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Death begins in the cell
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Death begins in the cell


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Death begins in the cell

Death begins in the cell

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  • Lots of new emerging research on how we age and what causes degenerative disease and death.. Biochemists .. Understanding more about the cell and how it functions and more intricate components of the cell ..
  • Toxins from within – when cells do not receive the nutrients essential for their proper operation.. they can: ·        reproduce improperly ( degenerative diseases), ·        produce damaged cells that the immune system will attack and eliminate ( if its in good shape ) ,.. like cancer cells ·        can create free radical damage within the cell that cause it to malfunction and/or die Basically … health is lost or gained at the cellular level
  • Look how complex and fascinating the insides of our cells are.. The nucleus contains the DNA .. The template the cell uses every time it reproduces itself …. When it gets damaged … & the cell starts reproducing wildly What do we call that? Cancer The mitochondria .. Littl e energy batteries … nuclear power plants of the cell …in greatest number in the cells that work the hardest .. Brain , heart , muscles …organs .. They decline with age … and worse ..when they get damaged from toxins or don’t get the nutrients needed to function properly .. They have a nuclear meltdown .. A Chernobyl … and the rest of cell gets blasted with free radicals and .. That has been linked to Alzheimers and Parkinsons in brain cells … The sludge .. The AGE proteins … fro m our high sugar .. Hi carb diets .. Create cross links to the proteins .. And then they can’t do the work of the cell .. And the sludge builds and the cell malfunctions and dies … Genetic Regulators .. Good ones.. That promote health and longevity in the cell … and bad ones .that increase it.
  • Scientists continue to discover more substances produced in Nature… that help protect our cells from damage and death. Nature has given us amazing substances to help protect these critical components of the cell
  • o       Can cause cells to die prematurely o       Ingredients in VIVIX appear to enhance and multiply these genetic regulators that create healthy pathways that appear to extend life ( Dr David Sinclair’s rat study) o       Sirtuin-1 and Sirtuin-2 ( SIR-1 SIR-2) show up when a cell is under stress, especially calorie deprivation o       Sirtuin – Silent Information Regulator .. Dr David Sinclair
  • o       Every cell in the body is bombarded with up to a million assaults on its DNA every day! DNA is the genetic database of the cell DNA –controls normal cell function…. So that liver cells know to detoxify and metabolize and make important chemicals for the body And heart cells know to regulate heart beat and pump the blood appropriately And lungs know to breathe in oxygen and excrete CO 2 And brain knows to think And eyes know to see … etc o       It is a template for the cell to produce essential “messengers” within the cell and to reproduce itself … If it becomes damaged .. the cell could become a cancer cell… or become a “sick cell” ( depending on what organ it may be in .. that organ can become sickly as a result .. Raymond Francis) o       A healthy immune system has plenty of healthy white blood cells that will gobble up the cancer cells ( produced every day) .. unless those cells don’t have adequate nutrients for them to work properly … and so on… Unhealthy cells can occur anywhere in the body.. and according to Raymond Francis … where they occur, disease will follow.
  • o       Mitochondria – create energy to do the work of the cell o       Cells that are the most active … that do the most work in the body .. have the highest number of mitochondria …         Brain cells have the most         Heart cells have the next highest amount         Then muscle         Then other organs etc These are the areas that will be most adversely affected when there is a lack of antioxidants in the diet.
