apply what they have learned leading to Jenalyn A. Pancho become an independent library user. Editor-In-Chief MARISEL VIÑER Associate Editor QLA Newsletter Editorial Board QLA Newsletter is the Official Publication of Quezon Librarians Association (QLA) MYRNA P. MACAPIA For article contributions, comments, suggestions and reactions you may email the JOCELYN GABRIEL MemberS editorial board at qlanews@yahoo.com. Miled G. Ibias To know more about the association join our yahoo group at Eulalia g. zapata QLA-PLAI- QLA-PLAI-STRLC@yahoogroups.com Contributors ROSARIO A. VILLAMATER or visit our website at Adviser www.quezonlibrarians.blogspot.com.