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Statistics Homework Help

  1. 1. http://www.StatisticsHomeworkHelp.comTitle- Statistics Homework Help54-cottStreet,Glasgow,Scotaland,UKKeywords- Statistics Homework Help, Research paperwriting service, assignment, business, finance,economics, Dissertation Writing Service, Accounting,chemistry, Biology, HistoryDescription- Statistics Homework Help Available! Sendus your Statistics Assignments and Get them completedon time at very affordable prices.Janifarsoloman 044-07005963-091homeworkhelp47@gmail.comStatistics has arisen with a German word, statistic. The general meaning of statistics is science ofcounting. Statistics like many other sciences is a mounting discipline. Statistics deals with allaspects of collection, organization and interpretation of data. It uses mathematical theories ofprobability, compels order and regularity on aggregates of more or less different elements.The importance of statistics in recent years cannot be over highlighted. Statistical studies havedeveloped considerably. Statistics uses various tests, which includes chi-square test, z-test and t-test. With the help of these tests, testing of hypothesis, mean, mode, median are calculated. Thequality of data is also improved by statistics. This quality of data includes the plan ofexperiments and survey sampling. Statistical models also provide different tools for prediction,calculation and forecasting, which covers wide scope. It is mainly used in academic disciplinethat includes natural and social sciences, government and business. It summarizes or describes acollection of data with the help of descriptive statistics. It has also scope in research.Services those are provided by our organization are mainly related with rich content in statistics.This content provides the information that statistics is an important part in education field. It is
  2. 2. used in planning. Statistics provides the interpretation of valued facts and figure, those aresignificant to planning. Statistical knowledge is also indispensable to the businessman. Thus, ourorganization formulates different plans and policies by using statistics. Our organization uses allthe reliable and genuine sources for writing the content of statistics to the learners. For moredetails please visit our website http//:www.StatisticsHomeworkHelp.comThe term statistics has been derived from the word of the Italian origin i.e. Statista, which meansStatesman. In today’s era, the term statistics can be defined in three ways singular, plural andgeneral sense. In singular sense, the term statistics can be defined as that branch of knowledgerelated to mathematics which deals with the systematic accumulation, tabulation, presentation,analysis and the interpretation of collected quantitative data. In the plural way, it can be definedas a set of quantitative facts and datas, while in the general sense, statistics can be divided intotwo parts namely statistical methods and statistical theory. Statistical methods are defined asthose procedures and techniques which are used in the collection, presentation, analysis and theinterpretation of the quantitative datas, and the statistical theory deals with the development andthe exposition of the theories on which the statistical methods are based.Statistics generally includes collection of the quantitative data, collection and presentation of thisdatas, frequency distribution, measures of central tendency, point measures, measurement of thevariability, Skewness and Kurtosis, measures of correlation, sampling designs, use of thestatistical tests, probability distribution, tests such as chi square, Z-test, ANCOVA, F-test, T-testetc.The service which is provided by us in this stream includes: solving of various assignmentsrelated to the topics discussed above. The services also include providing various analysis andevaluative work related to statistical methods. We also provide specific solution in a customizedway as per the requirement of the clients, and solve them by showing different methods for eachpattern of questions. For more details please visit our websitewww.StatisticsHomeworkHelp.comThe origin of statistics took place in the mid of 17th century as per some scholars. Its scope wasactually widened in 19th century. The mathematical foundation of statistics was laid in 17 thcentury with the development of concepts like probability theory given by Blaise Pascal and
  3. 3. Pierre de Fermat. Early statistics was always revolving around demographic and economic datathat is why it is actually called stat-etymology. The study of collecting, organizing, andinterpreting the data is said to be statistics. It also includes planning of data collection in contextof design of surveys and experiments. It helps in improving the quality of data as it enables us tocollect, rearrange and interpret the information.Statistical tools and methods also help in predicting or forecasting the data. In addition to this, itcan also generate the randomness and uncertainty in the observation, which helps a person indrawing inferences from the sample, which is being studied. This can also be referred asinferential statistics.Statistical research is mainly applicable in investigating causality and drawing conclusion witheffect of changes in the values of predictors or independent variables on dependent variableresponse. Basically, two types of causal statistics can be studied: experimental and observationalstudies and in both the studies the effect of differences of an independent variable on thebehavior of dependent variable are observed.As our firm deals in developing content for the learners, tailor made course material is providedto them, so that the subject becomes easy to