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E-Commerce for Entrepreneurs



A presentation made by Janette Toral at the Ka-Entrep forum last September 30, 2011 and at OrgCom 152 in UP Manila last October 8, 2011.

A presentation made by Janette Toral at the Ka-Entrep forum last September 30, 2011 and at OrgCom 152 in UP Manila last October 8, 2011.



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E-Commerce for Entrepreneurs E-Commerce for Entrepreneurs Presentation Transcript

  • E-­‐Commerce  for  Entrepreneurs   Jane2e  Toral   h2p://www.e-­‐commercephilippines.com  
  • DigitalFilipino.com  Club  •  h2p://www.e-­‐commercephilippines.com  •  Free  research  reports,  markeAng  assistance,   referrals,  and  consulAng.  •  Have  individual,  SME,  and  corporate   membership  •  Nearly  100  members.  
  • Despite  this  stability,  overall  engagement  is  on  the  rise.  Social  networking  now  dominates…   Select  Monthly  Online  Ac/vi/es  (%)     2009   2010   2011   VisiAng  Social  Networking  sites     51*   53   82   Search       58   76   80   Instant  messaging     63   68   69   Internet  Portal     54   73   67   VisiAng  public  chat  rooms   54   67   65   Email     63   65   64   Played  games  online     53   45   54   Listen  to  songs  in  music  websites   -­‐   -­‐   45   Downloaded  or  uploaded  music  files  online     25   37   37   Shared/posted  something  online  that  you  created   15   24   36   AcAviAes  showing  significant  increase  at  95%  confidence  levels  between  2009  and  2011   *  Note.  The  2009  figure  for  social  networking  includes  community  groups  /forums   Base:  Past  month  Internet  users  aged  10+  across  NaAonal  Urban  Philippines   Source:  Yahoo!-­‐Nielsen  Net  Index  2010,  2011  
  • Social  networks  start  with  ‘close  contacts/rela/ons’…   but  quickly  move  to  less  familiar  circles…   Connec/ons  on  Social  Networking  sites  (%)  Question: Who are the people you interact with regularly on these Social Networking sites?Base: Past month Internet users aged 10+ across National Urban Philippines who have visited social networking sites in Past 3monthsSource: Yahoo!-Nielsen Net Index 2011
  • What  is  E-­‐Commerce?  •  E-­‐Commerce  is  the  exchange  of  informaAon  or  transacAons   using  any  form  of  electronic  communicaAon.  •  Covers  both  commercial  and  non-­‐commercial  transacAons   (Republic  Act  8792,  The  E-­‐Commerce  Law)  •  The  Internet  is  the  informaAon  highway  or  public  network   where  e-­‐commerce  and  various  forms  of  communicaAon  take   place.    •  E-­‐commerce  that  takes  place  over  the  Internet  is  ofen   referred  to  as  Internet  Commerce.    •  Mobile  Commerce  -­‐  transacAon  takes  place  in  mobile  devices   such  as  cellular  phone  and  personal  digital  assistant  (PDA).  
  • The  backdrop  to  e-­‐commerce  in  Philippines   Tradi/onal   Presence  of   High  reliance  on                  IT  and  Banking   counterfeits  and   inter-­‐personal   infrastructure  trade  legacy   knock-­‐offs   rela/onships   “evolving”   Lack  of  ‘accreditaAon   and   Buyers  need   Buyers  feel   Low  levels  of  guarantees… to  ensure   the  comfort,   confidence/ by  default   quality  by   dealing  with   trust  in  modern  trade   physical   known   transacAng   actually   inspecAon   vendors   online   encourages   desAnaAon   shopping   There  is  an  inherent  reluctance   to  “trade”  through  the  Internet   Digital  Philippines  2011   Yahoo  –  Nielsen  Net  Index  
  • Payments  largely  made  offline,  given  current  trust  and  comfort  levels  with  e-­‐payment   Payment    methods  (%)   Cash  (face  to  face)   53 Credit  card   36 Transfer  via  ATM/Bank   10 Internet  Banking   9 Deposited  cash  at  bank  branch   4 Online  accounts  such  as  Paypal   1 Cheque   1 Debit  card   1 Digital  Philippines  2011   Yahoo  –  Nielsen  Net  Index  
  • E-­‐Commerce  is  Growing  Source:  h2p://bit.ly/pe7W2  
  • What  Pinoys  found  most  as  effecAve   medium  for  adverAsement?  •  Television  –  37%  •  Internet  –  25%  •  Radio  –  6%  •  Newspapers  –  5%  •  Magazines  –  4%   Source:  Synovate  Media  Atlas   h2p://bit.ly/nQUx1t  
  • From  family  delicacy  gifs  to  full-­‐blown    export  business.   h2p://bit.ly/pinoydelikasi  
  • Sulit.com.ph
  • h2p:/mulAply.com/marketplace  
  • h2p://www.ebay.ph  
  • h2p://bit.ly/ayannah  Provide  soluAon  and  collaboraAon  opportunity.  
  • h2p://bit.ly/jamflores  Educate  the  market,  show  potenAal.  
  • 2011  will  be  year  of  Mobile  Content    and  Mobile  MarkeAng  
  • h2p://bit.ly/chitjuan  Use  social  media  to  engage,  generate  results,  proacAvely  connect.  
  • h2p://www.coffeeboard.com.ph/  
  • h2p://www.architerra.org  
  • h2p://digientrepreneur.com  
  • To  rank?  
  • To  share  a  story?  
  • Get  suggesAon  from  friends  
  • Share  your  experience  to  others  
