Building	  a	  Community	  	    through	  Blogging	                          Jane3e	  Toral	                   h3p://digie...
Started	  with	  DigitalFilipino	  back	  in	  1999.	  Blogging	  plaEorms	  were	  not	  fully	  developed	  then.	  
Buiild	  a	                      community	  in	                      2003	  for	                      sustainability	    ...
DigitalFilipino	  Club	  	                     Project	  Idea	  •  h3p://	  •  Free	  research	 ...
Got	  involved	  with	  blogging	  community	  with	  iBlog	  1	  onwards.	                                            h3p...
What	  if	  you	  take	  the	  leap	  of	  faith	                  in	  blogging?	  
Top	  Ten	  Emerging	  	  Influen;al	  Blogs	  Wri;ng	  Project	      h3p://www.influen;	                      ...
Emerging	  Influen;al	  Blogs	  2007	  •    Personal	  •    Passion	  •    Life	  •    Novelty	       List	  at	  h3p://bit...
Emerging	  Influen;al	  Blogs	  for	  2008	  •  Focused	  on	  what	  ma3ers	  to	  You	  than	  Me.	  •  Tells	  stories	 ...
Emerging	  Influen;al	  Blogs	  for	  2009	  •  Masa	  –	  real	  people	      –  No	  longer	  to	  be	  looked	  at	  as	...
Observa;ons	  on	  2010	  blogs	  •    Passion	  •    Iden;ty	  –	  brand	  building	  •    Individuals	  rather	  than	  ...
Observa;on	  on	  2011	  blogs	  •    Girl	  power.	  •    Trust	  built	  over	  ;me.	  •    Communi;es	  ma3er.	  •    B...
Can	  I	  make	  money	  by	  crea;ng	  an	               online	  community?	  
It	  is	  all	  about	  karma..	                           Create	  opportuni;es	  that	  will	  benefit	                  ...
Example	  of	  Blogger-­‐turn-­‐Entrepreneur	                      Journey	  
Learned	  to	  create	  new	  niche:	  Train	  people	  to	  work	  from	  home	                                          ...
Plan	  your	  community	                                                                                     building	  th...
Factors	  to	  consider.	  Source:	  Business	  Model	  Genera;on	  book	  –	  h3p://businessmodelgenera;	  
Source:	  Business	  Model	  Genera;on	  book	  –	  h3p://businessmodelgenera;	  
DigitalFilipino	  Start-­‐Up	  100	  Project	     Business	  Model	  Canvas	                              Online	         ...	  Project	                Business	  Model	  Canvas	                              Marke;ng;	        Lea...
Blog	  Network	  Opera;ons	                    Business	  Model	  Canvas	                             Blogger	            ...
Blogging	  ahead	        Blogging	  from	  Home	  book	  
Will	  you	  embark	  on	  this	    adventure	  or	  not?	  
Let’s	  connect:	  h3p://	  
Building a Community through Blogging
Building a Community through Blogging
Building a Community through Blogging
Building a Community through Blogging
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Building a Community through Blogging


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Presentation made by Janette Toral (sharing personal experience in building communities through blogging) at Philippine Internet Congress & Expo at Mega Trade Conference Center, SM MegaMall, Mandaluyong City last March 10, 2012.

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Building a Community through Blogging

