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Social Media 101 presentation delivered by Janette Toral featuring the social media basics, Internet trends for 2010, social media and networking case studies in the Philippines, social media policies to consider for the corporation, and taking care of reputation online. This was presented last July 16, 2010 at a corporate workshop on social media that took place at Lima Park Hotel, Malvar, Batangas.

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Social Media 101 by Janette Toral

  1. 1. Social  Media  101   Jane/e  Toral   h/p://www.e-­‐commercephilippines   h/p://  
  2. 2. Internet  Search  emerges  as  the  top   online  acAvity.   Ac#vi#es  showing  significant  increase  at  95%  confidence  levels   Base:  Past  month  Internet  users  aged  10+  across  Na#onal  Urban  Philippines     Source:  Yahoo!-­‐Nielsen  Net  Index  2010  
  3. 3. What  people  Search  for   on  the  Net   Base:  Past  month  Internet  users  aged  10+  across  Na#onal  Urban  Philippines  who  have  used  a  search  engine  in  the  past  month   Source:  Yahoo!-­‐Nielsen  Net  Index  2010  
  4. 4. Social  media  is  changing  the  rules  of   engagement   Base:  Past  month  Internet  users  aged  10+  across  Na7onal  Urban  Philippines   Source:  Yahoo!-­‐Nielsen  Net  Index  2010   Do  you  know  what  people  say  about  you?  
  5. 5. Social  Media  101   •  Content  created  by  regular  Internet  users  for   each  other  using  publicly  accessible   technologies.  
  6. 6. Social  networking  101   •  TradiAonal  or  in-­‐person  acAviAes  done  online.  
  7. 7. Types  of  Social  Media  sites   •  Blogs   •  Media  sharing   •  Microblogs   –  YouTube   –  Twi/er   –  Flickr   •  Social  networks   •  Social  bookmarking  /   –  Facebook   voAng   –  MySpace   –  Digg   –  Friendster   –  Delicious   –  LinkedIn   –  StumbleUpon   –  Plaxo   •  Review   –  Ning   •  Forums   •  Virtual  worlds  
  8. 8. In  2009,  Havaianas  created  a  movement  calling  people  to  only  "wear  original"   Havaianas  flip-­‐flops  and  curb  the  proliferaAon  of  local  imitaAons  and  products  that   bastardized  the  brand.     Winner  of  DigitalFilipino  Social  Networking  Awards  2010  (Media  Sharing  category)  
  9. 9.  The  campaign  also  leveraged  customers'  love   for  the  brand  and  more  importantly  -­‐  Filipinos'   obsession  with  sharing  photos  on-­‐line,  as   seen  by  the  numerous  posts  on  the  pledge   wall.    This  feature  became   the  primary  driver  of   site  traffic  as  visitors   shared  their  pictures   on  the  pledge  wall  on   their  social  network   pages.    
  10. 10. Brand  Background    Real  Leaf  green  tea  is  the  newest   ready-­‐to-­‐drink  (RTD)  tea  in  the  market   launched  mid-­‐2009.    Real  Leaf  is  brewed  from  100%  whole   green  tea  leaves,  naturally  packed   with  Theanine,  with  a  delicious  hint  of   fruit  and  honey.     The  Challenge   •  Reinforce  strong  challenger  status  by  demonstraAng   that  key  influencers  have  already  switched  into  the   brand   Winner  of  DigitalFilipino  Social  Networking  Awards  2010  (Blog  category)  
  11. 11. 1st  place:  Mommy  Talks  by  Precious  BahinAng   h"p://­‐leaf-­‐paparazzi.html  
  12. 12. Winner  of  DigitalFilipino  Social  Networking  Awards  2010     (Media  Sharing  category)  
  13. 13. Winner  of  DigitalFilipino  Social  Networking   Awards  2010  (Social  Network  category)  
  14. 14. Winner  of  DigitalFilipino  Social  Networking  Awards  2010  (Social  Network  category)  
  15. 15. Winner  of  DigitalFilipino  Social  Networking  Awards  2010     (Media  VoAng  category)   BACKGROUND Apl de Ap + MTV Asia + PH DOT were in search for the next unsigned PINOY ARTIST
  16. 16. Slurpee  /  Grand  Chase   Purchase  a  22oz.  Slurpee     Grand  Chase-­‐themed  Flavor   Add  P2.00  and  get  1  of  9   Collectible  Item   Redemption  Cards   Find  the  Slurpee  /   7-­‐Eleven  NPC   within  Grand   Chase  and  enter   your  code   Get  these  awesome  In-­‐Game  items!   Winner  of  DigitalFilipino  Social  Networking  Awards  2010  (Virtual  Worlds  /  Gaming  category)  
