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Qla Newsletter February 2011

  1. 1. QLA NEWSLETTER The Official Publication of Librarians Association of Quezon Province-Lucena Lucena, Inc. Volume 4, Issue 1 www.quezonlibrarians.blogspot.com February 2011 LAQueP-Linc on “Storytelling : Mrs. Lally Zapata, chairman of the NOMELEC gave the A tool for Library Marketing” mechanics of the election and presented the nominees for the election. It was followed by the President’s Report by Dr. Augusta Rosario A. Villamater, the President of LAQueP-LInc. Ms. Miled Ibias, treasurer of the association also gave her financial report. The Committee on also conducted a search for outstanding librarian and member of LAQueP-LInc. The association chose Mr. Wilfrido Tabarina of Sacred Heart College as the “Outstanding Member” and Ms. Myrna P. Macapia of MSEUF as the “Outstanding Librarian”. Distribution of certificates followed and the assembly was closed by Ms. Aurora A. Navela, Vice-President of the association. LAQueP-LInc participated PLAI-STRLC N.E.T.W.O.R.K.S.Ms. Sarah Gagatiga demonstrated a storytelling techniques to the LAQueP-LInc participated the Philippine Librariansparticipants during the forum on storytelling. Association, Inc. (PLAI)- Southern Tagalog Region Librarians Council sponsored a one-day forum on Librarians Association of Quezon Province- “STRLC N.E.T.W.O.R.K.S. - Nurturing Each Ties, WorkingLucena, Inc. (LAQueP-LInc) sponsored a one-day forum on Regional Knowledge Society” and General Assemblyon “Storytelling: A Tool for Library Marketing” last at the Cultural Center of Laguna, Provincial Capitol, Sta.September 18, 2010 held at the University Libraries’ Cruz, Laguna. As early as 7:30 in the morning ,Seminar Hall, Manuel S. Enverga University registration of the participants was in progress. TheFoundation, Lucena City. forum proper started at around 9:00 in the morning The program started with the doxology and where it began with an opening prayer and singing ofnational anthem. Dr. Benilda N. Villenas, VP for the national anthem. Opening remarks was delivered byAcademic Affairs gave her welcome remarks followed Mr. Rene Manlangit in behalf of the outgoing presidentby the presentation of all participants by Mrs. Ivy Rose Mr. Marcial Batiancilla. It was followed by anAtienza-Declaro, the secretary of LAQueP-LInc. Then, inspirational message from the Laguna Governor Hon.giving the mechanics of the training followed by Mrs. Jorge “E.R.” Ejercito Estrada, which was delivered by hisAurora A. Navela, the vice-president of the association. representative Attorney Ragasa. After the inspiring Mrs. Lally Zapata, Head Librarian of Maryhill message from the governor which cited the innovationsCollege introduced the guest speaker, Ms. Zarah to be made in their province was the introduction of theGrace C. Gagatiga, a storyteller and a blogger. Ms. resource speaker Ms. Lourdes T. David by Ms. Myrna P.Zarah Gagatiga discussed and demonstrated the Macapia. The discussion on the STRLC N.E.T.W.O.R.K.S.different kinds of storytelling that is applicable in all was very prolific and educative in all the aspects itlibraries. All the participants were very amazed of Ms. covered. The morning program ended with the lunchZarah, she’s really a storyteller. An open forum break.followed after the presentation of Ms. Zarah. Ms.Geraldine Mallo, Librarian of MSEUF was the master ofthe ceremony in the morning session of the forum. Librarian’s Corner………………………………………..2The second part of the program was the General MSEUF Subscribed Expanded Academic ASAP………..2Assembly and Election of new set of officers of LAQueP Digital Natives and Digital Migrants…………………….2-LInc. Mr. Sid Padpad, a Senior Sales Manager of Featured Librarian………………………………………..3CE-Logic discussed the Networking & Linkages of Who’s Who……………………………………………….3Library wherein he emphasized the possibilities of LAQueP-LInc Executive Officers………………………..4having a consortium of different libraries in Quezon PLAI-STRLC Executive Officers………………………..4 LAQueP-LInc Members for 2010 ……………………….5province by subscriptions of electronic journals. Library Seminars for September 2010…………………...6
