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The Third Way
The Third Way
The Third Way
The Third Way
The Third Way
The Third Way
The Third Way
The Third Way
The Third Way
The Third Way
The Third Way
The Third Way
The Third Way
The Third Way
The Third Way
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The Third Way


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A fresh perspective, on getting some perspective.

A fresh perspective, on getting some perspective.

Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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  • 1. The Third Way A fresh perspective on perspective
  • 2. Why don't you have what you want?
      • You don't know what you want.
      • If you did, you don't have a plan to get it.
      • If you do, the steps are overwhelming,
      • ...and if they aren't, then every time you start...for some mysterious reason you stop right away.
  • 3. A Goal, and a Plan
    • To start with, you need to know what you want and how to get it.
      • The Resume Tactic
      • The Mind Map
      • A Phone, A Computer, a Moment.
      • The Risk Reward Analysis
      • So What's stopping you?
  • 4. Why do you keep missing the target?
  • 5. Most of us live in the past Reliving our 'failures' again and again in our minds.
  • 6. If I were drowning in a sea of self-doubt, I'd want a PFD
  • 7. Perspective, Facts, Discovery
    • First Perspective:
    • What is your opinion of the situation you are reliving, was it:
      • A failure?
      • A complete disaster?
      • A catastrophe of biblical proportions?
    • Then answer this:
  • 8. Who died, was crippled, or had their life destroyed? Nobody? Thought so. Looks like you need some perspective.
  • 9. Facts
    • The Facts ma'am, just the facts.
      • Who was involved?
      • When did it happen (what's the context)?
      • What happened?
      • What really happened?
      • Why did it turn out the way it did?
      • Who else shared the responsibility?
  • 10. Discovery
      • What did I learn about myself in the process?
      • What inner or character strength did I exhibit by getting through this?
      • What lesson did I learn?
      • What have I accomplished as a result of that lesson? 
  • 11. Feels better, doesn't it?
  • 12. If you stop picking at it, it won't bleed anymore.
  • 13. Third Way Coaching  
    • Third Way coaching is this process on a regular basis, but also includes:
      • Goal Setting
      • Help in breaking goals down into manageable steps
      • Accountability (scary word!) for taking the steps towards the goals.
      • Regular PFD updates.
  • 14. Third Way Coaching
    • How it works:
      • Meet by phone once a week in the evening.
      • Goals Step and PFD update.
      • Regular assessment of where you are in the process.
    • What I bring:
      • Over a decade of coaching and supporting people as a sales manager and sales trainer.
      • A "baggage free" perspective that you won't get from friends of family.
      • A Third Way of looking at things.
  • 15. Go to  for more information