  17. 17. The  MARLBORO  Black  Lounge   An  online  member-­‐get-­‐ member  promo#on  which   aimed  to  grow  the  number  of   Marlboro  Adult  Smoker   Database  members,  while  at   the  same  Ame  support  the   launch  of  the  brand’s  newest   variant  –  Marlboro  (Black)   Menthol.   *Promo  period:  Sept  1  –  Oct  5,  or  when   the  50  Black  Lounges  are  completed  –   whichever  comes  first.   Winner  of  DigitalFilipino  Social  Networking  Awards  2010  (Virtual  Worlds  /  Gaming  category)  
  18. 18. • Online  contest  open  to  all  members   • SuliAzens  were  asked  to   create  their  own  ValenAne’s   Day  postcard  for  their  loved   one  using  any  computer   sohware,  with  a  5.83  x  7.87     dimension  and  email  it  to   Winner  of  DigitalFilipino  Social  Networking  Awards  2010  (Forum  category)  
  19. 19. - landing page for the link-building campaign. - All the necessary information about the videographer, contact details, the products and services, the rates and sample videos are all in this page. Winner  of  DigitalFilipino  Social  Networking  Awards  2010  (Search  Engine  MarkeAng  category)  
  20. 20. Social  influencers   •  People  who  have  influence  on  their  peers   heavily  influenced  by  the  quality  and  volume   of  content  they  share  online  to  their  peers.   –  Referent  influencers     –  Expert  influencers     –  PosiAonal  influencers  (peers)   Source:  Social  Media  MarkeAng  for  Dummies   (Shiv  Singh)  
  21. 21. EffecAveness  Web  2.0   •  Search   •  Talk  or  Write   •  Share  
  22. 22. h/p://  
  23. 23. Twi/er  stream  
  24. 24. Source:  
  25. 25. Source:  
  26. 26. Source:  
  27. 27. Corporate  blogging  /     social  media  guidelines   •  Blogs,  social  networks,  and  wikis  are  for  individual   interacAons  (not  corporate  communicaAons)   –  Posts  are  personal  responsibility.   –  Speak  in  behalf  of  yourself  explicitly.   •  Use  disclaimer.   •  Write  what  you  know.   •  Respect  copyright.   •  Don’t  share  company  proprietary  info,  reports,   conversaAon,  financials,  etc.  without  permission.  
  28. 28. Corporate  blogging     /  social  media  guidelines   •  Don’t  cite  or  reference  partners,  clients,  and   suppliers  without  approval.   •  Be  respecoul  and  considerate.   •  Add  value.   •  Point  to  similar  resources.   •  Quality.   –  Correct  mistakes  promptly.   •  Time  management   –  Does  not  interfere  with  work.  
  29. 29. Building  Tribes   •  Tell  a  story   •  Lead  a  movement   –  Who  are  you  upseqng?   –  Who  are  you  leading?   –  Challenge  the  status  quo   –  Establish  a  culture.   •  Connect  a  tribe   •  Everyone  is  important.   –  Who  are  you  connecAng?   –  Being  a  leader  gives  you   –  Stage  1  to  5   charisma.   •  Life  sucks   •  Make  change   •  My  life  sucks   •  I’m  great   –  Commit   •  We’re  great   •  Life  is  great  
  30. 30. •   Bring  out  the  best  in  others.   •   Get  recognized.   •   Outperform.   •   Overcome  life's  challenges.   •   Enjoy  be[er  health.   •   Be  a  top  choice  (win  life's  popularity  contests:  job,  rela#onship,  friendship).   The  Likeability  Factor  by  Tim  Sanders  
  31. 31. Building  Power  and  Influence   •  Pick  a  niche   •  Share  what  you  know   •  Be  different  and  stand  out   •  Forge  alliances   •  Be  featured   •  Appear  in  search  engine  results  
  32. 32. The  Needs   •  Rank  Higher  In  Google,  Yahoo,  Bing   •  Find  interested  buyers  by  hiqng  the  right  market   •  Increase  conversion  rate   •  Increase  brand  awareness   •  Personalized  online  strategy     •  Viral  MarkeAng  /  CreaAng  a  buzz     •  Control  what  people  see  online  about  you   •  Engage  your  target  market   Managing  your  internet  image   -­‐  Will  people  search  for  you?   -­‐  Will  people  write  and  talk  about  you?   -­‐  Will  people  share  informaAon  about  you?   -­‐  Will  people  contact  you?   Source:  by  
  33. 33. Thank  you!   h/p://www.e-­‐   h/p://  
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