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Gross Blog Anatomy - Dissecting Blogs from a Marketing Perspective
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Gross Blog Anatomy - Dissecting Blogs from a Marketing Perspective


Janet Johnson, the corporate blogger who managed the controversial Marqui "payblogger's campaign," provides practical tips and hints for business bloggers.

Janet Johnson, the corporate blogger who managed the controversial Marqui "payblogger's campaign," provides practical tips and hints for business bloggers.

Published in Business , Technology
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  • 2. What gives me the right? Who am I to be some sort of blogging “expert?”
  • 3. Marqui “pay bloggers” program Launched an ethical debate in the blogosphere ● Twenty bloggers, three-month contracts ● Established readership, wrote about development ● Post once per week, mention Marqui, flag your post ● $800 / month, we’ll publish everything
  • 4. Within a month of my first post:
  • 5. Results? Oh, yes… More than 200 pieces of press
  • 6. Lesson 1: Reality bites “The Marqui white paper PDF is badly created….”
  • 7. Lesson 2: Blog, vs. paying others…
  • 8. Lesson 3: Priceless relationships
  • 9. Lesson 4: dark & light sides
  • 10. Lesson 4: dark & light sides
  • 11. So… WTF?
  • 12. Change is inevitable…
  • 13. The Cost of Customers is Falling Cost of customers is falling Search: $8.50 Yellow pages: $20 Online banner ads: $50 Email: $60 Direct mail: $70 Indirect sales: $5000 Direct sales: $22,000 Source: Dr. Paul Kedrosky
  • 14. Infrastructure Cost is Falling Cost of infrastructure is falling 1980: $183,000/Gb 1985: $71,000 1990: $9,000 1995: $880 2000: $14.29 2007: $0.25 Source: Dr. Paul Kedrosky
  • 15. Marketing 2.0: how do you win? 1. Improve your “find-ability” online
  • 17. Getting into the magic “F” Google (all search engine) spiders love: 1) Relevant keywords • Blogs should be optimized for search 2) Fresh content • Good blogs are updated daily • (Do as I say, not as I do…) 3) Lots of links • The key to blogging and SEM
  • 18. Marketing 2.0: how do you win? 2. Leverage WOM
  • 19. A new world of brand challenges Consumers are less brand-loyal Individuals are less trusting • The Internet is the only form of media in which trust is rising Consumers are more independent – less reliant on “experts” • 67% consumers rely on WOM vs. other marketing methods to make purchasing decisions WOM, FOAF community, connections Source: Forrester Research
  • 20. Marketing 2.0: how do you win? 3. Create transparency
  • 21. Collaboration fuels change The membrane Conversations You you’re having Conversations about you Your Market Concept: Hugh MacLeod,
  • 22. Marketing 2.0: how do you win? 4. It’s not going away
  • 23. Historic changes are afoot Internet ● Moving from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 Consumers ● Surf 1990’s Search 2000’s Subscribe 2007 Companies ● Moving from monologues to dialogues quot;Dotcom was about 'taking'. Web 2.0 is about 'giving'.quot; - Hugh McLeod,
  • 24. 74.8 57 Million and doubling 34.5 Source: David Sifry’s Quarterly State of the Blogosphere Report
  • 25. The “Year of…” 2004 ● The Year of the Political Blog 2005 ● The Year of the Media Blog 2006 2007 (??) ● The Year of the Business Blog (??) • As of 10/08/06 only 40 (8%) of the Fortune 500 were blogging… Source: Fortune 500 Blog Wiki - SocialText
  • 26. Okay, okay! Give me the practical stuff Rules of the blogosphere
  • 27. Rule #1: The blogosphere is self-cleansing Witness: Edelman and WalMart’s fall – October 2006… ● Lacked transparency ● Lasted two days ● Completely trashed in the blogosphere Kathy Sierra’s death threats – spring 2007… ● More than 1100 comments in first day ● Reverberated through old and new media ● Kathy and Chris Locke appeared together on CNN within a week ● The peak was well gone
  • 28. Rule #2: Your word is your brand ● Truth: Hard to find in a flood of content ● Reality: What/who is real? What/who is virtual? ● The blogosphere is your living room – your town ● You decide what’s appropriate
  • 29. What your lawyers will say BLOG… BLOG BUT KNOW THE RISKS eDiscovery is all that ● eMail, blog posts and even IM get reviewed ● Your electronic privacy policy needs updating • To cover blogs and IM ● Blogs must be monitored regularly • Every day, every eight hours or so
  • 30. What your lawyers will say BLOG… Here are the major risks 1. Harassment issues 2. Confidential information 3. Privacy issues 4. Disparagement issues