  • o       Advanced Glycation End Products – that crosslink the proteins in the cell ( which must be precisely programmed to do the work of the cell ) with glucose . o       When glucose gets attached to the proteins, they can’t function properly and “sludge” forms in the cell.. and it can eventually die. o       Human studies are now underway with diabetics .. the theory is that high levels of glucose not only clog the capillaries ( thus circulation issues at the extremities) and also increase formation of these glycation products. Ingredients in VIVIX are 10 times more powerful that resveratrol alone at slowing formation of AGE proteins
  • Now we are learning even more … and our Shaklee scientists are at the very forefront of the research ,.. literally inventing an entirely new product .. a tonic .. a cellular anti-aging tonic .. they created from resveratrol and a little known grape .. never in an extract before ( so they had to invent that ) that turned out to be 10 times moe potent than resveratrol alone.. . and exclusive to Shaklee …
  • Ellagic acid has anti-proliferative and antioxidant properties in a number of in vitro and small-animal models.[ 2 ] The anti-proliferative properties of ellagic acid are due to its ability to directly inhibit DNA binding with certain carcinogens, including nitrosamines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. As with other polyphenol antioxidants, ellagic acid has a chemo protective effect in cellular models by reducing oxidative stress on tissues.[ 3 ]
  • Transcript

    • 1. AND OTHER REVELATIONS OF ANTI-AGING Death Begins in the Cells…
    • 2. ONLY ONE DISEASE --- MALFUNCTIONING CELLS  Never Be Sick Again By Raymond Francis  2 causes 1. Toxins 2. Lack of nutrients  Toxins from without ( chemicals in everyday products you consume, use externally and in the environment.)  Toxins from within – free radicals from normal metabolic action and especially when cellular components malfunction
    • 3. Why do we age??????? The biggest cellular culprit is oxidation, similar to an apple slice turning brown when air exposed. Oxidative stress is the cell damage associated with the chemical reaction between free radicals and other molecules in the body. We’re About Health
    • 4. ANTIOXIDANTS DETOXIFY  They stimulate the liver to produce enzymes that break down dangerous chemicals, including carcinogens.  The more kinds of antioxidants in the diet, the more kinds of toxins the body can disarm.  That is why it is so important to eat many different kinds of plants. Without them, the cell ages.
    • 5. 4 MECHANISMS OF CELLULAR AGING Cellular components Nucleu s DNA Mitochondria Energy Genetic Regulators Longevity Genes AGE Proteins
    • 6. ANTIOXIDANTS  Early antioxidants .. Essential nutrients that had antioxidant properties Vitamin C pg: 24 Vitamin E pg: 25  Carotenoids  CarotoMax pg: 32  Flavonoids  FlavoMax  Co-Q 10  CoQHeart with Resveratrol pg: 46
    • 7. ANTIOXIDANT SOURCES  NOT in meat and proteins  NOT in dairy  NOT in breads, pasta, sweets, snacks and chips Primarily in… Vegetables and Fruits If you don’t eat 6 to 9 servings a day …
    • 8. Men 18-49 (No Iron) Women 18-49 (+ Iron) Everybody 50+ Once Daily with a Meal Best at the start of your breakfast 26 antioxidants VITALIZER Pg: 14
    • 9. Over 1000 quality tests on EACH batch, incl.: • Over 110 tests conducted to ensure what’s on the label is in the box • Over 500 physical tests to ensure consistent manufacturing • Over 330 raw material tests v VITALIZER QUALITY
    • 10. ANOTHER CLASS OF ANTIOXIDANTS EVEN MORE POTENT Polyphenols Resveratrol Ellagic Acid and more
    • 11. VIVIX CELLULAR ANTI-AGING TONIC Revolutionary breakthrough in fight against cellular aging* Vivix impacts the four key mechanisms of cellular aging* *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Pg:16-17
    • 12. A red wine polyphenol 2,800+ publications* • National Cancer Institute • National Institute on Aging • Harvard University *Medline Pubmed search, July 22nd 2009, 2,841 citations RESVERATROL
    • 13. Addresses 3 of the 4 key mechanisms of cellular aging in laboratory studies* 1 Helps protect and repair DNA* 2 Activates genetic regulators to help turn down cellular aging* 3 Supports cellular energy (mitochondrial biogenesis)* Supports heart and joint health, brain health and cognitive function* *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. RESVERATROL
    • 14. Uses ULTRA-PURE resveratrol, unlike most products SHAKLEE DIFFERENCE
    • 15. Potency One serving of Vivix™ delivers the equivalent amount of resveratrol found in 100 glasses of red wine.