  • The  Social  Object,  in  a  nutshell,  is   the  reason  two  people  are  talking  to  each  other,  as  opposed  to  talking   to  somebody  else.    -­‐  Hugh  Macleod   Source:   h2p://gapingvoid.com/so/  
  • h2p://bit.ly/bradgeiser  ProacAvely  care  about  people.  
  • Where   do   Pinoys   go?  Source:    Jane2e  Toral’s    Google  AdPlanner    
  • Are  you  engaging?  Source:  h2p://bit.ly/qRqc4t  
  • When  do  people  share?  •  When  customers  trust  you.  •  When  customers  care  about  your  brand.  •  Your  stories  are  exciAng.  •  When  you  get  people  part  of  something  bigger  than   your  brand.  •  When  you  bring  people  of  common  interest  together.  •  When  you  make  your  customers  feel  like  an  authority.  •  When  you  make  your  audience  think.  •  You  know  and  understand  your  audience.  •  You  use  e-­‐mail  effecAvely.   Inspired  by:   h2p://bit.ly/nGytuN  
  • Social  Media  Best  PracAces  •  Post  interesAng  stuff  (less  brand  but  more   interesAng  informaAon)  •  Post  consistently.  •  Post  ofen.  •  Get  the  community  involved  •  Have  a  theme.     Source:  h2p://socialfresh.com/brands-­‐on-­‐instagram/  
  • Driving  E-­‐Commerce  via  Facebook  •  Likeable  wall  post.  •  Exclusivity  with  promoAons.  •  Add  incenAves  with  one-­‐Ame  promo  codes,   coupons,  shipping.  •  Solicit  input  on  how  you  can  improve.  •  Share  news  beyond  retail.  •  Use  it  for  customer  service  –  enable  reviews.  •  Flash  sales,  group  buy  offers,  contest.   h2p://bit.ly/rtcr5i  
  • Monitor  your  Spikes  •  Impressions  /  Feedback  •  Comments  •  Unsubscribes  •  Likes  •  External  referrers  •  Demographic  
  • Top  5  Viral  Videos  of  All  Time  Source:  h2p://bit.ly/ppOJcH  opyright  2011      4TH  Media,  Inc.          |          hWp://www.  4thMediaCorp.com/        |        Page  No.   ©  C
  • 5  stages  of  customer  buying  cycle  •  Awareness  •  ConsideraAon  •  Preference  /  Intent  •  Purchase  •  Repurchase   Make  content  available  through  the  right  channels   h2p://bit.ly/oWYQq4  
  • h2p://selnd.com/qIxJOM  
  • h2p://bit.ly/p33tTV  
  • Abandon  shopping  cart  •  Do  the  two  step     –  1st  step  is  name  and  email  address  •  Make  your  message  immediate  (within  24   hours)  •  Express  concern.  (reminder)  •  Offer  incenAves  •  Get  them  to  take  another  acAon.   h2p://bit.ly/nvTrgb  
  • Web  AnalyAcs  Measurement  Model  Source:  h2p://bit.ly/rfE34e    
  • E-­‐Commerce  Project  Plan  •  Workshop   •  Technical  specificaAons  •  Align  with  strategic  plan   •  Legal  •  Market  and  compeAAve   •  TesAng   research   •  Security  •  CompeAAve  advantage   •  Customer  service  •  Product  or  service  plan   •  LogisAcs  •  Partners   •  Payment  •  MarkeAng   •  Maintenance  •  Success  criteria   •  Budget  •  Content  plan  
  • TV   PRINT   POS   CRM   digital   digital   digital   digital   social   social   social   social   game   game   game   game   mobile   mobile   mobile   mobile   Be  Useful  
  • Ways  to  accept  payment  •  Cash  –  person  to  person  •  Bank  deposit  •  Remi2ance  service  •  Credit  card  •  SMS  
  • Life  Cycle  of  a  Transac/on  -­‐  Authoriza/on   1.  Consumer  Selects  goods   2.  Website  redirects   3.  Gateway  accepts   to  purchase   Consumer  to  Payment   payment  details  from   Gateway   Consumer   4.  Gateway  encrypts   transac/on  and   8.  Acquirer  passes   transmits  to  Acquirer.   transac/on  result  to   Gateway.  7.  Issuer  check  for  sufficient  funds  and  provides   Card  Authoriza/on   Network   5.  Acquirer  sends   6.  Card  Network  routes   transac/on  to  Card   transac/on  to  Issuer  of   Network   Credit  Card  
  • Life  Cycle  of  a  Transac/on  -­‐  SeWlement   1.  Gateway  closes  off   Batch  and  transmits  to   Acquirer   5.  Acquirer  Makes  Deposit   to  Merchant’s  Account  4.  Issuer  Debits  Card  Holder’s  Account   Card   Network   3.  Card  Network  seWles   2.  Acquirer  sends  Batch  to   transac/on  by  paying  Acquirer   Card  Network   and  debi/ng  Issuer  Account  
  • Charge  Backs  and  Refunds   Website   Issuer   Card   Acquirer   Network  
  • h2ps://www.yespayments.com.ph/  
  • h2p://www.kaban.com.ph  
  • h2p://www.cashsense.com  
  • Sell  via  Facebook  page  using  h2p://apps.facebook.com/cashsense  
  • h2p://www.paynamics.com  
  • h2p://www.xend.com.ph  
  • Book  reference:  Brains  on  Fire  
  • Improve  •  Products  •  MarkeAng  •  Content  •  Sales  •  Customer  Service  
  • h2p://bit.ly/pSQ37H  
  • Content   ConAnuous  Research   Community   Cost-­‐effecAve  Capacity  building   Commitment   Photo  credit:  PinayAds.com  
  • h2p://digitalfilipinocom.ning.com  h2p://digitalfilipino.podomaAc.com  
  • h2p://slideshare.net/jane2etoral  
  • Join  the  DigitalFilipino  Club  today..   h2p://www.e-­‐commercephilippines.com