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Content Marketing for the Chronically Disorganized
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Content Marketing for the Chronically Disorganized



Presentation for the Boston SEO Meetup, 9-30-2013.

Presentation for the Boston SEO Meetup, 9-30-2013.



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  • This is me winning the best blogger award in 2009. Back then, I killed myself to write as much content as much as I could. I spent several hours per week writing big thoughtful blog posts. It paid off in the sense that I won this award. But the truth is, I screwed it up completely. I focused only on my blog. Not social media and not building an audience. Just on writing to my industry colleagues and for Google. And apparently, I spent all my time blogging and none working out. I was probably 30 lbs heavier then. Now I consider myself a better blogger, or content marketer, now. And I have time to ride 100 miles a week. And run a start up.
  • How many of you recognize this? It’s the classic time management chart. I’m not going to get all GTD on you here, but I’ve made some observations that I feel are pretty critical to being a successful content marketer. Content is important, right? Would we all agree about that? But it is not urgent. It can always wait an hour, or a day, or a week... And this is the problem. It’s too easy to let content go for days. And if you’re a blogger, writing
  • You need to make content urgent. If you don’t publish to your blog, it will die. If you don’t publish to your twitter and facebook audiences, they will die. If you don’t publish to your email list, it will die. How’s that for urgent? Why don’t we do it? Because it’s too hard to come up with new content every day. So it can’t compete with urgent stuff. We know it’s important. But it needs to be urgent too. And easy.
  • Get yourself a process that you can do in 30 minutes or less every day. Like while you’re having a cup of coffee. Commit to that. Make it urgent in your head. And if it’s easy, you’ll do it.
  • Everybody has *not* seen it yet. It is not obvious information to everybody

Content Marketing for the Chronically Disorganized Content Marketing for the Chronically Disorganized Presentation Transcript

  • Content Marketing for the Chronically Disorganized Scott Jangro @jangro scott@shareist.com
  • How? Make it Urgent Make it Urgent
  • How? Make it Easy Make it Easy
  • Let’s do this. but first we need a mnemonic but first we need a mnemonic
  • RICIN • Read • Capture Ideas • Curate daily • Invent Content • Send a Newsletter
  • Read • Develop content sources • Other bloggers and thought leaders, companies, and the communities • RSS feeds - Google reader is dead, but there are lots of alternatives • Facebook, Google+,Twitter • Reddit, Digg • Read every day
  • Capture Ideas • Get yourself bookmarking tools you can count on • Links: Pocket, Kiipt, Instapaper, Evernote, Readability, Delicious, Pinboard.in, Shareist • Images: Flickr, Instagram • Don’t filter • Don’t use your channels as your bookmarking tool.This is just for you.
  • Curate Daily • Share other people’s stuff • Your audience is probably not like you • Facebook, Linkedin,Twitter, Google+ • Schedule so you can focus on other things • Hootsuite, SocialOomph, SocialSprout, Shareist • Scoop.it, Paper.li
  • Give. Give. Give. Give. Take.
  • Invent Content • Create content when you can, not every day • Elaborate on curated content when you feel like you can add to it • Write an epic post once a week to once a month • Epic content is the stuff that gets shared • Example: HarvardHomemaker.com
  • Publish a Newsletter • Create a weekly recap of the best stuff from the week. • If you’re doing this right, this should be quick • AWeber, MailChimp, ConstantContact • You’re building an email list, right?
  • Everything has a purpose Social Media Blog PostsNewsletters
  • A Typical Week • Every day: 3 posts to Facebook and Twitter • A few times a week:A blog post, to use as one of the posts to Facebook and Twitter • Once a week: Newsletter • No more than 30 minutes per day.
  • More? • http://shrs.it/bostonseo • http://getshareist.shareist.com • @jangro
  • What is Shareist? • Research, Capture, and Create Content • Plan, Set milestones, Manage a team, Collaborate with clients • Publish directly to Wordpress, blogs and CMSs, email, ebooks • Schedule shares to social media “A CMS for your CMSs” -- John Biggs “Evernote meets Hootsuite with multi-platform publishing” -- Angel