    • 16. Shaklee Difference
    • 17. KEY MECHANISMS OF CELLULAR AGING 1. Genetic Regulators/Longevity Genes  Control balance of DNA damage & repair  Some protect cells .. They decline with age.  Some increase cellular damage.. They increase with age.  Activated when cells are stressed as in calorie deprivation ( Dr Sinclair )  VIVIX activates longevity genes (Nrf2) which stimulates the cells defense
    • 18. New VIVIX Clinical Study • State University of New York, Buffalo • Randomized, placebo-controlled • Healthy volunteers
    • 19. New VIVIX Clinical Study • 910 Cal junk food breakfast • Measured anti-aging outcomes for 5 hrs
    • 20. VIVIX FAST FOOD CLINICAL STUDY STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK AT BUFFALO • 2 groups fed 910-calorie breakfast ( from Burger King) • Group 1 – no Vivix • cells became highly stressed.. • huge inflammatory response • free radical damage
    • 21. FAST FOOD CLINICAL STUDY …CONTINUED Group 2 -- 910 calorie high fat breakfast …with Vivix • immediately activated a key genetic molecule Nrf2 which set in motion a • huge cellular defense and survival response • Antioxidant enzymes • Cellular detoxification pathways • Immune response ( glutathione activated) • Anti-stress
    • 22. KEY MECHANISMS OF CELLULAR AGING 2. DNA Damage  DNA is the genetic blueprint of the cell  Controls normal cell function  Replicates and repairs (less efficient with age)  DNA  mRNA  Proteins Bombarded up to a million times a day!  Healthy immune system protects DNA  LOTS of antioxidants required for today’s exposure to toxins
    • 23. KEY MECHANISMS OF CELLULAR AGING 3. Declining Cellular Energy Production  Mitochondria = our nuclear power plant  Highest concentration in brain, muscle, organs  Antioxidants protect mitochondria  Decline with age  When damaged.. Create free radicals (like nuclear meltdown)
    • 24. KEY MECHANISMS OF CELLULAR AGING 4. Accumulation of AGE Proteins  Advanced Glycation End products  Cross-linked proteins (messengers inside the cell) lose their function  Create sludge leading to cell death..organ death..  Associated with diets high in sugar and carbs
    • 25. SHAKLEE ON THE CUTTING EDGE  Invented whole new technology to discover, harvest and safely produce Vivix  Combined resveratrol & little known grape  10 X more potent than resveratrol alone  Exclusive to Shaklee
    • 26. Muscadine (Vitis rotundifolia) Super Grape Extra Chromosome = Extra Health Benefits!* 20 vs. 19 chromosomes *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
    • 27. SUPER GRAPE POLYPHENOLS Concentrated in Skin and Seed Ellagic acid Ellagitannins Gallic acids Anthocyanins Proanthocyanidins Chlorogenic acid Quercetin Myricetin Caffeic acid Kaempherol Resveratrol Catechins
    • 28. ELLAGIC ACID  Ellagic acid -- anti-proliferative and antioxidant  Anti-proliferative properties -- inhibits DNA binding with certain carcinogens (nitrosamines & polycyclic aromatic hydro carbons)  Reduces side effects of chemotherapy
    • 29. • Developed for maximum cellular anti-aging efficacy* • Liquid FULL SPECTRUM extract • Unique. Proprietary. Patent-pending. • Secured exclusive supply for 20 years from the largest and best growers world-wide SHAKLEE SUPER GRAPE EXTRACT *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
    • 30. 10x more powerful than resveratrol In slowing AGE protein formation, a key mechanism of aging SHAKLEE DIFFERENCE Inhibition of Glycation (AGE Proteins) 0.0 20.0 40.0 60.0 80.0 100.0 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Polyphenol Concentration (ug/mL) Shaklee Vitis rotundifolia Extract trans- Resveratrol
    • 31. Gentle cold filling process Naturally stabilized  no artificial preservatives added No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners Purest, most potent resveratrol 98% pure, no emodin Ideal dosage 100 mg VIVIX™ — ALL NATURAL
    • 32. RESVERATROL BENEFITS UNDER STUDY  Protects and repairs DNA  Increases cell energy  Activates cell anti-aging genes  Supports brain health  Slows AGE protein formation
    • 33. RESVERATROL BENEFITS UNDER STUDY  Lowers PSA levels  Reduces risk of blood clots  Lowers elevated blood pressure  Slows plaque build-up in tissue  Increases endurance and energy  Anti-inflammatory
    • 34. MORE RESVERATROL BENEFITS  Supports joint health  Enhances immunity  Repairs alcohol damaged liver  Reverses or delays cardiovascular problems  Improves insulin and blood sugar levels  Fights cancer.. Anti-tumor properties  Most powerful antioxidant protection
