Conceptual Prototype


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This powerpoint illustrates the use of photographs and powerpoint to create a conceptual prototype.

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Conceptual Prototype

  1. 1. John is a bit bored today, so he decides to visit the city of Antwerp. He arrives by train at Central Station.
  2. 2. John did not prepare for this trip at all, he has no clue of what he can expect or visit. What do you want to see or visit? I am interested in architecture and old buildings.
  3. 3. John’s cell phone directs him step-by-step to the Boerentoren. Follow the Keizerlei … Follow this street, the Meir, until the cross section.
  4. 4. At the Boerentoren he gets an explanation… … and he takes a picture and selects tags that other people used to tag theirs. The Boerentoren aka farmers' tower is the second tallest building of Antwerp… Click! Other people’s pictures
  5. 5. He continues his walk to the Groenplaats, … … where he follows an online tour … … the Cathedral, … These are their pictures Your friend Harry met his girlfriend Sally while having a drink on the Groenplaats …
  6. 6. City Hall, … where John leaves a message! Beware of pickpockets, they’ve just stolen my iPod player. Damn where is my iPod?! @#$
  7. 7. In the meanwhile at Harry’s and Sally’s place … Look, John is visiting Antwerp! He is looking at old buildings. He took pictures of the Boerentoren … Passed by the Groenplaats where we met each other, … remember? From there he went to the Cathedral and oh my god, at City Hall they robbed his iPod player … I’ll send him a message to visit “Het Steen’ as well, he will like that …
  8. 8. John gets the message from Harry and Sally and continues his walk to “Het Steen”. … where he enjoys the nice view of the Scheldt and shoots a small video of the boats passing by.
  9. 9. It is five o’clock in the afternoon and John gets hungry. Lets find out if I can eat some pizza here?! Verona looks like a ‘grand café’. This place is classy but not expensive. Today’s special for €4. 6 out of 7 people find Verona a very good Italian restaurant.
  10. 10. While eating his pizza he gives the restaurant a 3 star rating and comments … . Great pizza and very cheap !!!
  11. 11. Two weeks later Harry and Sally are planning a city trip. Remember John’s trip to Antwerp a couple of weeks ago? Lets go to Antwerp and follow the tour he did … Look he also went to “Het Steen”, like we told him, … that looks romantic. Video of the boats John made.
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