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Brighten Your Smile With The Help Of These Eight Tips
Brighten Your Smile With The Help Of These Eight Tips
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Brighten Your Smile With The Help Of These Eight Tips


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  1. Brighten Your Smile With The Help Of These Eight TipsWhen it comes to having a beautiful smile, whiteness is key. There are many methods of whiteningthat have proven successful over the years, while others do not work quite as well. Use the eight tipsbelow to get your teeth whiter than they have ever been before.First and foremost, get to the dentist regularly. Go in for your cleanings every six months. Do not putoff going for any reason. Your dentist will be able to get the plaque removed more effectively than anytoothpaste, mouthwash or whitening kit. Your dentist will also be able to find any cavities that couldbecome a problem if you continue to use home whitening kits or leave them untreated.Brushing and flossing will help keep your teeth both healthy and white. Simply brushing will not beenough to maintain your dental health or white teeth. This should be done no less than two timesdaily.Do not smoke! Whether it is cigars or cigarettes, the smoke will leave awful stains on your teeth andhave negative effects on the overall health of your mouth. If you must smoke, decrease the amount ofsmoking you do and brush your teeth afterwards.Drinks like coffee, tea, red wine and soda should be avoided. If you cannot stay away from thesedrinks, use a straw when you drink them. It will get the liquids past your teeth and cause less staining.Home remedies for teeth whitening include the use of strawberries and orange peels. You can mashthe strawberries up and make a paste out of them that you can then brush with. Orange peels can beused directly on your teeth. Simply rub them on your teeth for about two minutes and the peels willwork to remove any build up that has formed on your teeth.Baking soda has long been used for dental care. Add a bit of peroxide with it and use it as a paste tobrush your teeth with. There are several products on the market that already include the baking sodain them that you can use if you are turned off by the taste of the actual baking soda.
  2. Even though there are many different mouthwashes on the market these days, avoid using themoften. They can cause discoloration of your teeth, as well as softening of the enamel on your teeth. Ifyou insist on using the mouthwash, avoid consuming any food or drink or smoking for at least thirtyminutes after. The soft enamel will allow the stains to set much quicker and deeper in the teeth.If you are thirsty, drink water. This will help you keep your teeth clean throughout the day and helpyou avoid drinking things like soda or coffee which will quickly stain your teeth.The tips you have learned here have proven effective for many people that walk around with beamingwhite smiles. Use them and you too can have a smile that you will be proud to show off.For more advice click here