  2. 2. QLA NEWSLETTER February 2011 DIGITAL NATIVES AND DIGITAL MIGRANTS: Librarian’s Corner What Services can Librarians offer them? Our time today in the modern Librarianship is very demanding. Our work environment, the computer and technology that sprouted is now Facebook, Twitter, Multiply, MySpace, becoming luxurious for the digital natives yet a Flickr and more. These networking sites major constraint for the digital migrants. Digital Myrna P. Macapia, RL are now getting into the world of the natives are born during the digital age or after the MSEUF-Lucena City academe. And being specific, in the world introduction of technology. They are muchof library development. Truly, these sites will be of great identified with technology and its concepts. Digitalhelp in the development and improvement of library usage migrants are individuals who were born before theand management. existence of digital technology and just adopted it Librarians, like us, belongs to the modern day of to some extent LATER in their lives.computer and the World Wide Web or in another term the Our users consist of two divides, the digital“Web 2.0 World”. This fact gave birth to the new name of natives who are ardent and enthusiastic withlibrarians from being a traditional librarian to being a technology and the digital migrants who tries toLibrarian 2.0. It is true that whether we like it or not, cope with the change technology has brought. Asinfluence of the modern websites is coming on their way to a librarian, must we deal with them. We never caninvade our libraries. Social Networking Sites (SNS) and hide ourselves from them rather it is our servicecomputers on many ways can be of great help to us for these that they need and that we must provide. There aresome reasons: (1) over the past few years, there has been a lots of fora and seminars where we can attend to behuge focus on libraries and social media; (2) technology and equipped with enough knowledge and skills andsocial media affect the tasks and work of a librarian;(3) social answer the changing needs of our users as wenetworking sites allow exchanging and publishing of face the outbreak of technology. There is no needcomments, questions, and concerns in an ongoing and to consider technology as a threat but rather ansemi-formal environment; and (4) majority of researchers opportunity and means to offer more services towill soon be accessing websites through their mobile our clients. Our profession definitely has emergeddevices. into greater heights. We must cope with the change In this modern world, every field, profession and so we could offer services which are up to date andorganization needs an effective media in order to deliver relevant. It is an inkling of marvelous break for ustheir goals, aims and missions. A successful organization librarians to prove what we know and what we canmust recognize the opportunities that social networking sites offer as information gathering becomes digital. Asoffer than merely reacting on the way its members or part of Manuel S. Enverga University Libraries, Iconstituents use them. am glad that we have a library Whatever side comments are there regarding social sufficient to the needs of ourmedia, there are still growing and important roles of these users. The newest part of oursites most importantly in the library usage and development. service is the so called ExpandedTo this point, a call for a geared Librarian 2.0 