How do I find a book in the library? 2013


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How do I find a book in the library? 2013

  1. 1. Look for it in the Library catalog
  2. 2. The Library includes fiction and non-fiction books – do you know the difference? 1. Fiction books are made up stories, and located at the back of the library, arranged by the author’s last name 2. Non-fiction books are located at the side of the library, arranged by subject, using Dewey Decimal Classification numbers 3. You use the library online catalog to find books in the library
  3. 3. Use the AHS Library Catalog – at school or from home • Use one of the catalog computers • Find and click the Library Search icon or: • To use at home, go to: (or use the Destiny mobile app on your phone or tablet; see the link at the end of this slide show) • Click on Arcadia High School
  4. 4. For help, click here on any page The Library Search page looks different now in the new Destiny Library System – but it works the same way
  5. 5. n ko Clic ary r Lib rch Sea You can search for the title, the author or the subject and a few other things you see here on the menu bar Type the name or title or subject in the find search box and click on the button in the menu bar
  6. 6. A sample search – when trying to find a book by Stephen King – if I type in king and hit enter, the catalog makes a keyword search on the word “king” and I get more than 400 hits – not very helpful go back to the first search screen
  7. 7. This li s the AH t shows tha t S libra ry has books 28 by Ste King, the ca phen ll n where it can umber be fou on the nd shelf, and if book i a sa click o vailable – n read m the title to ore ab out the boo The best and fastest way to find what I want is to type in his last name – king or first and last names, and click on the author tab at the top of the search screen
  8. 8. When you click on the title in the list, you get this page that tells you more about the book
  9. 9. For your Mythology report on gods and goddesses, go back to the search screen by clicking on Library search, type mythology in the find box and click on the subject button You can search for books by subject by typing in the term and clicking on the subject button at the top
  10. 10. When you search for books by the subject mythology– this list shows that we have more than 120 books under the subject term “Mythology”
  11. 11. Once again, when you click on the title, you can see more information about the book some information for a “works cited” page in a report or presentation
  12. 12. For a different version of the catalog that you might want to use – click on Destiny Quest
  13. 13. This opening page gives you another place to search for books in the library and a whole lot more (you can personalize it)
  14. 14. With a search for mythology - these results look different from the list we got in the basic search, but the same books are listed - click on the cover of the book you want to find
  15. 15. Read about the book here Some information for a “works cited” page in a report or presentation
  16. 16. Now you can even have Quest on your iPhone, Droid or tablet – go here: (Download your version, choose Arcadia HS and log in with your school log in)
  17. 17. Now you need to go to the Library at school, answer the questions about the library, and then use the Library catalog to find a free reading book to check out if you need one Bye for now!