Adolf hitler


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Adolf hitler

  1. 1. ADOLF HITLER By: Janira Gutierrez
  2. 2. EARLY LIFE• Adolf Hitler was born in April 20 in 1889. In a town called Austrian town of Braunau near the German border.
  3. 3. THE PAINTINGS• He wished to study art, for which he had some faculties, but he twice failed to secure entry to the Academy of Fine Arts. For some years he lived a lonely and isolated life, earning a precarious livelihood by painting postcards and advertisements and drifting from one municipal hostel to another. Hitler already showed traits that characterized his later life: loneliness and secretiveness, a bohemian mode of everyday existence, and hatred of cosmopolitanism and of the multinational character of Vienna.
  4. 4. THE START OF EVERYTHING• Hitler read a lot of propaganda that only thing that let to first battle to be lost was the Jews.• Due to this He created a party of zuwiska and made sure that German Army grew strong.• And let the destruction of the Jews to it’s final ends.• This made the German people loved him
  5. 5. THE JEWS• Hitler once he had the power he made sure that any Jews would wear a symbol of the star of David on their coats.• He made he destroyed them forbidding them from any rights• Education, banks accounts, if a business was to be burned down or broken in.• He separated them and made sure they stay in the gettos with little food and water.
  6. 6. HOLOCAUST• Many thousands of life he had destroyed.• Hitler was notified about each concentration camp.• He would laugh as many pest where dead.• The Speech that he wouldInformed over the battles victorious that thhe death of the JEWS.
  7. 7. WAROn September 1, 1939, Hitler began World War II with his quest to control Europe. The sudden invasion of Poland wasimmediately followed by the destroying of Jews and the Polish elite, and the beginnings of German colonization.Following the declaration of war by Franceand England, Hitler temporarily turned his military machine west, where the light, mobile attacks of the German forcesquickly triumphed. In April 1940, Denmark surrendered, soon followed by Norway. In May and June the rapidly advancing tank forces defeated France and the Low Countries. In the Air Battle of Britain,England sustained heavy damage, but held out after German naval operations collapsed.
  8. 8. AXIS POWER• Joined with the Japanese France Italy• Adolf Hitler was a god or so the people from Germany would think.• Many battles they won, but though Hitler was a person that wanted more that he can already handle he wanted the world.
  9. 9. GERMAN DEFEATWith the German war effort collapsing, Hitler withdrewalmost entirely from the public. His orders becameincreasingly erratic (different from what is normal orexpected), and he refused to listen to advice from hismilitary counselors. He dreamed of miracle bombs andsuspected betrayal everywhere. Under the slogan of"total victory or total ruin," the entire German nationfrom young boys to old men, often barely equipped ortrained, was mobilized and sent to the front. After anunsuccessful assassination attempt on July 20, 1944, by agroup of former leading politicians and militarymen, Hitlers reign of terror further tightened.In the last days of the Nazi rule, with the Russian troopsin the suburbs of Berlin, Hitler entered into a last stageof desperation in his underground bunker in Berlin. Heordered Germany destroyed, believing it was not worthyof him. He expelled his trusted lieutenants HeinrichHimmler and Hermann Göring (1893–1946) from theparty and made a last, theatrical appeal to the Germannation. Adolf Hitler committed suicide on April30, 1945, leaving behind a legacy of evil and terrorunequaled by any leader in the modern world.
  10. 10. HIS FINAL DAYS On 30th April, 1945, after sayingtheir farewells, Hitler and Eva Braun went into a private room and took cyanide tablets. Hitler also shot himself in the head. His body was then cremated and his ashes were hidden in the Chancellery grounds.