is badly Academic ASAP.needed. This is something that Modern Era calls for change…. And Librarian 2.0 is everyone must utilize. Electronicone of its answers. And if we’ve got passion to share, then, journals for digital natives andsocial networking sites will welcome you, and your library, migrants.with open arms. Geraldine G. Mallo, RL MSEUF-Lucena City MSEUF Subscribed Expanded Academic ASAP University Libraries of Manuel S. Enverga UniversityFoundation subscribed for the Expanded Academic ASAPfrom Gale Company. Expanded Academic ASAP isspecifically created for research across all academicdisciplines, Expanded Academic ASAP offers balancedcoverage of every academic concentration – from advertisingand microbiology to history and womens studies. Althoughsmaller than Academic OneFile, the scope and depth ofcoverage in Expanded Academic ASAP will satisfy the researchneeds of students, faculty and graduate researchers whodepend on your library for answers. Balanced coverage isavailable through: 2 turn to page 4
  3. 3. QLA NEWSLETTER February 2011 Ms. Miled E. Gramaldo She graces in the field of Librarianship. Ibias was first an Definitely, she is a career woman. She finished her assistant clerk in Master’s degree in October 2010 in Public Maryhill College in Administration at Manuel S. Enverga University 1997. She then became Foundation. She is a licensed librarian and a licensed the College Librarian teacher as well. She attended numerous workshops and of the same institution seminars; and has ardent sophistication in the field of in 1998. With greater Librarianship indeed. opportunity, she chose Currently, she is affiliated with of Librarians to be a Librarian I in Association of Quezon Province-Lucena Inc. (LAQueP- Quezon Provincial LInc.), Philippine Librarians Association, Inc. (PLAI), Library in 2000. She Philippine Public Librarians League, Inc. (PPLLI), and Miled G. Ibias was promoted until PLAI Southern Tagalog Region Librarians Council Treasurer, LAQueP-LInc she got the (STRLC). Many of the would-be librarians looked up to designation Librarian her in all her achievements. She is kind andII. She shifted in the Lucena City Library in 2006 having accommodating, always with a smile when somebodythe designation of Librarian III who is in charged of would asks her skills and knowledge in librarianship.Administrative Services which is her current position. Some would say that she has a serious personality, but She do the preparation of service records, salary when she smiles, her eyes and dimplesand wage adjustments, notice of step increment, updates also smile. She is giving in all aspects.leave cards, assists in reviewing and evaluating the She handles problems expeditiously. InPerformance Evaluation System, consolidates statement life, she has her beliefs that are toughof assets, liabilities and net worth, prepares and issues and determined.certifications, do monthly and semi-annual attendance Besides her busy career, she isreports and annual reports. In line with her designation, a caring mother to her children,she is also in-charge in the technical services, updates Francine, Margarita and Eduard and athe INFOLIB System and also does client assistance. loving wife to Roger. Geraldine G. Mallo, RL MSEUF– Lucena City 30% WHO’S WHO? PARTICIPATION IN PROFESSIONAL LAQueP-LInc Search for Outstanding ACTIVITIES Member and Librarian for 2010 Leadership and investment (10%) Projects/ Accomplishments (10%) Librarians Association of Quezon Province-Lucena, Conferences, seminars attended (10%)Inc. (LAQueP-LInc) conducted a search for outstandingmember and librarian for 2010. Among the nominees for 30%outstanding member were Baby Lyn Libranda of Alabat CONTRIBUTION TO THE ADVANCEMENT OF THE PROFESSIONElementary School, Veneracion Caparros of GumacaMunicipal