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ORCS May 2012 Newsletter

  1. 1. May 2012 Our Redeemer Christian School * Kirkland, Washington * 425-821-2425 www.orcskirkland.com Erin Selvig, School Director * Jan Barnhart, Newsletter Publisher * www.facebook.com/orcskirkland ORCS Purpose & PhilosophyOur Redeemer Christian School,ORCS, is a non-discriminatory, non-denominational educationalinstitution. ORCS serves as anextension of the Christian ministryof ORLC and as an outreachprogram to our neighboringcommunity. Please join us for our graduation ceremony and distribution ofEach child at ORCS is valued as aspecial person in his/her own right, diplomas. The ceremony will take place in the Sanctuary duringa person unique and of worth the last 30 minutes of class. Regular class will be in session onbecause God created him / her, ouremphasis is based on Christian graduation days. Please see specific dates and times below.attitudes and beliefs in a positiveand supportive atmosphere. B ring your camera! Tu e s d a y , Ma y 2 9 t h Staff Appreciation a t 1 1 :0 0 a m T/TH AM Early Preschool Week T/TH AM Preschool May 7 - 11 We d n e s d a y Ma y 3 0 t h We d n e s d a y Ma y 3 0 a t 1 1 :0 0 a m a t 2 :3 0 p m M/W AM Early Preschool M/W PM Early Preschool M/W/F PM Preschool T/W/Th PM Preschool No School M/W/F AM Pre K M/T/W/Th PM Pre K May 10 th teacher PlaNNiNg Day Wednesday, May 30th at 5:45 pm Graduation & Potluck B ring your camera!
  2. 2. Walking with GodMost people in the world walk much more than we do as Americans. We could learn from them and be healthierand take better care of our world at the same time.Walking with your child can be a great experience as well, especially when some good conversation takes place.Then when you add in some conversation with God, your walk takes on still another dimension.For example, you could pretend that you were in the Garden of Eden, where the Bible states that God walkedwith Adam and Eve in the cool of the day. Perhaps you could practice what Deuteronomy 6 teaches, talking aboutthe things of God “as you walk by the way.” You could also relive the walk of Jesus and the disciples along theJordan River, imagining what they might have talked about.Prayer walking, having conversational prayer with God as you stroll, can be done individually or with a friend oryour child. It might be another way for you to convey to your child that God is indeed here with us and loves tohear us when we pray. Happy walking and happy talking! Pastor Moland ing Parent Happy C O M E V IS IT B A B YL O N , W H E R E D A N IE L H A D C O U R A G E IN C A P T IV IT Y! ORLC VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL July 9 - 13 AGES 4 - 6TH GRADE Each day, your children can become part of history as they see, Association Free Lutheran Bible School’s 44 member choir gavehear, touch, and even taste what it was like to live in Babylon! an impromptu concert to the ORCSTheyll explore the Marketplace shops, visit Daniel, take part in students, parents and staff as theygames, dance to lively Bible songs, and sample tasty tidbits as they came to school Thursday morning,discover more about Daniels adventures in Babylon. These April 12th. What a wonderfulexperiences make Gods Word come alive with new meaning for all experience for the children, parents, and staff! The choir’s songs andwho participate! voices were beautiful and moving!Your trip to Babylon will be July 9-13th in the mornings, withspecial parent evening July 12th, so mark your calendars now! Wish List “Do not worry aboutReserve your spot beginning in mid-April. anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Thanksgiving let yourOlder kids & adult volunteers please let Dayna Hall know about requests be made knownyour desire to help soon! (425-821-2424) to God.”Philippians 4: 6. Volunteers for theThere are many opportunities for helpers that are specialized andlots of fun! ORCS Parent Board Positions &Nursery care will be provided for younger children of adult Annual Benefit Auctionvolunteers only.