understand. Statistics is the significant subject usedbasically in research contents, and many other marketing related topics. We come up with thebest methods, which help in utilizing statistics as a subject in an effective way. For more detailsplease visit our website www.StatisticsHomeworkHelp.comStatistics is an associated subject included in mathematics. Statistics is mainly the study in whichdata is collected, organized and interpreted to reach accurate results of the particular problem.Under statistics, the data collection is done in a fully planned way which includes the designingof the experiments and surveys. The statistics is a kind of scientific study, but it is also an art.The statistical studies are conducted in a disciplined form, and it has close concern with thetheoretical concepts of the mathematics. At some instances it is considered in the distinguishedform of mathematical science as it includes the study of both mathematics and science relatedsubjects.Statistics is a very vast subject as it includes different statistical studies. Due to its vast scope, itsapplication has significant importance in the field of research. The different disciplines ofstatistics are business statistics, biostatistics, energy statistics, engineering statistics,
  4. 4. psychological statistics, social statistics, etc. All these disciplines of statistics have their specificapplication in different fields. The studies conducted under the different fields include specificstatistical methods and techniques as per the nature of the data collected. Under statistics,experimental and observational studies are conducted with the help of particular statisticalcomputing methods and formulas.This detailed discussion of the statistics as a subject shows that study of statistics as a subject isvery difficult task for the learners. To assist the learners in order to have good understanding ofthe subject and its process, we as the educational material providers develop highly supportiveeducational content related to statistics. The information provided by us is very much helpful forthe personal growth and career development of the students and readers to an excellent level.Statistics is the science that deals with collection, classification, analysis and interpretation ofnumerical facts or data with the help of mathematical theories. It basically deals with collecting,organizing, analyzing and interpreting numerical information of data. Statistic is the branch ofscience that aims at finding the solutions of the complex problems with the help of quantitativetechniques. It is the discipline of science that helps in resolving critical mathematical problems.It is a way to extract useful information from the data. Data includes facts, basically numericalfacts, and information includes knowledge which is related to some specific particular fact.Key statistical concepts include population, sample, parameter, etc. There are some ways toproduce data such as, census, sampling, simulation, experiment, observational study, etc.Statistical measures that are used for extracting information from data collected are regressionanalysis, ANOVA, etc. There are different branches of statistics, such as, inferential statistics,descriptive statistics, etc. Business problems for which statistics can provide solutions areaccounting, organization behavior, marketing, finance, economics, operations research, etc.Statistical study follows steps of identification of individuals, specification of variables,determination of using sample or population, collection of data and using appropriate statisticalmethods.We provide excellent solutions to students regarding their statistical projects and help them indeveloping high quality educational content, so that they can enhance their learning and broadentheir knowledge base. The assistance provided by us will help the learners of subject tounderstand subtle complexities of the subject. We hope that the assistance provided by us will
  5. 5. help students in their future learning related to statistics. For more details please visit ourwebsite www.StatisticsHomeworkHelp.comStatistics can be defined as the process of collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting data.The term “statistic” is the final outcome (number) which is derived from the science of“statistics” or “statistical methods.” statistical methods are categorized as: Descriptive andInferential. The types of statistical data which could be used to perform statistical methods ortechniques; i.e. facts which we collect, analyze, interpret, and presented by qualitative orquantitative techniques.Statistics includes collection of the data and quantitative presentation of the selected datas.Statistics includes a collection of the data and quantitative presentation of the selected datas. Italso includes the key points such as measures of central tendency, point measures, infrequencydistribution, variability measurement, sampling designs, measures of correlation, use of thestatistical tests, probability distribution, and tests such as chi square, ANCOVA, F-test, Z-test,etc.The qualitative data is mainly analyzed by determining the percentage falling within eachcategory. For example, if we are analyzing an information about the gender mix of any group,we could express this either as the total of males and females in the group or the percentage ofmales and females in that group.The services, which are provided by our organization, include the stream of above topics whichhelp in solving various key problems related to the topic. The services provided by us alsoinclude evaluation of work which is related to specific statistical methods. We also providespecific solutions according to the requirement of the client which is customized as per therequirements. For more details please visit our website www.StatisticsHomeworkHelp.comStatistics is the field of science, which is concerned with the collection, organization, andinterpretation of the data. Statistics is one of the most important branches of mathematics, whichis used for carrying out the most viable results of complex problems. The statistic is the subjectthat aims to reveal the solution of the problem with the help of different numerical facts andmathematical theories. In other words, statistic is an art to represent and interpret the data, so thatuseful information can be extracted from such data. It helps the student to resolve any critical
