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  • 1. Geobase.caOn the geobase.ca website, you candownload current GIS datasets forCanada for free. This short guide showsyou how to download it.
  • 2. Available datasets on Geobase:• Digital elevation data• Satellite images• Land cover data• Hydro network• Power lines network• Railway network• Road network• Administrative boundaries …for Canada
  • 3. Downloading Land Cover DataIn this example, we will1) download land cover data for the area of Fredericton, New Brunswick, and2) load it in ArcMap
  • 4. Go togeobase.caClick on theData tab onthe left uppercorner to seeavailabledatasets.
  • 5. • You now see a list of available datasets.• Click on Land Cover to download this data.
  • 6. It is suggestedthat you first clickon Use. Here you will find information about the attribute table, and a layer (.lyr) file that lets automatically symbolize your dataset.
  • 7. The .pdfdocument atthe end of thispage lets yousee what datais included inthe land coverdataset.
  • 8. The pdfdocument givesyou adescription ofthe attributes inthe land coverdataset.Consult it whenmanipulatingthe dataset inArcMap.
  • 9. If you want to thedatasetautomaticallysymbolized,download thelayer file (.lyr).You can find it onthe Use page.This file allowsyou to see theland cover data inArcMap with thecorrespondingsymbology.
  • 10. • Use the back bottom to download the land cover data• Click on Download
  • 11. Click on themap of Canadato get theappropriateidentifier for theregion ofinterest; in thiscaseFredericton, NB.
  • 12. 1. Click on Fredericton2. You will see that map sheet 21J contains the dataset for Fredericton. Once you click on the area of the map, the map sheet is added to the box at the bottom.3. Click Submit
  • 13. • You now have the option to download the data via the browser (http) or the ftp.• For this example, we choose to download by http.
  • 14. • Register as a new user, then sign in to download the dataset.• Save it to your computer, and unzip it.
  • 15. Open ArcMap and addthe .lyr file wedownloaded fromgeobase.ca
  • 16. • You will see that the legend is loaded in the table of contents, but there is no data associated with it yet.• Click on the red exclamation mark to associate the legend with the land cover dataset.
  • 17. • Once you have clicked on the red exclamation point, a window appears that allows you to browse to the land cover .shp file.• Add it, and your land cover data is loaded in ArcMap.
  • 18. • To learn how to process land cover data, check out this guide:https://wiki.usask.ca/download/attachments/223019286/LandCover_data_processing.pdf