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  2. 2. PHASES Get away! Don’t let her wait so long!... 1. BACKGROUND STRORY Most of the crabs spend their live in the sea. The female crab returns to the deep water after lays her eggs in the shallow water. The eggs hatch there. That baby crabs; which are known as zoea; move to the deeper sea level. Then, they change their shape to the next phase; megalopa; when they go onto the bottom of the sea because they are heavy now. They growing up to the juvenile phase before they become adults crab. PHASES is about a male zoea who have to go through his life’s phases to meet the female who is looking for her soul mate. 2. THE GAME PHASES is a turn – based game for two to six players. The goal of the game is to meet the female who is called Ms Crab in this game. In general, the players rolling their own dice, place it arbitrary in one of the life level, and moving the crab piece on the board in a turn. On the board there are 51 small boxes as the path where the players move their pieces. In each phase, there are certain numbers of boxes where they have to go until they pass the last box and get in the next phase. There are several characters; who can help the player or distract them; which can be found in the game pieces. 3. NEEDED TO PLAY 5) b) PROTECTOR BASE a. CRAB BOARD 5) c) CLOWN CRAB BASE 4) LIFE LEVEL5) a) FOOD BASE1) HOME BASE A BOX3) MS CRAB BASE 2) d) ADULT PHASE2) c) JUVENILE PHASE 2) b) MEGALOPA PHASE2) a) ZOEA PHASE 1) HOME BASE dice This is where the players put the pieces of their crabs, dice, and the cards of food, lives, and protector supplies.
  3. 3. 2) PHASES Each phase is divided into several boxes. The boxes which are pointed in the picture above is the start of the phases. a) ZOEA There are 20 boxes including plankton, predator and protector boxes. In plankton box, the player gain a number of 1 food 2 foods 3 foods foods depends on how many planktons are there. In predator box, the players loose a number of lives which is stated in there. There are also some protector Loose 1 life boxes. In protector box, player get one protector card. b) MEGALOPA There are 15 boxes. There are also plankton boxes, predator boxes, and protector boxes, but with less amount than zoea phase. Protector c) JUVENILE There are 11 boxes which only include predator and protector boxes. d) ADULT There are 5 boxes, include two predator Loose 2 lives Loose 3 lives boxes. In this phase, there is a special challenge where the player can get the other player back to the first box of the Juvenile phase and have all of that player’s foods when he comes to the same box as that player during his turn. Moreover, one of the Barnacle predator is a barnacle. If they get in that, they have to start from thebegining of the megalopa phase. 3) MS CRAB BASE Place to put the female crab piece. 4) LIFE LEVEL Players make their own decision to put the dice between levels 1 to 6 which can give them clown crab/life. Maximum lives given are the same with the level number. Level six cannot give the player more than six lives. If the next player has the same or more dice scores than the player before, he can choose the level under that player’s level or above it. For the level under, he can get the different amount between those levels to decrease that player’s life. However, he cannot decrease that life if he chooses the higher level or get fewer amounts for his dice score. The possibility to gain or lose life depends on the next take turn player.
  4. 4. 5) GENERAL BASE It is used to put the game card; a) FOOD BASE b) PROTECTOR BASE c) CLOWN CRAB BASEb. DICE Each player has their own dice and it is different in each phase. The numbers which are come out from the rolling are summed to decide after how many boxes the player can move. In a turn, there is only one chance to roll it. In some phases, they can get picture in a die or pictures in their dice; picture does not counted as a number. These pictures represent the amount of foods and protectors that the player can get. Each picture means one food or protector. 1) ZOEA DICE The dice numbers are from 1 to 6. 2) MEGALOPA DICE It has numbers from 1 to 5 and one other side represent food. (If the players get 1 picture of fish, he gets one food. Getting the picture of small mollusk and aquatic plant means two foods.) 3) JUVENILE DICE It has numbers from 1 to 4 and two other sides represent food (fish; plant). 4) ADULT DICE It has only 1 number and five other sides represent food and protector. (clam, oyster, and mussel; algae and sea lettuce; eel grass and fish)c. GAME PIECES for zoea for megalopa for juvenile for adult Ms Crab 1) PLAYER’S CRABS There are certain crabs to be used in the certain phase. 2) MS CRAB She is placed in the centre of the board.d. CARDS 1) CLOWN CRAB He is the symbol of life. Each of it represents the number of the players’ lives. By collecting 5 lives, the player can move forward one box. Each
  5. 5. player has free three lives in the beginning. Loose life during the game means start over from the first phase. 2) PROTECTOR There are some protectors; found on the board or at the dice surfaces. The player can save this piece and have the chance to safe their life while he gets on a predator box. Each of it can only be used once. a) OYSTER’S SHELLS They occur in the first phase board. b) SPONGES AND ANEMONE They protect the player in the next phase. However, if the player get anemone, they have to lose half of their food supplies. 3) FOOD Although there are almost different kinds of food in each phase, their function is the same. The player can change 5 of their food supplies to one clown crab (life). However, they can do that as long as the food is for the right phase and they have not died yet. Plankton is only for zoea and megalopa phases. Players cannot use this plankton for the other phases. The other kind of food for each phase is defined in the dice explanation. After it is used, these cards must be put back in the general base.4. GAMEPLAY a. SET THE GAME Each player is given: 4 crab pieces, 3 clown crabs, 4 kinds of phases’ dice. Put the game pieces on its given place as it is explained above. b. PLAY IT Players roll their zoea dice together. The turn goes from the one with the largest number to the smallest number. Player roll his dice (the player re –roll his dice only for the first turn), put it on one of the life level (subjective decision) and move his piece according to his dice score. They always move in the direction of the next phase. The game end when one of the adult crabs reaches Ms Crab.5. UNIQUE SELLING POINT One of the things that make this game different is the oval crab board instead of using the common square board. Moreover, this game is based on the real life cycle of crab which is good for learning. It is also played using strategy which helps the player to build up more neuron-connections. There are different challenges in each phase. The rule which is used in the life level gives the player chance to cut the other player’s lives while their own life is still a mystery. In addition, the most unusual thing is the dice system which can also limit the player movement when they almost come to the last phase. The layout of this game also gives more fun as it is made in cartoonish style.