    • 35. RESVERATROL STUDIES ON: Diabetes Heart Disease Cancer Arthritis Osteoporosis Hair Loss High LDL cholesterol Alzheimer's Low HDL cholesterol Low energy Macular Degeneration Degenerative Diseases
    • 36. VIVIX REPORTS Testimonies:  Diabetes  Arthritis  Essential Tremors  Cancer  Age Spots  Diverticulitis  Energy  Depression
    • 37. FACTORS THAT MOST DAMAGE OUR HEALTH… JAMIE MCMANUS, MD Carrying excessive weight & fat.. Obesity is the #1 factor leading to serious illness Solution! -- Cinch Pg: 62-63
    • 38.  Keep muscle you have.  Burn fat you don’t need.  Lose inches you don’t want. Cinch Inch Loss Plan
    • 39. Shaklee Scientific Tradition  12-Week Pilot Study on leucine-enhanced nutrition program Clinical Data  Weight loss 15.4 lbs.  Waist size decreased by 4.1 inches  Hip size decreased by 2.6 inches  Fat-free mass remained unchanged*  all weight loss came from fat
    • 40. The Products
    • 41. Real People, Real Success Dub Kruse a total of 16 inches & 71 pounds healthier* Before
    • 42. Real People, Real Success: Sue Sherwood a total of 25 inches & 25 pounds healthier* BEFORE
    • 43. Dieting Plateau? - Detoxify! Additional Detox Methods  Herb-Lax – a natural herbal laxative that gently helps eliminate toxins from the blood, glands, organs and tissues pg: 38  Alfalfa – “King of Plants” whose roots burrow for trace elements; rich in chlorophyll, fiber and trace minerals pg: 29  Liver DTX – Detox the liver and create healthy liver cells
    • 44. NutriFeron® Immune Support  Created by the discoverer of Interferon  Naturally Increases levels of Interferon  Supported by Four Human Clinical Studies  Exclusive Patented Formula Pg: 48
    • 45. 10 Americans…..  Tested for toxic chemicals  Environmental Working Group: The Inconvenient Truth for Environmental Health  Kid safe chemicals act  Watch the 10 Americans video
    • 46. Toxins –from without or externally exposed Sources:  Water  Air  Food  Topical Now, let’s look at our external exposure.
    • 47. What Chemicals Are we Using AROUND Us? Out of 81,000 CHEMICALS REGISTERED WITH THE EPA IN THE PAST 30 YEARS, fewer than 20% have been tested for toxicity! FACT: Poisonings—Chlorine bleach is the chemical most frequently involved in household poisonings in the U.S. FACT: Asthma—Common household cleaners and appliances may give off fumes that can be triggers for asthma FACT: Health Risks—Chemicals that can be found in everyday products that are probably under your kitchen sink or in your laundry room, basement, bathroom, and garage are known to be harmful to children, particularly to their developing nervous systems and brains
    • 48. Challenges to Our Health Today Mercury contamination moves beyond fish; ‘Every link of the food chain affected’ —ABC News, September 18, 2006 Baby care products: possible sources of infant phthalate exposure —Pediatrics, February 1, 2008 Bisphenol-A can build up in babies and infants —The Canadian Press, February 23, 2009 Too much junk food being put in children’s hands —World News, March 14, 2009
    • 49. What Are we Putting ON our skin? FACT: 287 Industrial Chemicals—Found in a test of the umbilical cord blood of 10 newborns: consumer- product ingredients, banned industrial chemicals, and pesticides FACT: 1,4-Dioxane and Formaldehyde—Found in 61% of 28 children’s bath soaps, shampoos, lotions, and other personal care products tested; considered probable carcinogens by the EPA FACT: Phthalates—Fragrance can contain phthalates— known endocrine disrupters —which are also known to be skin irritants with potentially negative impacts on the respiratory system, liver, and kidneys FACT: Bisphenol-A—Found in polycarbonate plastic containers, baby bottles, and toys—is an endocrine disrupter; newborns and infants may have up to11X more in their bodies than adults Babies’ skin is 5X thinner and more permeable than adult skin, making babies more susceptible to toxins
    • 50. ARE YOU LIVING IN A TOXIC BODY? Fact: Drug resistant bacteria is on the rise Fact: Similar chemicals can act together, along with a host of other chemicals to create effects that no agency is looking at Fact: 90% of toxic hazards are caused by the inhalation of vapors and absorption of hazardous particles
    • 51. Solution: Shaklee  Impeccable standards  A commitment to products in harmony with nature & great health  Change brands.