  3. 3. Christie Dudzik will be visiting ORCS classrooms on May 15th & 16th. She will be teaching the children dog safety. Christi Dudzik, Healing Paws ORCS Lunch Bunch Teacher president, with retired Pet Partner Teddy (yellow lab on Monique Bayne left), Pet Partner Ruby (Papillion in Monique was born and raised in middle front), Pet Partner Paddy Kirkland, WA. She has two children, (yellow lab on right), and Cozy Bella age 9 and Julian age 7. She has (Papillon being held), who has taught preschool as well as art classes no desire to be a Pet Partner. for the last 4 years. She currently Mrs. Dudzik will teach thechildren how to ask permission from dog owners to pet works for the city of Kirkland, teachingtheir dog and what to do when they encounter a strange art enrichment classes and now enjoysdog. Even if your family does not contain animals, your working with ORCS.children should still be taught the basics. Christie is an alumni parent whose son Robert was atORCS for 3 years. Christie has been visiting ORCS with C h e r yl M a s te r s O R C Sher trained therapy dogs for 15 years. Visit Christi’s web B o o k k e e p e r will be leaving the endsite http://www.healingpaws.com/ and learn more aboutHealing Paws. of this school year. “All Things Bright and Beautiful” Cheryl has been with ORCS since 2000. by Cecil Frances Alexander She was raised in Bellevue, Washington, All things bright and beautiful. graduated from Eastside Catholic High All Creatures great and small, School and took classes at Western All things wise and wonderful, The Lord God made them all. Washington University. She is married and has two children. She enjoys reading,Many studies show that pets give people health benefits camping, antiquing and visiting Dixie,such as promoting exercise, reducing stress & a happier Idaho.attitude. S h e w ill b e g r e a t ly m is s e d ! nt Book Orders due: May 10, 2012 lo ym e The last set of book orders for this year are ready! Heres how E m p rtu n i ty o it works: O pp C S SIGN UP at www.scholastic.com/bookclubs or click here: O R p er e o k k e e E ri n https://clubs.scholastic.com/ . On the parent page, click the "Register" button in the "First Time Here?" section. Register for your own user name and password. When prompted, enter B o e se s the one-time Class Activation Code GZP3N. This unique code Ple a vi g fo r ensures that your order is sent to me. S e l ti o n o r ma SELECT the books youd like to order - choose from thousands of titles -many more than in our monthly flyers. i n fo r ere ste d . i f i nt SEND your order to me online by the due date and your childs books will be delivered directly to my classroom. Mrs. Hagan’s classes Of course, you can still order using the form from the printed (T/Th am & T/W/Th pm) flyer. These can be found in my office. Please return the have a NEW STUDENT, completed form and payment to the "Tuition Mailbox" in my Rosie the Golden Retriever! office. Rosie will visit on Thursdays, and the classes will weigh and Regardless of how you order – online or from the printed measure her each week to see flyer – orders are due May 10th. how much she has grown. Thank you, Erin Selvig
  4. 4. Dates to Remember May 1 & 2 Chapel (last 15 min. of class) June 11 ORCS Finance Committee/ May 7 ORCS Board Mtg. - 7:00 pm ORCS Board Mtg./Room Reps May 7-11 Staff Appreciation Week End of School Year Potluck - 6:00 pm May 10 Teacher Planning Day – No School May 22 & 23 All School Singing (last 15 min. of class) May 28 Memorial Day – No School May 29 & 30 Last Days of school – ORCS Graduation July 9-13 Our Redeemer Lutheran Church VBS May 31 Staff Work Day “COME VISIT BABYLON, WHERE DANIEL HAD COURAGE IN CAPTIVITY!” PLAYDOUGH: Debra Phipps, Jane Villiot, Kapala SAVE THE DATE! Hoge, Stephanie Hokanson, Board Members, Finance Members & Amy Henkens, Jamey Room Reps Boschee, Lisa McQuade & Allison Zorich, Amy Greaves, Dana Geist, Jen Faley, Debjani Ganguli, End of school year Potluck Jeff Seimers, Mary Swift, Cami Roth, Patty Bredice & Amy Singley June 11 at 6:00 pm DONATIONS: Marcilla Poudfit (envelopes), Tom & Jen Faley (completely assembled Train Set) Wa rm We a the r ~ S a fe ty N o te DRIVING: PreK parents taking children to the Vet! ~ Please be sure your student wears appropriate shoes for indoor / outdoor Thank you to all that so willingly and play. As pretty and fashionable as they look, “flip – unselfishly serve the children in this flops” and other sandals put children at risk for injury. place -parents, grandparents, caregivers, Children wearing inappropriate shoes may be required school staff and church members. to “sit – out” during playtime. Working together for the benefit of our children is what we are all about! Fifty Eight pounds of food was donated in April to 2012-13 Advance Tuition HOPE LINK FOOD BARREL Advance tuition is due May 15, 2012 (Late Fee of $20.00 after May 20th) for children registered for 2012-13 school year. CONGRATULATIONS! Advance Tuition is applied to May 2013. Birth AnnouncementEarly Preschool 2 days per week ---- $230Preschool 2 days per week ------------ $215 Max David Lye MolandPreschool & Pre-K 3 days per week - $270 Born March 15, 2012Pre-K 4 days per week ------------------ $345Kindergarten ------------------------------ $395 7lbs 6oz 19 ½ inches Family Tuition Discounts : 10% off second child Proud Parents: 15% off each additional child Suzanne & Luke Moland ACTIVE Church members of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church: Proud Grandparents 10% off first child Pastor Ken & Barbara Moland 15% off second child 20% off each additional child Sibling: Anika Active Church member status is defined by ORLC and church discount may not be combined with any other discount.
