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Parent overview of Writing for Change Academy

Parent overview of Writing for Change Academy

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  • 1. A Writing ActivityPlease take a name tag and a speech or thoughtbubble.On the bubble please write to the following:“Three words that describe me are….”Make sure you include your name on the front.
  • 2. Meet our Staff!
  • 3. W4C: A History
  • 4. Daily Schedule8:30 -8:45 Journal Writing/ Warm-Up8:45-10:00 Introduction of New Project10:o0 -10: 10 Break10:10- 11:30 Independent Writing, Writing Groups,Individualized Assistance11:30 -11:50 Author Share/ Video Diary/ Reflection11:50 Clean up, Students escorted to front of school forpick up/ dismissal
  • 5. What is a digital footprint?http://www.commonsensemedia.org/videos/student-intro-video-digital-footprint
  • 6. Introducing a wonderfulresource:What is common sense media?http://www.commonsensemedia.org/educators/parent-media-education
  • 7. Some Key ProjectOpportunitieswww.sandiegokidswrite.comYouth Voices Project/ NWP clmoocwww.writingforchange.netAuthor visit Lee Silber on July 1st.July3rd, 10:30 am. Public Share of StudentWork
  • 8. An Overview ofSan DiegoKids Write www.sandiegokidswrite.com
  • 9. Youth Voiceshttp://www.youthvoices.net/http://www.youthvoices.net/node/25271
  • 10. NWP #clmooc MakingLearning ConnectedUsing Graphic NovelsWord MapsStop AnimationiMovieBlog that will continueinto the new school year
  • 11. Writing For Change Site
  • 12. Author Visit Lee Silber
  • 13. A portfolio share
  • 14. Family Communication
  • 15. Please log in:Each studentwill createa log in name andpassword. After the student is logged in andposts, we will then enroll our families. You will beable to see all our Edmodo work and links daily!www.edmodo.comClass code jwmi6n
  • 16. Creating a Parent Code
  • 17. Questions and Answers
  • 18. Forms, Forms, Forms!
  • 19. One final thought…“The world changes according to the way peoplesee it, and if you can alter, even by a millimeter,the way people look at reality, then you canchange the world.”James Baldwin, American Novelist, writer andcivil rights activist.How will our voices change the world?