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part of a preso we gave to a client to suggest that they don't use microsites as a long term method to manage offline campaigns.

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  • More relevant if you’re changing the name
    instead of campaign_name.com ... or .ca and new_website_name.com
    campaign microsites don’t promote loyalty; trains visitors to wait instead of keep coming back
    We need to train visitors to come here all the time
  • creating multiple sites for the same entity and the same goal can work against you.
    diluting search engines by introducing another competing site
    driving up cost of paid search words (if you’re running campaigns for each site)
    Humans can only remember so many things
  • If someone is intrigued and wants more info... its all right here
  • not creating a new structure or platform from scratch
    avoid two streams of paid search
    I would never say that microsites are a great revenue generator for agencies
    Maintenance sanity

  • often the push back is that there are creative restrictions when forced to include a campaign in an existing site.
    Not necessarily the case
    Note - the Zoo site and microsite are not our sites... simply a relevant example

  • Overview of traditional campaign: awareness? driving bookings?
    tactics to support? (radio, print, paid search, banner ads...?)

  • We’re working towards XXX launch date .. knowing that the visitors content is a priority
    What is the nature of their campaign & what online support is needed?
    How can we avoid duplication of effort?
  • POV: Campaigns & Microsites

    1. 1. POINT OF VIEW: Incorporating offline campaigns into existing websites March 2010
    2. 2. Background: We are a digital agency awarded a website redesign project for a client who has a long-standing relationship with a traditional agency. Last year, they did an offer-based campaign supported by radio, print, and an online buy. As their original site could not support the campaign - a microsite was needed. Now they are in a position where they have a digital agency creating a whiz-bang site that supports online sales (us), and their traditional agency focusing on creating campaigns (ahem - them). This presentation outlines our recommendations to bring the two worlds together - assuming that our site is live in time for their campaign.
    3. 3. TODAY Benefits of a single site How to manage campaigns Sample Moving forward Next steps
    4. 4. TODAY Benefits of a single site How to manage campaigns Sample Moving forward Next steps
    5. 5. Recommendation: leverage new URL for all campaigns
    7. 7. Supports brand recognition focus on a single entity
    8. 8. Avoid competition • natural search • paid search • attention span
    9. 9. Encourage exploration Deliver deep information on the destination
    10. 10. Saves money • plan & build a single site • maintain a single stream for traffic generation
    12. 12. Natural Paid Banner Social Radio Search Search Ad Media Print TV Chuckwagon ... Home page or Landing page(new site) (new site)
    13. 13. Traffic Drivers Home page Landing page Conversion goal (booking engine, contest entry, photo submission, newsletter sign up...)
    14. 14. Or
    15. 15. Traffic Drivers Home page Landing page Conversion goal (booking engine, contest entry, photo submission, newsletter sign up...)
    16. 16. QUICK SAMPLE
    17. 17. home page references campaign creative
    18. 18. campaign landing page(s) within the site
    19. 19. MOVING FORWARD
    20. 20. Phase I • Require overview of summer campaign from traditional agency • Review our plans for paid search to support own site launch • Pending campaign info: incorporate into home flash with landing page • Timeline risks
    21. 21. Phase II • Phase I site launch, testing & evaluation •Collaborate with traditional agency to create an integrated campaign
    22. 22. anticipated roles digital agency trad agency Natural search o Banner ad o Paid search o Social media tbd tbd Traditional campaign o Flash banner (on site) o Landing pages o Conversion goal page o
    23. 23. Managing risks • timeline for traditional campaign launch vs site launch • what online support is required?