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Music Museum Present
Music Museum Present
Music Museum Present
Music Museum Present
Music Museum Present
Music Museum Present
Music Museum Present
Music Museum Present
Music Museum Present
Music Museum Present
Music Museum Present
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Music Museum Present


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  • Transcript

    • 1. Interactive Music Museum Created by: The Music Team
    • 2.  
    • 3.
      • Explore Music through the generations and through
      • different generas
      • Provide visitors with the first hand experience
      • of real musicians
      • Educate visitors through video shows and kiosks
      Main Objectives
    • 4. Interaction
      • They will be able to participate in a mock radio interview, explore and create music using computer programs, actually try out musical instruments, and film music videos and play a concert through a pre-chosen list of songs.
        • Our visitors will feel as if they are the musicians
        • themselves. They get the opportunity to experience
        • what it is like to be a rock star
    • 5. ... Continued
      • They'll also take back the historical events in music,
      • as well as exploring new forms of music and genres
      • that they might not be accustomed to
      • We will also provide historical pieces through music,
      • such as instruments from famous musicians, old
      • record contracts, concert billings, rare artist
      • photos and facts from the beginnings of rock and
      • roll to the present
    • 6. Informational Kiosks
      • These kiosks will provide musical history and facts
      • about all kinds of artists and music they play.
      • Visitors will be able to interact with them using
      • video screens, in which you can play games,
      • take quizzes, see videos, and look at pictures from
      • all kinds of musical events and perspectives.
      • Through these kiosks, visitors can listen to music,
      • write and create their own music, view biographies
      • of various musicians and bands, and see the evolution
      • of music through the years in a videography.
    • 7.  
    • 8. Interactive “Rock Star” Zones
      • Visitors will be allowed to pick from a extensive list
      • of songs, and create music videos for them, as well as
      • being able to perform songs in a mock concert. As part
      • of the rock star treatment, visitors will be able to be walk
      • on a mock red carpet, where interviewers ask questions
      • and your biggest fans will be there to scream your name.
      • Also, visitors can pick their favorite radio stations to hold
      • a mock interview with. After all the glamour and glitz
      • of rock stardom, visitors will be able to use all kinds of
      • musical instruments, from guitars to drums to keyboards.
    • 9. Music Artifacts Exhibit
      • In this exhibit, visitors will actually get to experience the
      • history and see the real evidence of musical progression.
      • They will be able to see famous pieces of history,
      • such as Kurt Cobain’s guitar, Elvis Presley’s first
      • record contract, and an official Woodstock ticket.
      • Music fans may appreciate this section as they get to
      • see the actual artifacts of the musicians and their
      • contributions in person.
    • 10. Visitors
      • They will visit our museum to have fun and to be
      • educated about the other side of music and the
      • lifestyle that goes with it
      • Our visitors can be of all ages, yet teens and young
      • adults, as well as current musicians may take away
      • more from this exhibit
      • We want our visitors to explore their creativity by
      • actually using an insturment and creating their own
      • music
    • 11. Motivation to Visit
      • To motivate our visitors to enter in to the world of
      • music, we would advertise and let them explore the
      • real life of a rock star in all of its glory.
      • By presenting a highly interactive world, people will
      • draw to this exhibit to fulfill their dreams and to
      • experience what some of their heroes get to do