  5. 5. ain up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from i Proverbs 22:6 There is not one single bit of advice that can distill all the wisdom parents need to make it through their parenting journey. Day by day, destination by destination, parents draw inspiration from many sources including fellow parents, prayer, and God’s Word. The ABC’s of Christian Parenting by Debra Fulghum Bruce will provide insightful and gentle reminders to parents who are in the process of raising children to love and honor the L ord.Affirm your child every day as a gift from God, no matter Nurture your child lovingly so he/she can experience Godwhat yesterday’s problems were. through your example.Build upon your child’s talents, seeking to discover God’s plan Open doors of opportunity to your child as you encouragefor him. the development of his/her skills through education.Communicate with your child in a way that glorifies Christ, Patiently wait upon the Lord as He answers prayers for youalways asking before speaking, “Would I say this to a friend?” and you child.Dedicate yourself to the body of Christ through commitment Question the reasons for your child’s unacceptableto a congregation, regular worship, Bible study, prayer and behavior as you look beyond the act to its’ root causes.service. Respect your child as an individual rather than as anExercise self-control when you’re angry, committing your extension of you or your spouse.feelings to the Lord rather than using them against your child. Strive to create quality time with your child each day thatForgive your child’s wrong doings as the Lord forgives you, enables you to listen to his/her joys, hopes, concerns andand start over-together with God’s grace and love. fears.Give your child everything he/she needs instead of everything Trust God to guide you as you prayerfully make dailyhe/she wants, even if you have to say no sometimes. parenting decisions.Hug your child 10 times each day, especially when he/she is Ultimately trust your child as he/she leaves home,unlovable. A warm touch can ease even the most strained knowing you’ve fulfilled your commitment to God as arelationships. Christian parent.Include Bible study and prayer in your daily family routine, Verbalize your thoughts and feelings when you’re happy orand challenge your child to do the same in her personal life. sad, letting your child know that you’re still approachable.Join in agreement with your spouse and stand firm together Wait patiently for your child to pass through stages,on rules, expectations and discipline. realizing that some behaviors, while unpleasant, are quite normal.Keep commitments you make outside your home so yourchild can observe you modeling responsibility. “X”pect the best from your child at school, at home and at play, while also extending grace for human frailty.Live each day to the fullest, appreciating the beauty of God’sworld and the hope of your faith instead of hurrying through Yield to the Lord’s way as you seek His guidance each day.the day. Zealously start each day in praise, marveling at God’s workManage aspects of your child’s life that could lead to stress in the life of your family.such as too much activity, television or inappropriatefreedoms.
  6. 6. A Mothers Love There are times when only a mothers love Can understand our tears, Can soothe our disappoints And calm all of our fears. There are times when only a mothers love Can share the joy we feel When something weve dreamed about Quite suddenly is real. There are times when only a mothers faith Can help us on lifes way And inspire in us the confidence We need from day to day. For a mothers heart and a mothers faith And a mothers steadfast love Were fashioned by the angels And sent from God above. --Author Unknown Preschool Off Site ClassFarrel-McWhirter Farm Park (Mrs. Marpert & Mrs. Hagan)All Preschool Classes went to the farm oneither Thursday or Friday, April 19th &20th .They enjoyed a tour and animal petting(cow, sheep, pigs, horse, donkey, bunnies,chicks, hens, roosters, & turkeys). It wasa great experience with live animals! Thechildren enjoyed a fun picnic snack ontables in a grassy area. A FUN TIME! Feeding hay to Bitsy (the cow) pictured above. Butterflies May is the final month of K IN D E R G A R T E N our school year. A N IM A L R E S E A R C H P R O J E C T S A highlight of this time will be watching first hand as caterpillars turn into Butterflies! Kindergarteners will be presenting their Each classroom will have a butterfly house and the children will observe the stages of A n ima l R e s e a r c h P r o j e c t s on development. W ednesday M ay 2nd , around 11 a.m. Be sure to During this process, we will be reminded of stop by to hear the experts share! the new life and transformation received through Jesus Christ.