Instrument Jeopardy
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Instrument Jeopardy






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Instrument Jeopardy Instrument Jeopardy Presentation Transcript

  • 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 Brass Keyboard Percussion Strings Woodwind
  • Its sound tube is made longer of shorter by moving its slide. This changes the pitch.
  • What is a Trombone? View slide
  • It is the deepest-pitched brass instrument of the orchestra. View slide
  • What is a Tuba?
  • Brilliant high sounds are made by blowing through a six-foot tube of brass. It has three valves.
  • What is a trumpet?
  • Related to old hunting horns, it has three valves and a fared bell.
  • What is a French Horn?
  • This sound tube curls around the player’s body and opens into a huge bell above the player’s head.
  • What is a Sousaphone?
  • This large instrument has 88 keys which you strike with your fingers.
  • What is a piano?
  • A keyboard instrument that produces sound by means of air blowing through pipes.
  • What is the Organ?
  • An electronic instrument that can produce an amazing range of electronic sounds.
  • What is a Synthesizer?
  • In this keyboard instrument the strings are plucked by tiny quills
  • What is a Harpsichord?
  • This keyboard instrument gets its name because it takes up less room than the Grand Piano.
  • What is the Upright Piano?
  • These two rattles are filled with grains.
  • What are Maracas?
  • When these two brass plates are clashed together, a loud ringing sound is made.
  • What are Cymbals?
  • This huge metal plate shape hangs from a frame and is tapped with a mallet.
  • What is a Gong?
  • This side drum has snares which vibrate when the drumhead is tapped with drumsticks.
  • What is a Snare Drum?
  • This handheld drum has metal discs which rattle when shaken.
  • What is a Tambourine?
  • It is the smallest bowed instrument of the orchestra.
  • What is the Violin?
  • It has 47 strings which are plucked to make sound.
  • What is a Harp?
  • It looks like the double bass but is smaller in size.
  • What is the Cello?
  • This large instrument stands six feet tall and is played with a bow.
  • What is the Double Bass?
  • It looks like the violin but is larger in size.
  • What is the Viola?
  • It is a long silver pipe with holes and finger keys.
  • What is a Flute?
  • This single-reed brass instrument makes medium range tones?
  • What is a Saxophone?
  • About the same size as an oboe, it has a single-reed mouthpiece and a straight sound tube.
  • What is a Clarinet?
  • The name of the largest Woodwind instruments in the Orchestra.
  • What is Bassoon?
  • It is also called a mouth organ and is played in a lot of blues and country music.
  • What is a Harmonica?