Danse Macabre

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  • 1. Danse Macabre By Camille Saint Saens 1835-1921
  • 2. 0:0 Clock chiming midnight by the harp.
  • 3. 0:16 Death tiptoes into the cemetery.
  • 4. 0:23 He tunes his violin to get ready for the dance!
  • 5. 0:30 The dance starts with Melody A Melody A
  • 6. 0:45 The dance continues with Melody B Melody B
  • 7. 0:59 Melody A continues with oboe and flute and is echoed by the string section Melody A
  • 8. 1:15 You can hear the strings and the orchestra playing Melody A Melody A
  • 9. 1:29 Melody B is played with the strings and orchestra. Melody B
  • 10. 1:44 Melody A by the strings and echoed by the xylophone. The xylophone makes the sound of the skeleton bones. Melody A
  • 11. 2:00 Melody B enters in canon (round) by the low strings and gets higher while adding woodwinds and brass. Melody B
  • 12. 2:30 New theme in woodwinds
  • 13. 2:45 Listen for the pizzicato strings and woodwinds. Pizzicato is when the strings are plucked instead of bowed.
  • 14. 2:59 Melody B enters with a solo violin with harp and woodwinds Melody B
  • 15. 3:30 Listen to the music making the sound of the wind. It crescendos (gets louder) with the trombones and low brass
  • 16. 4:22 Listen for Melody A being played in the background Melody A
  • 17. 4:32 You can hear the tuning from the beginning of the song, only this time woodwinds are added and pizzicato strings
  • 18. 4:41 Solo violin
  • 19. 4:55 The trees in the graveyard are moaning
  • 20. 5:20 Melody A and B together (B is played by brass instruments) Melody A Melody B
  • 21. 5:41 A new theme enters with the strings playing faster
  • 22. 5:57 Music crescendos and gets faster! Crescendo
  • 23. 6:10 The oboe plays the rooster crowing. Morning is coming!
  • 24. 6:30 Death finishes his playing. Listen for the last two coffins closing.