  6. 6. measure with the help of quantitative approaches toward empirical data and observation ofpractical incidents taking place in the practical world.The scope of Statistic is quite vast. It includes a number of quantitative measures and modelswhich is used for revealing the most viable outcome of a problem. Such statistical measuresinclude regression analysis, mean analysis, variance and its related analysis, Anova analysis, andso on. With the help of such measures, statistics can be used for resolving different complexproblems in the field of societal, industrial and scientific research. Measures associated withstatistic are quite sophisticated and complex, which is not easy to understand for a beginner.In concern to this, we provide excellent and specialized assistance for learners of the subject tounderstand different complex implications of the subject. Our expertise services help the studentto build high quality education content, so that the understanding of students can be enhanced inthe particular subject. For more details please visit our websitewww.StatisticsHomeworkHelp.comThe word Statistics originated from Latin Word “status”, which means state. Statistics is used fordesigning the process of data collection, summarizing, interpreting, analyzing and then comingto the conclusions. It provides a body of principles and methodology to solve business and everyday problems. In addition to this, day to day information about the employment, cost of living,Gallup poll, and quality and productivity improvement is also provided. Statistics uses variables,statistical population, and sample to conduct the study and so on. A random table is used toselect a sample. The various fields of statistics that are studied are:Descriptive Statistics: It summarizes about what is observed in the sample graphically andnumerically. It includes mean, standard deviation for continuous data types and frequency andpercentage for categorical data.Inferential Statistics: It is used for drawing inferences on the basis of pattern in the sample. Theinferences can take the form of hypothesis testing, estimation of numerical data, correlationbetween various variables, modeling relationships within the data through regression analysis.Inference can extend to prediction and estimation; it can include extrapolation and interpolationof time series. The randomness is studied in statistics using mathematical discipline ofProbability Theory.
  7. 7. The services provided by our organization on content development in Statistics is collecting dataand preparing a plan to sort out the problem. Content Development uses various sources likejournals, articles, books. The organization provides deep insight about the topic of statisticsunder study. Great care is taken so that no area of the problem remains uncovered.Statistics in simple terms is the art and science of collecting and analyzing numerical data inlarge number. In other words, statistics is a method which is a part of a research process and usessome mathematical and numeric techniques to analyze the data which is collected by a researcherby conducting an on-field survey. The word statistics can have more than one meaning. Instatistics, numbers mean data, so they are called numeric data. Statistics can also define as aseparate discipline of study or it can be part of any research study. The scholars in the field ofstatistics create new applications and then they are applied after being practically tested. Formore details please visit our website www.StatisticsHomeworkHelp.comStatistics is a discipline of knowledge where the behavior of the respondents about somephenomenon is observed and studied. The population is defined and sample size is selectedaccording to the subject of research. Then information from that number of respondents iscollected. After that it is converted into data which is statistical data and presented in the mannerwhere it can represent a particular point of view of the respondents towards that phenomenon. Byusing some statistical methods, the collected data is analyzed and based on that some conclusionsare made about the subject of the research which can be helpful in future and used asinformation.We provide help in developing contents related to this subject. Also, we give assistance inpreparing research papers or term papers. Our focus is on the content preparation which isaligned with a very well-defined format of a research paper or article. We provide all theinformation needed and customized solution for preparing the material useful for our clients.Statistics is a type of mathematical analysis which involves the use of quantified representations,models, and summaries the given data. Statistics refers to the techniques used for collecting,organizing, analyzing, and interpreting data. The data may be quantitative with values expressednumerically, or it can also be qualitative. Statistics deals with all aspects of data interpretationincluding the planning of data collection in terms of the design of surveys and experiments.
