Janine’S Life


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Janine’S Life

  1. 3. She is seventeen years old and her birth day is June 9 1992, her mother’s name is Maria Alonzo San Jose, and her father’s name is Jose E San Jose, they live in 185 Gen. Luna St. Siniloan Laguna she has two brother and one sister and she is the youngest. Her first brother is named Gilbert San Jose he is now married, he do not finished his college but he is now working at MAX and he has one daughter her name is Joanna San Jose .
  2. 4. And next to her brother is her sister named Aileen San Jose Pineda she is now married like her brother she do not finished her college, she have three children’s named Berleen S Pineda is the oldest and next is Andrea May S Pineda, and the youngest is Raisen S Pineda. And next to her sister is her brother Jeffrey San Jose, He graduated at Laguna state polytechnic university he finished the course HRM(hotel and restaurant management), he has a daughter but he is not married, and now he is looking for a job. and Janine A San Jose is the youngest among them.
  3. 5. Janine’s mother is already legate when she become pregnant to Janine and before they know that her mother is pregnant thy become worried because they thought that her mother have an ovarian sis but when her mother undergo in ultra sound they know that her mother is pregnant they were so very happy but not her mother, because her mother do not want to have a baby any more that’s why she undergo in legate, and her father was so very happy because he want to have another baby again.
  4. 6. Before they know that her mother is pregnant, her mother went to the market and while she is buying she talk to her friend and also cousin, her mother is already legate then and her cousin do not have there child, and her mother said that if I can just get pregnant I will give it to you but I’m already legate so I will not get pregnant again, that’s what her mother thought. and when they know that her mother is pregnant and her tummy becomes bigger the cousin of her mother see her again and said hey your pregnant that will be mine you promise on me and her mother said of course I will just tell my husband about that, but when her mother tell her father it do not agree and said I will not give that child what do you think of that baby a puppy that you can give to anyone anytime you want?
  5. 7. And when the baby is born her mother do not want to give her anymore because she is the one that exactly look like her mother. When Janine enter her elementary it became so hard for her to adjust because she is a shy type of person. when she was entering to school her mother always stay outside the room because she do not want to be left alone, and when the time goes by she became familiar to her surrounding and she attend school even if her mother is not there, and for her elementary is boring because she do not enjoy it.
  6. 8. And when she enter her high school it is the start of her happiest moment because there are so many things that happen to specially when she is still a fourth year student for her it was the happiest part of her life for now she cannot forget all of the happy things that happen to her ,the CAT the bonding and all of the memories of her fourth year high school. And when the graduation came the students and also the teacher become so happy and also sad because they will be separated when they enter college because all of them have different courses to take and some will not enter college because of financial problem
  7. 9. But even if they do not have the same course they still keep on seeing everyone even there classmate that do not enter college they go to there house and tell what is happening to them so there friendship was still there even if they were separated to each other no one can destroy there friendship even if they do not always see each other.