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System Doctor 2014



A short presentation on System Doctor 2014 fake AV - rogue antispyware infection, its main symptoms, implications, and best ways to remove it.

A short presentation on System Doctor 2014 fake AV - rogue antispyware infection, its main symptoms, implications, and best ways to remove it.



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    System Doctor 2014 System Doctor 2014 Presentation Transcript

    • http://www.411-spyware.comSystem Doctor 2014
    • What is System Doctor 2014? Fake antivirus program a.k.a. rogue antispywareapplication. Security experts claim it is part of the WinWebSecfamily. Dangerous infection that seriously compromisesyour computer. Has to be removed from the system immediately.
    • What does System Doctor 2014 looklike?
    • What does System Doctor 2014 do? Adds are registry entry that allows it to auto-starteach time you turn on your PC. Automatically runs a full system scan (fake). A listof “infections” detected: Win32/Daurso Win32/Chedap.A JS.Redirector.XX Win32/OpenCandy Displays a variety of fake system securitynotifications.
    • What are other infection symptoms? Denies access to a number of programs. Displays a message saying that your .exe fileshave to be blocked because they are infected(fake). Denies access to such system utilities as RegistryEditor and Task Manager. May limit internet access.
    • Sedate System Doctor 2014AA39754E-715219CUse this code to activate System Doctor 2014. Once thefake AV is activated, all the infection symptoms willdisappear for a time being and you will be able todownload a reliable antimalware scanner to scan yourPC.
    • Have you purchase the license forSystem Doctor 2014? In such a case you have revealed your credit cardinformation to cyber criminals. Contact your credit card issuer at once to block it. A new card will be issued for you, and thecriminals will not be able to use your money. Remove System Doctor 2014 immediately toavoid similar threats.
    • Remove System Doctor 2014 Do not hesitate to acquire a legitimateantimalware tool and remove System Doctor2014 automatically. Automatic removal is fast and efficient so scanyour system again once you have deleted SystemDoctor 2014. Rogues seldom come alone, so do check yourPC for other possible infections.
    • Remove System Doctor 2014In case you have any question about this infectionor how to remove it, leave me a comment and wewill figure it out together 