  8. 8. Statistics has various and varied applications. The fundamental function of statistical techniquesis to reveal the significance of complex data by means of various diagrams or different averages.Further, statistics facilities comparison of data both chronologically and geographically.Statistical methods have their use in formulating and examining hypothesis and also in makingdesign of experiments and surveys as well.Statistics helps in finding and evaluating patterns shown by data arising in different fields ofactivity. Statistical data are classified into primary and secondary, depending on the source of thedata. The statistical data which are gathered directly from the field of investigation for thedesired purpose is primary data. The statistical data which have already been collected by someagency and are compiled from that source are called secondary data.We help students in updating their knowledge on statistics. We provide assistance to students incompleting statistics assignments ensuring a good grade for them in the assessments.Additionally, we have panel of highly qualified tutors in the subject. The solutions are providedspecifically as per the demand of clients. For more details please visit our websitewww.StatisticsHomeworkHelp.comStatistics is the mathematical science, which refers to collection, analysis, interpretation,explanation and presentational of facts and figures. Statistics is concerned with makingjudgments with the use of available data. In statistics, all the variables are interpreted andsummarized in the form of relevant information.Statistics is applicable in varieties of disciplines, from businesses to government, and human andsocial science to humanities. Statistics comprises of descriptive, predictive and inferentialstatistics. Methods used in statistics are used to summarize the collected data. Experimental andobservational are the two methods used in statistics. Statistics covered wide varieties of topics,such as, description of the data, sampling, experiments and surveys, analyses of data, probabilityand random variables. Description of the data includes average, measure of scale, correlation andstatistical graphs. Sampling covers sampling distribution, stratified and Quota sampling andbiased sampling. Analyses of data add regression analysis, density estimation, time series,multivariate analysis and robust statistics.Our organization provides services in statistical content development. We collect informationfrom various published and unpublished sources, like census reports, books, journals, magazines,periodicals, reports of researchers, and published works of universities. Unpublished sources
  9. 9. cover records of private firms and business enterprises. The collected data helps in surveyresearch, population, employment mapping, etc. The organization prepares the plan, purpose, usethe research methods, collect the data and then analyze the data for developing the content. Thecontent provided by us is valid and reliable as it is collected from appropriate sources, whichprovides the best value to the clients. For more details please visit our websitewww.StatisticsHomeworkHelp.comStatistics has originated from the Latin word Status, which means state. It mainly displays dataand charts pertaining to economic, demographic and political situations prevailing in a country.It is the field of mathematics, which deals with collection, organization and interpretation ofdata. Statistics can be applicable to a variety of disciplines, which encompass government,business and social sciences. Statistical methods can be applied to summarize collection of data,which is termed as descriptive statistics. When statistical methods are applied together inferencesabout the population under scope of study, then it is called inferential statistics.In order to apply the various statistical methods to various real life problems such as science,industry and societal problems, firstly a population or a process should be identified. Thepopulation can be, for example all residents residing in a country, each atom of an element etc.The data collected by this process is known as the time series. Fact finding is not confined toprofessional researchers only. Statistics is in modern times applicable to various fields likeemployment, cost of living and quality and productivity improvement. In descriptive statistics,the population data may be summarized and describe the data either numerically or graphically.On the other hand, inferential statistics takes into account patterns in the sample data.We as an organization, provides various educational content on topics ranging from arts tohumanities to medicine, technology, business and finance can also build content on varied topicsof this area of study, i.e. statistics. Our experienced and dedicated content writing team is able tofocus and find in-depth solution to even the most difficult and challenging aspects within thisarea of study. We can resolve all problematic topics, whether theoretical or numerical in statisticsand will aspire towards total quality and customer satisfaction by providing customized andprompt services.Send us details, and get the work done. Visit