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Social vs. academic commenting
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Social vs. academic commenting


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A powerpoint to help students revise their comments going from social to academic.

A powerpoint to help students revise their comments going from social to academic.

Published in: Education
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  • 1. AcademicCommentsHow to comment on a blog!
  • 2. What is a comment? A section in blog posts (typically immediately following the post entry) where readers provide their reactions to the post. From Simply put, a comment section is where you as the reader get to respond to the writer.
  • 3. Types of Comments Social comments Social comments are found on spaces like Facebook, twitter, and other social media sites. Social comments are short, lack detail and are usually personal in nature. Academic Comments Comments that are connected to the learning or discussion on the blog or in the classroom.
  • 4. Social Comment Examples: Here are a few examples of social comments: “I love your blog, it rocks!” You are ridiculous. I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!! Lol Ha ha! Good job.
  • 5. Academic Comments In our classroom blog space we are aiming for a more academic tone in our work. Our comments should: Relate to the content of the post Continue the conversation by adding a statement or asking a question Add something to the authors post like a link, connection, idea, reminder or new perspective. Challenge someone’s point of view
  • 6. Academic Comments
  • 7. Academic Comment Stems This made me think about… I wonder why… I can relate to this… I discovered… I found myself wondering… Another thing to consider… Your post is relevant because
  • 8. Your turn!! Look at your blog post and the paper comments on your blog. Put them in two categories academic or social Be prepared to defend your stance with your table partner
  • 9. Revising A Comment Select two comments from your blog page and with a partner, rewrite them in one of the following ways: 1. If it is a social comment, add details to clarify the message Exp: I love your blog post because Christmas is my favorite holiday too. 2. An academic comment Exp: I discovered that I don’t know a lot about soccer. I am going to keep reading your blog to learn more about the soccer teams in Mexico.
  • 10. Back to Edmodo Select one of the comments you revised and submit it to the assignment link on our Edmodo page. Write the original comment, then the revised comment and describe briefly what you did to improve the writing of the comment.