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A powerpoint file used with Kindergarten and Grade 1 teachers at ICT meeting

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  • Grade 1 Examples

    1. 1. Literacy with ICT The start of a conversation that will continue over the next year
    2. 2. Literacy with ICT in Southwest Horizon S.D. <ul><li>Implementation Team Nicole Bodin (Melita) </li></ul><ul><li>Ken Joyal (Deloraine) </li></ul><ul><li>Kimberly Gordon (Wawanesa) </li></ul><ul><li>Sherry Hannah (Souris) </li></ul><ul><li>Janis Williams (Waskada, Deloraine) </li></ul><ul><li>Greg Thompson (Pierson, Administration) </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Keith Murray (retired from committee) </li></ul></ul>ICT Learning Groups – Grade groups before year end, new learning groups in the fall Individual Training / Support Parent Handbook for Literacy with ICT Monthly articles will be created from areas covered in the handbook to be included in school newsletters. K-8 ICT Literacy Report
    3. 3. What do we hope to achieve with this round of ICT Grade Group Meetings? Collect resources to be used as an online resource for SHSD teachers – projects, files, websites Become more familiar with the Literacy with ICT continuum Sharing successes, plans and projects in ICT Gain an awareness of ICT PD requirements for SHSD staff Reminded about the Literacy with ICT report – mandated for 2008-2009 Promote, support the infusion of ICT into your daily course delivery and design.
    4. 4. The Continuum Emerging Student Friendly Learning Experiences Reporting on ICT K-8
    5. 5. ELA Developmental Reading Continuum poster
    6. 6. Technology makes it easy to communicate with parents and your students Collect parent email addresses at the beginning of the year, create a group to easily send out information about homework, upcoming events, requests. Create a webpage in First Class Homework Links to websites Miss Mahy's Website
    7. 7. Use ePearl to record students reading, writing, goal setting skills Devon Caldwell – Oak Lake Community School Goal Setting is done gathered around the Smartboard By the end of grade 1…. Setting goals for reading Point to words with reading finger Sometimes Devon sets the goals – stop at periods Setting goals for writing Giving Feedback in ePearl Don’t just say “Good job”
    8. 11. Two stars (I liked how you…) and a wish (next time you could…maybe you should try….) Devon’s classroom webpage, has a link to ePearl, describes ePearl, tells parents how to access Devon has a parent meeting showing how to access ePearl Student led conferences using ePearl – 1 hr with ePearl – comment on FrontPage, one activity, watch a slideshow of activities in class
    9. 12. ePearl v3 login Introduce ABRACADABRA
    10. 13. Kidspiration
    11. 15. Curriculum Navigator
    12. 21. KidPix Many uses to support your curriculum
    13. 60. In this poetic tale, beautifully illustrated entirely with wildlife photographs, the animals of the deep woods awake, after a winter storm, to the news of a stranger lurking in their midst. The deer, muskrat, mouse, rabbit, cardinal, porcupine, and many others sing a song of excitement about this strange, yet friendly creature with the carrot nose. And after the animals discover the feast this wondrous snowman has to offer, the children who built him vow to replenish their snowman's facial features until winter has long faded away. An example : Stranger in the Woods Carl R. Sams II & Jean Stoick &quot;The birds were the first to notice... Stranger in the Woods! Stranger in the Woods!&quot; ICT Tools to support a book
    14. 61. Meet the Authors Author's Website Write an Autobiography about the Author Contact the Author or Illustrator
    15. 62. Canadian Wildlife Federation Research Canadian Wild Animals Gather your information and pictures in KidPix, PowerPoint, Paint Make an oral presentation to the class about your animal research
    16. 63. Hinterland Who's Who
    17. 64. Stranger in the Woods websites Online Games Stranger in the Woods activities Quiz about the story Animal Word Jumble
    18. 65. Winter Scene Writing
    19. 66. Write as many words or phrases as you can think of that describe the scene. One helpful strategy is to consider each of your senses. Imagine: What is happening inside the house? Write an opening paragraph for a story using this setting. Consider this work of art Winter Solstice by Pennsylvania artist, Jeff Martin.
    20. 67. Artwork
    21. 68. Research
    22. 69. Digital Resources for Literacy Things to look for : Curriculum-based Provides practical, meaningful, purposeful engaging experiences to encourage literacy Interface Is not cluttered or too busy with animations or ads Requires little or no external user-support Plans for waiting time If the site is slow to load it should provide something to help kids wait. (Or you will…)
    23. 70. Me Maker
    24. 71. Early ICT ideas
    25. 72. Crick Web Resources Review
    26. 73. Poisson Rouge
    27. 74. BBC for Kids - Science Clips
    28. 75. Resources for Kindergarten and Grade One
    29. 76. Science Links for Grade 1
    30. 77. Math Resources
    31. 78. Online Learning Center /
    32. 79. ICT Games
    33. 80. Agriculture in the Classroom
    34. 81. Resources for Grade 1 Teachers
    35. 82. Grade 1 Links
    36. 83. Grade One
    37. 84. Areas of Literacy Phonemic Awareness Game Goo
    38. 85. Quia
    39. 86. Kindergarten and Grade One Resources
    40. 87. Mrs. Gorecki's Corner of the Web
    41. 88. Ms Ross' Site
    42. 89. Grade 1 Science Resources
    43. 90. Giggle Poetry
    44. 91. Grade 1 Skills K Skills
    45. 92. Book Buddy test Fun Brain
    46. 93. Fluency Resources, Audio Books, Stories Bookhive Storyline Online
    47. 94. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
    48. 95. Classroom Webpages Mrs. Cassidy's Classroom website http:// / Ken Joyal’s classroom website
    49. 96. Blogging Mrs. Cassidy's Grade 1 Blog Devon Caldwell - Oak Lake Community School /
    50. 97. Penguin Webquest
    51. 98. Animoto for Educators http:// Animoto Using Kid Pix . jpgs Using student pictures Make one yourself The Hat – for grouping students
    52. 99. Slideshare Example in the LitwICT wiki Example on my webpage
    53. 100. In Conclusion… Use technology to provide relevant resources Use technology to provide interesting activities Use technology to provide models of good reading Use other media to encourage reading Provide audience for student work and reflections
    54. 101. ICT in your Classroom Discussion Topics Sharing