Library, and Wilfrido R. Tabarina of Sacred Publication (5%)Heart College at Lucena City. For the outstanding Research Projects (5%) Positive impact of contributionlibrarian, among the nominees were Marietta C. Nayve to the profession (10%)and Maricel Viñer of Sacred Heart College, and Myrna P. Awards and recognition (10%)Macapia of Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation, 10%Lucena City. Choosing for the outstanding member and COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT & SERVICESlibrarian of the association was guided with the followingcriteria: Involvement in Civic Organization (5%) Community and Public Citations (5%) SEARCH FOR OUTSTANDING MEMBER AND LIBRARIAN 2010 Jenalyn Pancho of Provincial Library, Isabel Noreen CRITERIA FOR JUDGINGATTITUDE/PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCE 30% Rairata of Calayan Educational Foundation, Inc., and Integrity (10%) Ivy Rose Atienza – Declaro and Miled G. Ibias of Technical Competence (10%) Lucena City Library were the members of the commit- Academic Background (4%) Trainings/ CPE (3%) tee for the search. Experience (3%) 3
  4. 4. QLA NEWSLETTER February 2011 Librarians Association of Quezon PLAI-STRLC Elected its new set of Province –Lucena Inc. (LAQueP-LInc) Executive Officers for 2011– 2012 Executive Officers for the 2011-2012President : ROSARIO A. VILLAMATER, Ed.D Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation Lucena City 09228775910/09194905168 villamaterrose@yahoo.comVice President: AURORA A. NAVELA Sacred Heart College, Lucena City 09172771096 aunavela01@yahoo.comSecretary: IVY ROSE Y. ATIENZA Lucena City Library, Lucena City PLAI-STRLC gathered together last October 19, 09213021519 2010 at the Cutural Center of Laguna, Provincial Capitol, iryatienza@yahoo.comTreasurer: MILED G. IBIAS Sta. Cruz, Laguna. Among the elected officers were the Lucena City Library, Lucena City following: 09183291194 miledibias2000@yahoo.com PRESIDENT :Rene B. ManlangitAuditor: ISABEL NOREEN R.RAIRATA VICE-PRESIDENT :Rosario A. Villamater,Ed.D Calayan Educational Foundation, Inc. SECRETARY :Lilian C. Rabino 09206013604 TREASURER :Aurora A. Navela noreenrairata@yahoo.com AUDITOR :Lourdes V. SorianoP.R.O.: JENALYN A. PANCHO BOARD MEMBER :Frank A. Miranda Quezon Provincial Library, Lucena City 09206475573 Jenalyn A. Pancho jenalyn_a_pancho@yahoo.com.ph NOMELEC :Isabel Noreen R. RairataDistrict Representatives: Joyce M. Pascua1st District: ALICIA Z. BERROYA Leonita C. Costa West Palale Nat’l High School, Eulalia G. Zapata Tayabas City2nd District: MAY LACONSAY Jocelyn G. Villangca, Veronica Lempalam, and Saint Joseph Academy, Myrna P. Macapia were the members of the NOMELEC Sariaya, Quezon and Eileen A. Magadia was the chairman of the3rd District: MELINDA FUNTILLAR4th District: MANUELITA R. VERANGA NOMELEC. Congratulations to the new set of executive Atimonan Municipal Library officers for 2011-2011.Lucena City: EULALIA G. ZAPATA Maryhill College, Lucena CityWorking Committees:Conference Committee Marietta Z. Enverga MSEUF, Lucena City from page 2 Marisel P. Viner Sacred Heart College Marietta C. Nayve Sacred Heart College MSEUF ….Membership Committee  More than 5,200 indexed and more than 3,000 full- Gemma M. Abellanosa Luis Palad National text titles High School, Tayabas  More than 3,500 peer-reviewed journals All District Representatives  More than 25 years of backfile coverageWays & Means Committee Panfilo C. Talisic Quezon Provincial Library Expanded Academic ASAP includes journals and Ysobel Escudero Quezon Provincial Library periodicals covering a wide variety of disciplines, from Rosalinda Q.Magsino Quezon Provincial Librar social science, humanities and politics to medicine,Publication Committee general interest and science. It allows the researchers to Myrna