    • 52. Our Mission—A Healthier Life for Everyone, A Better Life for Anyone™ Shaklee—The Number One Natural Nutrition Company in the U.S.
    • 54. SAFE CLEAN POWERFUL CLEAN GREEN CLEAN SMART CLEAN 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    • 55. POWERFUL CLEAN We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice powerful convictions for powerful cleaners. And vice versa. Dish Wash Liquid Concentrate is 70% More Effective than Method® Dish Soap And 98% More Effective than Seventh Generation® Dishwashing Liquid on grease* Basic H2™ Organic Super Cleaning Wipes Perform 60% Better than Pledge® Wipes on vinyl flooring* Basic H2™ Organic Super Cleaning Wipes Has Less Streaking on Glass than Windex® With Vinegar Wipes— plus, Get Clean™ Wipes are biodegradable* Nature Bright® Laundry Booster and Stain Remover is 50% More Effective than OxiClean® on grass stains* Fresh Laundry Liquid Concentrate is 30% Better at removing soil and stains than All Small & Mighty™* Fresh Laundry Liquid Concentrate Outperforms Shout® and Spray ‘n Wash® on spot removal* *These performance comparisons were done on March 29, April 24, and June 6, 2006 and are valid only for the named products marketed at that time. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
    • 56. STARTER KIT You would spend over $3,400 to get the same cleaning power from major name brands!* 60 Bottles of Fantastik®, 32 oz. 32 Bottles of Mop ‘n Glo®, 32 oz. 728 Bottles of Windex®, 26 oz. 1 Bottle of Woolite®, 50 oz. 1 Container of Clorox® Wipes 1 Bottle of Soft Scrub® 2.5 Boxes of Cascade®, 45 oz. 2 Boxes of Tide®, 50 oz. 3 Bottles of Downy®, 20 oz. 1 Box of Bounce®
    • 57. Personal Care Page: 96-97
    • 58. Nutrition Therapy Skin Care System™ Enfuselle® blocks ALL skin- damaging free radical reactions Page 80
    • 59. Formulated Without: •Parabens •SLS/SLES •Propylene glycol •Animal products or by- products •Mineral oils or petrolatum •FD&C or D&C dyes •Phtalates •1,4-dioxane
    • 60. Results so dramatic… …even we did a double take! In 28 days, clinical studies confirmed*: • 665% increase in skin firmness • 421% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles • 88% reduction in fine lines So unique and proprietary, Enfuselle® has been granted 7 patents
    • 61. Vital Repair + ® Complex Boosts your skin’s natural ability to defend and repair its appearance. Black & white photography Normal Light ` UV Light Before regimen treatment After regimen treatment Damage is not noticeable Dark areas show underlying damage Visibly diminished damage
    • 62. Changing brands changed her life…
    • 63. Always safe:  Clinically tested  No parabens, 1,4-dioxane, sodium lauryl sulfate, formaldehyde, or phthalates Always gentle:  Pediatrician tested  99% natural ingredients  76%–99% organic ingredients  Hypoallergenic  pH balanced Always healthy:  No synthetic fragrances  No artificial colors  Packaging is free of bisphenol-A, phthalates, and toxic inks Page 72-73 Specifically designed for your baby’s tender skin. Baby Care:
    • 64. We’re About Health on the inside, too…. For Our Kids…. Start with HEALTHY eating Supplement Essential Nutrients that growing bodies NEED. Page: 74-77
    • 65. We’re About Health Put SAFE Products IN Us
    • 66. We’re About Health Put SAFE Products ON Us
    • 67. We’re About Health Use SAFE Products AROUND our home ® ®
    • 68. Welcome to Peace of Mind
    • 69. ! ©2008 Shaklee Corporation. Distributed by Shaklee Corporation, Pleasanton, CA 94588 08-477 (Rev. 9/08)