  1. 1. Building  a  Community     through  Blogging   Jane3e  Toral   h3p://   h3p://influen;   h3p://  
  2. 2. Started  with  DigitalFilipino  back  in  1999.  Blogging  plaEorms  were  not  fully  developed  then.  
  3. 3. Buiild  a   community  in   2003  for   sustainability   of  advocacies.  h3p://  
  4. 4. DigitalFilipino  Club     Project  Idea  •  h3p://  •  Free  research  reports,  marke;ng  assistance,   referrals,  and  consul;ng.  •  Have  individual,  SME,  and  corporate   membership  •  Accepts  up  to  100  members.  
  5. 5. Got  involved  with  blogging  community  with  iBlog  1  onwards.   h3p://  
  6. 6. What  if  you  take  the  leap  of  faith   in  blogging?  
  7. 7. Top  Ten  Emerging    Influen;al  Blogs  Wri;ng  Project   h3p://www.influen;   Aims  to  put  a  spotlight  on  new  bloggers.  
  8. 8. Emerging  Influen;al  Blogs  2007  •  Personal  •  Passion  •  Life  •  Novelty   List  at  h3p://  
  9. 9. Emerging  Influen;al  Blogs  for  2008  •  Focused  on  what  ma3ers  to  You  than  Me.  •  Tells  stories  that  I  may  not  know.  •  Blogging  is  serious  business!   –  Demanding  (coverage  and  depth)   –  Model  (business  or  otherwise)   –  Mul;media   Full  list  at  h3p://  
  10. 10. Emerging  Influen;al  Blogs  for  2009  •  Masa  –  real  people   –  No  longer  to  be  looked  at  as  an  eli;st  ac;vity   –  Various  economic  class  •  Ageless   –  From  teenager  to  lolo  •  Community  spirit   –  Ac;ve  players   Full  list  at  h3p://  
  11. 11. Observa;ons  on  2010  blogs  •  Passion  •  Iden;ty  –  brand  building  •  Individuals  rather  than  groups  •  Community  builders  •  Profession   Full  list  at  h3p://  
  12. 12. Observa;on  on  2011  blogs  •  Girl  power.  •  Trust  built  over  ;me.  •  Communi;es  ma3er.  •  Beyond  “I  scratch  your  back.  You  scratch   mine.”  Full  list  at  h3p://  
  13. 13. Can  I  make  money  by  crea;ng  an   online  community?  
  14. 14. Benefits  
  15. 15. It  is  all  about  karma..   Create  opportuni;es  that  will  benefit   other  bloggers.  
  16. 16. Example  of  Blogger-­‐turn-­‐Entrepreneur   Journey  
  17. 17. Learned  to  create  new  niche:  Train  people  to  work  from  home  
  18. 18. Plan  your  community   building  through   blogging  journey  Source:  Business  Model  Genera;on  book  –  h3p://businessmodelgenera;  
  19. 19. Factors  to  consider.  Source:  Business  Model  Genera;on  book  –  h3p://businessmodelgenera;  
  20. 20. Source:  Business  Model  Genera;on  book  –  h3p://businessmodelgenera;  
  21. 21. DigitalFilipino  Start-­‐Up  100  Project   Business  Model  Canvas   Online   bootcamp   Experienced   Personal   DigitalFilipino   Successful   prac;;oners  as   rela;onship   Members  as   entrepreneurs   mentors.   mentors  /  angel   Angel  investor   wan;ng  to   investors   recruitment   Minimal   switch  to   Hands-­‐on  angel   bureaucracy   investor.   investors.   Interna;onal   incubators.   People  wan;ng   Virtual-­‐friendly   Personal   support  for  their   Funding   E-­‐Learning   technopreneur   network   plaEorm.   venture.   Prospect   E-­‐Learning   screening   plaEorm   Webinar  plaEorm   Minimum  of  1%  share  or   Mentoring  sessions   P100,000  successful   referral  investor  fee.   Nego;a;ons  
  22. 22.  Project   Business  Model  Canvas   Marke;ng;   Learn  prac;cal   Mentoring;  On-­‐ DTI,  BPAP,   Entrepreneurs   Genng   skills  with  no   demand  online   CCAP,  re;rees,   exploring  new   projects;   loca;on   tutorials;   OFW   business  areas.   Maintenance;   constraints.   community   organiza;ons,   financial,   Training   Stay-­‐at-­‐home   delivery.   Get  project   training,  virtual   Moms  /  Dad   opportuni;es.     communi;es,   wan;ng  to  earn   GoNegosyo.   Online  /  offline   from  home.   E-­‐Learning   Provide  expert   advice  as   briefing;     Website;  Social   Professionals   Project   needed.   media   wan;ng  to   management   outsource   Marke;ng   Training   Domain  name   Subscrip;on  (40%);  per   Web  hos;ng   skill  training  (30%);  Jobs   Webinar  plaEorm   (30%)   Website  
  23. 23. Blog  Network  Opera;ons   Business  Model  Canvas   Blogger   management.   Professional   One-­‐on-­‐one.   Bloggers  as   Bloggers  wan;ng   bloggers.   content   to  mone;ze  their   publishers.   Adver;ser   blog.   pitches.   Honors  non-­‐ disclosure.   DigitalFilipino   Adver;sers   Club  members   Recruitment.   wan;ng   No  contractor   as  adver;sers   exposure  in  blogs   rela;onship   Social  network.   without  handling   Coordinator   with  bloggers.   Events.   one-­‐on-­‐one   E-­‐mail.   rela;onship.   Presence  in   No  minimum   payout   Website.   social   required.   Mobile.   networking   Telecommunica;on  cost.   Commission  fee  per  blog   post  done.   Payout  fees.   Coordinator  fee.   Marke;ng  to  adver;sers  and  bloggers.  
  24. 24. Blogging  ahead   Blogging  from  Home  book  
  25. 25. Will  you  embark  on  this   adventure  or  not?  
  26. 26. h3p://  
  27. 27. Let’s  connect:  h3p://  
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