Infinity reference 475a high performance 4 channel full-range amplifier (silver black)


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Infinity reference 475a high performance 4 channel full-range amplifier (silver black)

  1. 1. Download this document if link is not clickableInfinity Reference 475a High Performance4-Channel Full-Range Amplifier (Silver/Black) Price : Check Price Average Customer Rating 3.9 out of 5 Product Feature q 4-Channel full-range amplifier with on-board electronic crossover and variable bass boost q 12dB variable bass boost circuit is provided to optimize the low frequency performance of your system q Variable 12dB per octave electronic crossover allows you to optimize system tuning based on speakers and location q Full-range preamp outputs facilitate use of multiple amplifiers without the need for adapters or signal splitters q One-year warranty q Read moreProduct DescriptionThe Infinity Reference 475a is a 4-Channel Full Range Amplifier capable of driving 2 sets of speakers. It has abuilt in 12db variable electronic crossover as well as a variable bass boost of 0 to 6db at 50Hz. The amplifiercan drive four channels at 2 ohms with 90 Watts RMS. It can also be configured to drive two channels at 4 ohmswith 180 Watts of power. The amplifier has a very attractive low profile. This amplifier comes with a one yearparts and labor warranty. Infinity Systems is a leader in loudspeaker design for both car and home speakersystems and is part of Harman International. Read moreProduct DescriptionInfinitys Reference 475a is a 4-Channel full-range amplifier with on-board electronic crossover and variablebass boost. Features include a high-output PWM MOSFET power supply for optimum power delivery intonumerous impedances with low distortion, full-range preamp outputs for multiple amplifier hookups without theneed for costly Y-adapters or signal splitters, a variable 12dB per octave electronic crossover allowing you tooptimize system tuning based on speaker location and accompanying loudspeaker components, and plentymore.
  2. 2. Infinity Reference Series Amplifiers Looking for a more moving audio experience? Take Infinity car audio for a ride. Innovative materials and breakthrough engineering have always put Infinity products out in front of the competition. So expect extreme output from Reference Series amps, but be prepared for accuracy and detail that may surprise you. There is no better way to make your car audio system stand up and deliver than by powering your speakers and subs with Infinity electronics. 4-Channel full-range amplifier with on-board electronic crossover and variable bass boost. Click to enlarge.Infinity 475a FeaturesClass D Subwoofer AmpsEfficiency is the benefit of the Infinity Reference Series Class D subwoofer amplifiers. A higher percentage ofthe power the amp extracts from the cars charging system is converted into output to the speakers, and less iswasted as heat. That is really important if youre trying to provide power to a 1000-watt amplifier. Class Dtechnology turns the analog input signal into a series of pulses that can be amplified more efficiently bytransistors used as switches, rather than valves. Theyre either on and operating at their most efficient level, ortheyre off. The pulses are converted back into an analog signal by an output filter.CEA-2006-CompliantAll Infinity amplifiers are tested in accordance with CEA-2006, which provides a testing procedure to helpcustomers compare amplifiers accurately--apples to apples. Specs are based on industry-accepted standards,rather than on the whims of amplifier companies marketing departments. Look for the CEA-2006 logo whencomparing amplifiers, to be sure youre getting the power youre paying for.Audiophile-Quality Full-Range AmplifiersClass AB full-range amplifiers offer audiophile quality performance and the best compromise between efficiency,low distortion, maximum available headroom and output power.
  3. 3. Amps That Dont BreakInfinity amplifiers are tested according to the strictest and most demanding reliability-testing regimen everdesigned for car audio amplifiers. They are shaken, baked, frozen, dropped and shocked--all while theyreoperating. When theyve passed all these tests, they are tested again. The result is a series of amplifiers thatjust dont break.DBO Bass-Optimization Circuitprovides superior control and adjustability, compared to traditional bass-boost. DBO is a 2nd order high-passfilter that can be adjusted between 20Hz and 80Hz. The boost (or Q) adjustment boosts the signal above thehighpass filter frequency. Used with a sealed box, it can help to increase output for more "fun" if its set toabout 45Hz. If its used with a vented box, it should be set at or slightly below the tuned frequency of the box.That will prevent woofer unloading, and provide more output at the frequency where the box is tuned and thewoofers excursion is minimized--where it can handle more power.Onboard Electronic CrossoversReference Series amplifiers include 2nd order (12dB/octave) slopes and are continuously variable from 32Hz to200Hz.Variable Bass-BoostProvides up to 12dB of boost at 50Hz in the Reference Series full-range amplifiers.Direct-Connect TerminalsEliminate the need for additional solder-on or crimp-on terminals and provide an easy and reliable connectionfor power, ground and speaker wires.Full-Range Preamp OutputsEliminates the need for signal splitters.Infinity 475a Specifications• Power Output: 75 watts RMS x 4 channel at 4 ohms and less than or equal to 1% THD + N 180 watts RMS x 2 channel at 4 ohms, 14.4V supply and less than or equal to 1% THD + N• Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 85dBA (reference 1 watt into 4 ohms)• Dynamic Power: 117 watts at 2 ohms• Effective Damping Factor: 6.315 at 4 ohms• Frequency Response (-3dB): 10Hz to 100kHz (-3dB)• Maximum Input Signal: 6V• Maximum Sensitivity: 100mV• Dimensions (L x W x H): 14-3/16 x 9 x 2-11/16 inches (360 x 229 x 68 mm)About InfinityInfinity was founded in 1968 on a unique blend of technology, performance, and design. Today, Infinity offersthree tiers of automotive speakers comparable to the best home-audio components. Infinity Kappa Perfect,Kappa, and Reference Series speakers deliver performance that rivals the best the competition has to offer.
  4. 4. Whats in the BoxInfinity Reference 475a 4-Channel Full-Range Amplifier (Silver/Black), Mounting Hardware, Fuses, Users ManualInfinity Amplifier OptionsInfinity has approached the amplifier category with the objective of delivering maximum CEA-rated power withall the right features to get the job done. Infinitys Reference amps simply deliver. Infinity Reference 1300a Mono Infinity Reference 1600a Mono Infinity Reference 5350a 5-Channel Infinity Reference 475a 4-Channel Subwoofer Amplifier Subwoofer Amplifier Amplifier Full-Range AmplifierRead moreYou May Also LikeInfinity Reference 6030cs 6.5-Inch 270-Watt Two-Way Component SystemInfinity Reference 6032cf 6.5-Inch 180-Watt High-Performance Two-Way Speakers (Pair)DB Link PK4Z 4 Gauge Power Series Amplifier Installation KitInfinity Reference 9633cf 6 x 9-Inch 300-Watt High Performance 3-Way Loudspeaker (Pair)Infinity Kappa 693.9i - Car speaker - 110 Watt - 3-way - 6" x 9" [Electronics]