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Tips for How to Keep Your Resume Fresh

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Resume Writing

  1. 1. ResumeWritingHow to Keep your Resume Fresh Information from All photos courtesy of
  2. 2. #1 Replace your objectivestatement with a value proposition What is your branding statement?
  3. 3. As the times change, resume writingstyles change
  4. 4. What once was the objectivestatement is now consideredobsolete.
  5. 5. Here is an example of aboring, uninspiring objectivestatement…circa 1990…“Creative marketing professionalseeks a position within anorganization that will allow me toutilize my skills with the potential forgrowth.”
  6. 6. Here is an example of a powerful value proposition, taken from a sales consultant’s resume…“Our clients grow their business, large orsmall, typically by a minimum of 30-50%over the previous year. They accomplishthis without working 80 hour weeks andsacrificing their personal lives.” -Sales consultant via -
  7. 7. Employer’s can’t resist callingcandidates who can articulate realvalue in a short paragraph.
  8. 8. #2Review old entries inyour resume What’s on your resume?
  9. 9. There are entries in your resume that may not be relevant anymore…
  10. 10. …so you should remove these.
  11. 11. For example,
  12. 12. outdated technical skills…
  13. 13. …or even old jobs from a fewdecades ago…
  14. 14. …need to be removed andreplaced with newer and morerelevant entries.
  15. 15. Also, don’t go past 10 yearsof experience unless it’srelevant to your job.
  16. 16. #3 Add new skills,accomplishments,certifications, job responsibilities, and positions you’ve acquired Revise, revise, revise…
  17. 17. Make a list of all the significantchanges that have happened inyour professional career duringthe past year.
  18. 18. Pick items that are significantand important to further yourprofessional goals and includethem in your resume.
  19. 19. Even ifyou are inthe sameposition aslast year…
  20. 20. …Im sure you’ve acquiredsome new skills oraccountabilities so make sureyou include these.
  21. 21. #4Use updated key words What’s your specialization?
  22. 22. Keywords are like triggers…
  23. 23. …for hiring managers andprospective employers to readyour resume and consider youfor the position.
  24. 24. Make sure you preciselyincorporate these into yourresume.
  25. 25. Use a thesaurus…
  26. 26. …to add synonyms andantonyms if you can’t come upwith the right word.
  27. 27. #5Tweak your resume format Better present the resume’s information…
  28. 28. If you feel that the format of yourresume is outdated,
  29. 29. …youmaywant totweak it.
  30. 30. The most important andrelevant information is found…
  31. 31. …in the top one-third of thefirst page…
  32. 32. …and the bottom one-third ofthe last page.
  33. 33. #6Proofread your resume: Use a spell-check Again, again, and again… Oh, and again…
  34. 34. Once again,
  35. 35. …after you have made all thenecessary corrections…
  36. 36. …and did all the revisions andupdates,
  37. 37. …you still need to proofreadit…
  38. 38. …Again!
  39. 39. An updated resume will notonly give you the edge overother applicants…
  40. 40. …but it alsofocusesyourperspectiveon the areasyou haveexcelled…
  41. 41. …and those that need to beimproved.
  42. 42. You neverknow whenopportunitiescomeknocking atyour door soit pays to beready.
  43. 43. “The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather ” a lack of will. -Vince Lambardi
  44. 44. TheEnd