P. Macapia MSEUF, Lucena City search for academic (peer-reviewed) and general Wilfredo R. Tabarina Sacred Heart College interest articles in periodicals. Also, it gives the Jimelyn Bautista Sacred Heart College researcher the option of printing, saving, or emailing the article.NOMELEC Committee The need for information is just a click away.Elalia G. Zapata Maryhill College Enverga University Libraries and its users are fortunateAdviser: ISMAELINDA S. CABANA having this database which helps ease information Quezon Provincial Library searching and gathering. This definitely reveals the say that technology is an opportunity to be given way in Librarianship. 4
  5. 5. QLA NEWSLETTER February 2011 LAQueP-LInc Official List of Members for 2010 by Miled G. Ibias, QLA TreasurerDEPED Institution/Library NON-GOVERNMENT Institution/Library1. Berroya, Alicia Z. West Palale National High 40. Delos Reyes, Geobert S. M.S. Enverga University School, Tayabas City Foundation, Lucena City2. Dealino, Esther Z. West Palale National High 41. Del Pilar, Analiza P. Sacred Heart College School, Tayabas City 42. dela Puerta, Buenafe Z. M.S. Enverga University3. Libranda, Baby Lyn Alabat Central Elementary Foundation, Lucena City School, Alabat, Quezon 43. Deodores, Celedonia V. Calayan Educational4. Mojares, Apolinario R. Library Hub, Talipan Foundation Inc Pagbilao, Quezon 44. Dialola, Sayre M. QNAS, Pagbilao Quezon5. Montes, Carmen S. Atimonan National 45. Engaña, Carolina B. M.S. Enverga University Comprehensive High Foundation, Lucena City School, Atimonan, Quezon 46. Enverga, Marietta Z. M.S. Enverga University6. Responso, Imelda B. Alabat Island National High Foundation, Lucena City School 47. Laconsay, May St. Joseph Academy Sariaya 48. Lazona, Marites R. Calayan EducationalGOVERNMENT Foundation, Inc. 49. Lindog, Jimelyn Sacred Heart College,7. Anday, Cynthia F. Alabat Municipal Library Lucena City8. Atienza-Declaro, Ivy Rose Y. Lucena City Library 50. Lucio, Emerita G. Holy Rosary Catholic9. Caparros, Veneracion Gumaca Municipal Library School, Lucena City10. De Rama, Maria Daisy E. Quezon Provincial Library 51. Macapia, Myrna P. M.S. Enverga University11. Driz, Rommel P. Lucena City Library Foundation, Lucena City12. Ermino, Dino Quezon Provincial Library 52. Magsadia, Mark Tong Ho Insitute13. Gatus, Doris SLSU, Tagkawayan, Quezon 53. Mahiya, Marisa C. M.S. Enverga University14. Ibias, Miled G. Lucena City Library Foundation, Lucena City15. Labaco, Buena Perez Municipal Library 54. Mallo, Geraldine G. M.S. Enverga University16. Lee, Avelina S. Lucena City Library Foundation, Lucena City17. Maaño, Eric S. Quezon Provincial Library 55. Mendoza, Rebecca A. M.S. Enverga University18. Magsino, Rosalinda Q. Quezon Provincial Library Foundation, Lucena City19. Mojares, Guadalupe R. Lucena City Library 56. Montante, Azela Sacred Heart College,20. Pancho, Jenalyn A. Quezon Provincial Library Lucena City21. Rosas, Roberto S. Quezon Provincial Library 57. Navela, Aurora A. Sacred Heart College,22. Rufo, Veronica Aurea A. SLSU-JGE Tagkawayan Lucena City23. Seco, Bernardo L. Quezon Provincial Library 58. Nayve, Marietta C. Sacred Heart College,24. Talisic, Panfilo C. Quezon Provincial Library Lucena City25. Timbal, Ria Marelle Quezon Provincial Library 59. Oliveros, Jo DS STI Lucena26.Uy, Chona B. Lucena City Library 60. Pabellano, Willy A. Calayan Educational27. Veranga, Manuelita R. Atimonan Municipal Library Foundation Inc. Lucena City28. Vergara, Clarissa I. Lucena City Library 61. Parreño, Andrea M.S. Enverga University29. Villaverde, Roselle Y. Tayabas City Library Foundation, Lucena City 62. Pogado, Lea Maryhill College, Lucena CityNON-GOVERNMENT 63. Porto-Salcedo, Charlyn M.S. Enverga University Foundation, Lucena City30. Albacea, Levis M.S. Enverga University 64. Rairata, Isabel