What Did You Eat This Morning?

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Watch the results before your eyes: …

Watch the results before your eyes:


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  • 1. Why do we eat? Food is our body’s fuel = FUEL “ We are what we eat"
  • 2. What do we eat?
  • 3. Nutrition deficiencies - Saturated fats - Sugar - Coffee - Salt - Preservatifs - Medicines - Vitamins - Essential fat acids - Fibres - Minerals - Nicotine - Alcohol - Pesticides - Herbicides - Pollution - Colourings - Vegetal proteins - Herbs - Essential amino acids - Water TOO LITTLE TOO MUCH
  • 4. CARBS-BASED BREAKFAST Unhealthy Breakfast In the morning, simple carbohydrates (e.g., sugary refined cereals, white breads, toasts, etc.) cause an immediate surge of blood sugar levels, which results in the release of a substantial amount of insulin. The insulin removes sugar from the blood and puts it into storage, primarily in fat tissue. The result is a decreased level of blood sugar and a thirst for more carbs. This cycle repeats itself two to three more times during the day. When blood sugars drop quickly, we often look for something sweet to bring the levels back up. If this happens enough times during the day, we could end up snacking too much and taking in too many calories.
  • 5. SKIPPING BREAKFAST Unhealthy Breakfast When you skip breakfast, blood sugar drops below the normal level, and you experience cravings and a drop in energy. You again revert to simple carbohydrates to achieve a quick surge of blood sugar and to overcome hunger and a drop in energy. Simple carbohydrates will cause an immediate surge of blood sugar levels and a substantial insulin emission. The insulin removes sugar from blood turning its excess into fat. Then this cycle repeats itself two to three more times during the day. This vicious cycle constitutes one of the major reasons for diabetes, high blood pressure and extra weight.
  • 6. Solution = Healthy Breakfast BALANCED PROTEIN-BASED BREAKFAST Feel Good and Control Your Weight Such a breakfast supplies our body with all vital nutrients and energy without increasing blood sugar and insulin levels. It helps to avoid dependence on carbs during the day. In this way, appetite stays under control, cravings for carbs (e.g., snacks, chocolate, pastry, soft drinks, etc.) diminish, and the body uses its own stored fats to get more energy.
  • 7. How to make a delicious Shake
  • 8. Formula 1
    • Formula 1 Nutritious Mixed Soy Powder Drink
      • Balanced Nutrition Daily
      • “ Fast Food for Intelligent People”
      • Only 180 Calories per meal
      • Gives you all 55 nutrients &
      • 18 Amino Acids, Fibres, Herbs
      • 5 Flavours
  • 9. Formula 3
    • Formula 3 Blended Soy and Whey Protein Powder
      • 5 grams non-fat Protein per Tablespoon
      • Curbs H unger
      • Builds Muscle M ass
      • Increases M etabolism
      • Helps L ose W eight F aster
    • Protein is an essential component of every cell in the body .
    • We don’t eat enough vegetable protein .
    • Meat and dairy protein foods contain saturated fats .
  • 10. Tea Mix
    • Tea Mix
    • - Lemon and Hibiscus
    • - Peach
      • Delicious Energising Beverage
      • Increases Fat Metabolism
      • Increases Energy
      • Decreases Appetite
      • Powerful Antioxidants
      • Natural Detoxification
  • 11. Protein Bar
      • Soy and Whey Protein Bar
      • 12 grams Protein per Bar
      • Packed with Vitamins, Minerals and other Nutrients
      • Satisfy your sweet tooth
      • Get valuable soy protein between meals.
  • 12. How to use? USAGE 3 L water per day Tea Mix Shake Regular Meal Weight Loss 3 2 1 Healthy Breakfast / Maintenance 3 1 2 Weight Gain (After Meals) 3 3 3
  • 13. We also have Outer Nutrition..
  • 14.
    • Why? 1. Free advertising
    • 2. You are in business
    Wear Wear the brand Wear the button Wear Carstickers
  • 15. Talk
    • Prepare Retail Tools:
    • Photo Album – charts, before/after photos, pricelist
    • Name cards or flyers
    • Scale
    • PRODUCTS!!!
  • 16. Packaging your story Why? –>> IMPACT Hi, my name is ………. before Herbalife (problems) ………. after Herbalife (how long) ………. (health results) ………. (weight gained/lost) ……….
  • 17. Other People’s stories Learn from the Trainings: HOM STS Shake-It-Up Supervisor Academy World Team School Extravaganza
  • 18. 5 key Questions Are you serious ? How much ? What have you tried before ? Why didn’t it work ? Why do you want to ...now ?
  • 19. What to say to Retail?
    • You will love this…
    • Your Story
    • Other People’s Stories
      • Before and After Photos
    • Company Story
      • 29 years
      • 70 Countries
      • 60 Million Satisfied Clients
      • USD$ 3.8 Billion
      • Nobel Laureat
      • UCLA
    • Program, Flavour, Payment
    • “ I don’t know about that, all I know is…”
  • 20. We have 3 programs to choose from: Plan A = Fast RM4.9 per meal Plan B = Faster RM8.9 per meal Plan C = Fastest RM10 per meal
  • 21. Help a customer or prospect to get better price and help them to make extra income!
  • 22. Closing Script So you like to lose weight fast, faster or the fastest? Whatever Answer = Great! We have 5 flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla, Cappucino, Strawberry, Tropical Fruit If you eat ice cream, which flavour you like the most? Ok.. Great! Do you have cash with you now or you need to go to the ATM? No problem, ATM is just downstairs, I’ll wait for you here 
  • 23. FAQ Q: How much is it? A: (never tell the total amount).. it depends on how fast you want to get your results and your own budget. Starts from 4.9rm to 10rm per meal  Q: Does it have side effects? A: No. It’s 100% natural food 
  • 24. FAQ Q: Do I have to use it forever? A: It depends on what results you want. If to lose x amount of weight it takes x months then after you lose all your weight you need to maintain for x months and then you may stop. But if you want to continue forever to have a healthy body by eating a healthy breakfast everyday, you can consume just the shake for as long as you want  Q: I have diabetes, high BP, cholesterol. Can I take it? A: If you can take food, you can take Herbalife, coz it’s 100% natural food and has all the 55 nutrients our body needs on a daily basis 