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Bibliography prepared for BWIN meeting on 8/14/09. Includes links to Twitter tutorials, case studies of Twitter use in STM & B2B publishing and trends and commentary on Twitter.

Bibliography prepared for BWIN meeting on 8/14/09. Includes links to Twitter tutorials, case studies of Twitter use in STM & B2B publishing and trends and commentary on Twitter.

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  • 1. Twitter Bibliography for BWIN Tutorials: The Complete Guide to Twitter for Business Free download of an ebook that will teach you more that I can today! How to get going on Twitter (or I’ve just opened an account, now what?) « Copywriting Blog from Turner Ink How I use Twitter, and you? « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing YouTube - Three Features I Love In TweetDeck 0.21.5b HowStuffWorks "Top 5 Tips for Using Twitter" 10 Reasons Why PR People Need to be on Twitter Custom Twitter Backgrounds: Tips for Better Readability How to explain to your mother, husband, best friend that Twitter is not a waste of time Pretty good list of useful purposes of Twitter--mostly business related. Janice McCallum (@janicemccallum), 781.356.1766 Page 1 Blog: August 13, 2009
  • 2. Twitter Bibliography for BWIN 30 Days of Twitter Tips and Hints –– Final list of all the post | Blog For Profit HOW TO: Get the Most Out of Twitter #Hashtags 30 Twitter Tools For Managing Followers | Tools | Wow, tools for managing Twitter are really proliferating. Janice McCallum (@janicemccallum), 781.356.1766 Page 2 Blog: August 13, 2009
  • 3. Twitter Bibliography for BWIN Twitter in Business and STM My 140conf Talk: Twitter as Publishing - O'Reilly Radar Tim O'Reilly on how he uses Twitter as a publishing and community-building platform. Why Social Media are Essential to Future of Health & Science Communication Excellent presentation from Mayo Clinic on using social media in marketing communications for hospitals. Much more than a how-to, preso provides superb overview of how media landscape is changing, with marketers (in this case Mayo) having access to inexpensive publishing and distirbution tools. Fits right in with this week's article on Value of Health Content. Views: How Tweet It Is - Inside Higher Ed Good piece on use of Twitter by scholarly publishers. Focuses on using Twitter to promote info about books/journals on blogs or websites. But, also points out that PR folks have a bit more latitude in what they can do/say on Twitter than in a formal blog/web post. The Cochrane Library and Web 2.0 « ScienceRoll Good slide presentation on how Cochrane Collaboration uses Twitter, delicious, Facebook, etc. 50 must-follow #Health20 heroes on Twitter | GovFresh - Government 2.0 Brian Ahier's list of top 50 health info "heroes" on Twitter. Great list, even includes @janicemccallum! The Strength of Weak Ties: Why Twitter Matters in Scholarly Communication « The Scholarly Kitchen Janice McCallum (@janicemccallum), 781.356.1766 Page 3 Blog: August 13, 2009
  • 4. Twitter Bibliography for BWIN Healthcare Providers Plug Into Facebook, Twitter, YouTube -- InformationWeek Information Week covers range of doctors' attitudes toward using social media to communicate with patients. Spreading the Word: Twitter vs. Facebook - Cancerwise | A blog featuring Cancer News and Insights from M. D. Anderson It's useful for spreading the word, but I don't know how useful... AMNews: June 29, 2009. Should doctors use Twitter? ... American Medical News Good article on how some doctors and hospitals are using Twitter for marketing and education purposes. I like the quote: Dr. Young believes it should be the goal of every physician to educate the masses -- and Twitter is a good tool. "One method of providing health education is through electronic media, which can multiply, if used properly, a single individual's efforts to promote healthy life choices," he said. Clinical Cases and Images - Blog: A conversation with a Web 2.0 skeptic Good dialogue about social media's relevance to clinical practice. Medicine and Social Media: Why Do I Tweet ? - Cancerwise | A blog featuring Cancer News and Insights from M. D. Anderson Doctor and Patient - Medicine in the Age of Twitter - Dr. Chen writes about uses of social media (including Twitter) to motivate patients to comply with treatment and wellness plans. Janice McCallum (@janicemccallum), 781.356.1766 Page 4 Blog: August 13, 2009
  • 5. Twitter Bibliography for BWIN After Twitter, TrialX Readies to Bring Clinical Trials Search to the iPhone - TrialX, which already uses Twitter to match trial patients with clinical trials, unviels an iPhone app for doctors to search for appropriate clinical trials. Pharma twittersphere - To be followed or to follow? - whydot pharma Trends in use of Twitter by big pharma. J&J & Boehringer Ingelheim lead the pack in terms of engaged usage. Integrates Twitter With B2B Marketing Automation | SYS-CON UK Health pros atwitter over tweeting | Philadelphia Inquirer | 07/27/2009 Wow, individual physicians are finding Twitter a good vehicle for pointing patients to reliable health information sources. Isn't it surprising that other vehicles don't do the job? A website could be effective, but it's much more work to post links and distribute content that way. The Inside Scoop on Tweetmeme: Q and A with Nick Halstead : The World : Idea Hub :: American Express OPEN Forum HealthBlawg: Social Communications & Healthcare Conference in NYC » Pharma on Twitter and Other Social Media: the ePatient’s Dilemma - DiabetesMine: the all things diabetes blog 5 Reasons Why Twitter Is Relevant To Healthcare | The eHealth Blog Janice McCallum (@janicemccallum), 781.356.1766 Page 5 Blog: August 13, 2009
  • 6. Twitter Bibliography for BWIN Twitter Critiques (Twittiques?) Twitter’s platform shortcomings#comment-14570955 Diagnosis In: Twitter's Dying a Slow Death - iMedia Connection Blog 25 Ways to Recharge Your Twitter Experience « ShoutEm Whither Twitter? Twitter Launches “Twitter 101″, Step One Of The Business Plan Twitter prepares materials for business use of its microblogging services. Lots of good tips for business use and examples from big companies. Early July Data: Twitter Growing, but Slowly - John Battelle's Searchblog Industry Moves: Twitter Hires Google Lawyer As General Counsel | paidContent Alexander Macgillivray, a key Google person in the Google Books Settlement, moves to Twitter as general counsel. Top 5 Twitter Related Trends to Watch Good piece on uses of Twitter and some companies to watch that are adding value to Twitter. Janice McCallum (@janicemccallum), 781.356.1766 Page 6 Blog: August 13, 2009
  • 7. Twitter Bibliography for BWIN What the Little Bird Told Me About You: Three Twitter Apps for Psych Analysis More tools in the Twittersphere Who's Investing In Twitter Startups? Article provides table of Twitter-related start-ups and the investors in each. Hedge fund managers betting Twitter will give them an edge in rapid trading - Telegraph Hedge fund managers to mine Twitter feeds to assess "event-based" info published on Twitter. Twistory 101: It's All About Small Business - John Battelle's Searchblog Jbat puts Twitter's emergence in the context of Google in 2004 and suggests that small-to-medium sized businesses will be the lifeblood of Twitter. These SMBs need to continuously find better/faster/cheaper ways of marketing their goods & services and Twitter can help. I like the comment from a reader that describes Twitter as a new "marketplace" for buyers & sellers. That's what I said of online directories 5-6 years ago. Janice McCallum (@janicemccallum), 781.356.1766 Page 7 Blog: August 13, 2009