  • 31. Rule #3: Preserve your brand
  • 32. Road(s) to blogosphere success THERE IS NO WRONG WAY
  • 33. Step 1: Track the buzz in your industry
  • 34. Posit 1: Not all blogs are equal... ● A-List bloggers ● Journalist bloggers ● Corporate bloggers ● Executive/employee bloggers ● Community bloggers ● Customer bloggers ● Niche/vertical bloggers
  • 35. Posit 2: Define your sphere
  • 36. Posit 3: Track your sphere
  • 37. Posit 4: Manage your issues Things you need to know before you go ● Issues travel quickly in the blogosphere ● Awareness and preparation are key ● Build relationships before you need them ● Target and prioritize “inflection points” ● Recognize worldwide nature/access
  • 38. Posit 5: Use RSS to keep up?
  • 39. Posit 6: Track tone and manner PR 2.0 Source: Attensa, Anvil Media, O’Johnson Partners
  • 40. Step 2: Be a community builder
  • 41. Posit 1: Join the conversation
  • 42. Posit 2: Build relationships before you need ‘em
  • 43. Posit 3: Tag your posts
  • 44. Posit 4: Respect your readers
  • 45. Rules of the road How to avoid becoming blog road kill
  • 46. Rules of engagement ● Develop thick skin ● Be absolutely honest ● Have a point of view ● Do your research ● Engage your detractors ● Drive to closure
  • 47. Best practices ● Get the support of your CEO – others at the highest level ● Assign roles, responsibilities and processes up front ● Implement a crisis communications plan... just in case ● Establish a clear theme/focus
  • 48. How to get into trouble ● Lie, post inaccurate or poorly researched information ● Fake your way into the party ● Ignore valuable feedback in comments ● Bad-mouth competitors ● Neglect your blog – you should post 2-3 times / week at least
  • 49. How to get into more trouble ● Chronic “re-blogging” ● Leak sensitive information ● Stray too far from your brand ● Tie a corporate blog to only one person
  • 50. How to make a blog captivating ● Honest, authentic voice ● Strong point of view for your blog’s mission ● Passion for your topic ● Use words like captivating in your title!
  • 51. Blog etiquette What I’ve learned to be the truth ● Five second rule ● Give credit where credit is due ● Acknowledge and/or thank other bloggers for linking to your blog (or commenting on it) ● Don’t turn comments or posts into blatant sales pitches ● Avoid editing or deleting comments • Unless they’re spam • Unless they’re offensive
  • 52. Rule 1: Five second rule
  • 53. Rule 2: Proper attribution is a must “The proper (and considerate) protocol is to write some brief commentary, perhaps quote small sections of these writings -and without exception link back to the original sources. If you can be the one to introduce interesting new sources to the feed readers of the world, and drive traffic in their direction, everyone wins.” Source: ‘Publish and Prosper, Steve Broback and DL Byron
  • 54. Rule 3: Comment & trackback! The real (well, almost) currency of the blogosphere…
  • 55. Rule 4: Know your readers WILL THEY PUT UP WITH BLATANT SALES PITCHES?
  • 56. Rule 5: SEO and blogs go together You can optimize your posts – carefully ● Inbound and outbound links ● Fresh content with relevant keywords ● Google juice ● Augment your Search Engine Marketing
  • 57. Rule 6: Content is king With RSS, we’ve come full circle ● White background, black text, blue links…
  • 58. Who’s the best blogger? Your readers will tell you – if you listen ● Someone who writes great email ● They’re not afraid to have a point of view ● SME – subject matter expert – especially if you have a technical audience… bloggers have to have ‘street cred’ ● Is real, or is cited responsibly • Character blogs are summarily rejected by over-30 crowd • Younger audiences are trained to be more media savvy
  • 59. How often do I blog? ● Two to three times a week is serious – fewer posts, you’re not ● Google spiders index more the more often you write ● Short posts are what the pros make – but be authentic to your style ● Consistency and interesting content are key
  • 60. Free! is a very good price SELECTING YOUR BLOG SOFTWARE – A CAUTIONARY TALE Start where you intend to stay… ● vs.
  • 61. Tools: Pinging services Extend your reach simply and easily…
  • 62. Blog resources You’ve got some friends in the blogosphere…. ● (marketing, blogs, communications) ● (all business blogs, all the time) ● (if you’re a blogger, great legal resource) ● (pr pro writes about blogs, social media, pr) ● (for a laugh every single time you go)
  • 63. Thank you! Janet Johnson