Noreen R. Calayan Educational Foundation, Lucena City Foundation Inc. Lucena City31. Almeda, Hilda CSTC Sariaya 65. Salvador, Ria Maryhill College32. Asnan, Herbert Calayan Educational 66. Tabarina, Wilfredo Sacred Heart College, Foundation Inc. Lucena City Lucena City33. Avelino, Kristine F. Maryhill College, 67. Vergara, Joseph Sacred Heart College, Lucena City Lucena City34. Blasco, Nila St. Joseph College, Sariaya 68. Villamater, Rosario M.S. Enverga University35. Castillo, Bernie M. MSEUF, San Antonio, Quezon Foundation, Lucena City36. Cayabyab, Janice A. Calayan Educational 69. Villangca, Jocelyn M.S. Enverga University Foundation Inc. Lucena City Foundation, Candelaria37. Comintan-Farquerabao, M.S. Enverga University 70. Viñer, Marisel P. Sacred Heart College, Sheryl Foundation, Lucena City Lucena City38. Coronado, Maricel D. Calayan Educational 71. Zapanta, Mas. Theresa M. PUP Lopez, Quezon Foundation, Inc. Lucena City 72. Zapata, Eulalia G. Maryhill College, 539. Dalugdug, Eufemia D. M.S. Enverga University Lucena City
  6. 6. QLA NEWSLETTER February 2011 Library Seminars for 2011 July 2011 Professional’s Best: Librarians’ Service and TeachingFebruary 18, 2011 Portfolios: Creating & CollectingFace2Face: Finding Your Balance in Handling 15th Philippine Academic Book FairDifficult Library Customers: A Forum Sponsor: PAARLSponsor: PAARL Venue: SM MegamallVenue: Conference Hall, Miguel de Benavides Library, University of Santo Tomas, España, Manila August 18-20, 2011 PLAI-STRLC Benchmarking Library Tour toMarch 18, 2011 HongkongOrganizing & Publishing: A Professional’s Best CPESponsor: PAARL August 19-20, 2011Venue: Global City College, Taguig City PAARL Academy: 2 day Modular Training Program on Modern Library LeadershipApril 1, 2011 Sponsor: PAARLLibrary Tour I: Ateneo, UP, UST, Intramuros Musuem Venue: San Miguel Building, Ortigasand ArchivesSponsor: PAARL September 2011Venue: Quezon City/Manila Call for Papers: (READERS SERVICES) Sponsor: PAARLApril 13-15, 2011 Venue: Manila International Book Fair, SMX Mall of AsiaPLAI-STRLC Summer ConferenceSponsor: PLAI-STRLC October 21, 2011Venue: Calapan, Mindoro Library Tour II: Ateneo, UP, UST, Intramuros Musuem and ArchivesApril 27-29, 2011 Sponsor: PAARLNational Summer Conference: Library Tourism &Hospitality: Endearing Philippine Libraries and October 26-28, 2011Information Services to Publics Exciting Hong Kong: Benchmarking Tour in Hong KongSponsor: PAARL LibrariesVenue: Roxas City Sponsor: PAARLApril 27 –30, 2011 November 2011Challenges and Opportunities of Librarians and Call for Papers: (SUPPORT STAFF)/PAARLNETInformation Professionals in the Age of New Technology Sponsor: PAARLSponsor: ASLPVenue: the Bamboo Garden, Dipolog City. QLA Newsletter is the Official Publication of Librarians Association of Quezon Province-Lucena, Inc. (LAQueP-LInc)May 6, 2011 formerly Quezon Librarians Association (QLA). For articleLAQuep-LInc Library TourSponsor: LAQueP-LInc contributions, comments, suggestions and reactions you mayVenue: Manila email the editorial board at qlanews@yahoo.com. To know more about the association join our yahoo group atMay 10-12, 2011 QLA-PLAI-STRLC@yahoogroups.com or visit our website atEmpowering School Librarians and Administrators inRendering Library Services www.quezonlibrarians.blogspot.com.Sponsor: PASLIMay 19-20, 2011PAARL Academy: 2 day Modular Training Program JENALYN A. PANCHOon Bibliotherapy Shops in Libraries & Information Editor-In-ChiefCenters MYRNA P. MACAPIASponsor: PAARL Associate Editor NewsletterVenue: PLAI Office/National Bookstore Super branch, Editorial Board Ayala, Makati MILED G. IBIAS QLA GERALDINE G. MALLOJune 17, 2011 ContributorsCall for Papers (TECHNICAL SERVICES) ROSARIO A. VILLAMATER, Ed.DSponsor: PAARL and C & E Logic AdviserVenue: C & E Logic 6